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  1. 1. Objective 8.12 J LITERARY DEVICES
  2. 2. What is aliterary device?
  3. 3. • A literary device is the way an author expresses ideas and meaning through language.• The reader’s job is to recognize, identify, interpret, and analyze the ideas and meanings of the author’s language.
  5. 5. FLASHBACK• Flashback is the literary device in which the continuation of a story is interrupted by a past event.• For example, the author may have a character experience a memory that is described in detail which puts the main story on hold.
  6. 6. FLASHBACK EXAMPLE“I remember back in the day before there was Playstation, XBOX, or Nintendo, there was Atari.”
  7. 7. FORESHADOWING• Foreshadowing occurs when information is shared to hint at future events.• For example, authors use foreshadowing to increase tension in the story and stir the reader’s interest in the story.
  8. 8. FORESHADOWING EXAMPLE• What do you think is going to happen in the future?
  9. 9. SYMBOLISM• Symbolism occurs when an object, a person, or place represents something else such as an idea or theme.• For example, an author may use a mountain to symbolize adventure, a home to symbolize safety, or a lamp to symbolize creativity.• An author may also use symbolism to set mood.
  10. 10. SYMBOLISM EXAMPLES• What do these symbols mean?