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Mil soft jets jetsim

  2. 2. Overview Two Unique Products on EW Training  JETS  Joint Electronic Warfare Training System  Fundamental technical training on EW concepts and related subjects  JETSIM  Joint Electronic Warfare Training Simulation  EW planning and execution training MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 2/47
  3. 3. Electronic Warfare Training SolutionsJETS and JETSIMDeveloped according to NATO requirements Turkish Armed Forces requirements CMMI Level 5, AQAP 160, ISO 9001 standardsIn use by Turkish General Staff Joint Electronic Warfare Support Center Command over 7 years  First delivery in 2005  Full functionality in 2007 MORE THAN 1,500 OFFICERS ARE TRAINED ALL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS ARE OWNED UNDER 3 YEAR MAINTENANCE CONTRACT BY MILSOFT-ICT MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 3/47
  4. 4. JETS - Joint Electronic Warfare Training System Interactive training on EW concepts and application  Complete coverage of EW fundamentals EW training from beginner to expert AudioVisual content with multimedia objects Comprehensive lecture notes Supplementary tools  EW Glossary  Unit Conversion Tool  Search Feature Trainee evaluation and statistical analysis  Question Bank and Evaluation Module MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 4/47
  5. 5. JETS - Joint Electronic Warfare Training System Complete Content Multimedia Objects Web Based and Interactive MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 5/47
  6. 6. JETS - Joint Electronic Warfare Training System EW Training from Beginner to Expert  Complete and flexible content  8 units and 150 lessons  Fundamentals  Radar Theory and Applications  Communications Theory and Applications  Electro-Optic Theory and Electro-Optic Systems  Guided Weapon Systems  Electronic Support  Electronic Attack  Electronic Protection  Courses for different levels can be organized with the selected lessons MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 6/47
  7. 7. JETS - Joint Electronic Warfare Training System Audio-Visual Experience  2-D/3-D animations, interactive simulations, videos, graphics, drawings, pictures, sound  More than 500 2-D/3-D animations  More than 100 interactive simulations  Comprehensive lecture notes MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 7/47
  8. 8. Training Phase I: Beginner / Refreshment Training Assessment Module for Trainee Evaluation  Question Bank for Evaluation  Questions with multimedia objects like video, image and sound with question editor  Unlimited number of tests with selected questions  Set timing for starting time and duration of tests  Evalute the tests automatically  Perform statistical analysis  View and print question and student based performance reports  Each trainee is registered in the Training System  Enables the tracking of Progress of each Trainee for Training Periods MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 8/47
  9. 9. JETSIM - Joint Electronic Warfare Training Simulation EW training both in theory and practice for planners and decision makers Interactive and scenario based (Red vs. Blue forces) IEEE 1516 HLA compliant Reference Models Library for definition, storage and managing simulation entities Scenario Editor for scenario generation and preview EW training for Army, Navy, Air Force and joint operations 2-D and 3-D visualization Formatted and free text messaging, voice communication Trainee evaluation and reporting Replay feature for debriefing MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 9/47
  10. 10. JETSIM – Models MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 10/47
  11. 11. JETSIM – Architecture SETUP EXECUTION EVALUATION Reference Model Definition  Execute Scenario Scenario Replay Map Generation  Against After Action Review/ Scenario Preperation computer/CGFs Evaluation Reports Scenario Preview  Blue vs. Red Forces Reference Models Scenario Editor Scenario Player Scenario DB Report DB Reference / / DB Terrain DB File System MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 11/47
  12. 12. Map Capabilities100% Java API & Platform independentOGC Web Services (WMS, WFS,GML)Powerful Client-side rendering and multicore support for Web ClientNATO Symbology Support on the web (APP-6B, MS-2525B, TacticalGraphics)HTML5 Client in addition to Rich Web Client3D capability on the web for next generation clientsOnly Java library that supports S-63 (S-57) and ARCS map dataDTED, vector, and raster formats are supportedMap Generator ToolCoverage, Line of Sight, Shortest Path analysis MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 12/47
  13. 13. JETSIM –Technical Architecture (One Site) User Console-n Model Server-n User Console-3 Model Server-3 User Console-2 Model Server-2User Console-1 Model Server-1 ... ... HLA 1516 RTI MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 13/47
  14. 14. JETSIM –Multi Site Technical Architecture Site-1 Site-2 TENA/HLA 1516 Evolved over WAN/Internet Site-3 Site-n MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 14/47
  15. 15. JETSIM - Joint Electronic Warfare Training Simulation Interactive and Scenario Based 2-D and 3-D Visualization Typical Classroom Layout MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 15/47
  16. 16. Training Phase II: Single Force EW Applications Training REFERENCE MODELS  Instructor can generate reference models in to a database  A reference model can be associated with 3D view  Reference models is a complete “book”, which is used during scenario generation to improve useability and consistency MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 16/47
  17. 17. JETSIM - Joint Electronic Warfare Training Simulation SCENARIO EDITOR  Single-User and Multi-User scenarios  GIS based  DTED, vector and raster formats  Complaint to MIL-STD-2525B standard  Coverage and Line of Sight analysis  Role and task definition  Hierarchical roles, different authorization levels  Task assignment for each role  Behavior scheduling for the autonomous entities  Voice and data communication links  Meteorological conditions  Evaluation criteria for trainees  Scenario import and export MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 17/47
  18. 18. Training Phase II: Single Force EW Applications Training FORCE EW SCENARIO PLAYER  Interactive simulation training  Played against computer, single user  RF/EO EW Applications via Tactical Scenarios  Integrated Formatted EW Messages (can be customized)  2D Presentation (map, radar/comms coverages, model symbols, system displays etc.)  3D Presentation (3D views of models - including IR sensors, view of terrain etc.)  Adding new tactics and techniques and evaluation methods  Pre-defined tactics triggered by the occurrence of user-defined events  Evaluation of trainee MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 18/47
  19. 19. Training Phase II: Single Force EW Applications Training Comms EW Application  User can watch system displays and 3D views  Shown on the left are instructor screenshots on which both red and blue entities can be viewed 3D Views  Windows for system displays and 3D views can be-resized and moved over scenario screen MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 19/47
  20. 20. JETSIM - Joint Electronic Warfare Training Simulation JOINT EW SCENARIO PLAYER  Multi-user EW training  Blue forces are controlled by blue trainees  Red forces are controlled by red trainees  Neutral and civilian forces  Trainers manage the simulation session  Hierarchical roles  Multiple role assignment, authorization levels  Injections of events  Malfunction, destroy platforms/systems, break/restore connections  Voice communication (VoIP) between users  Visual system displays and 3-D visualization  Formatted text messaging training  Trainee evaluation and reporting  Scenario play at 1x, 2x and 4x speeds  Replay for debriefing MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 20/47
  21. 21. JETSIM - Joint Electronic Warfare Training Simulation Blue Force Red Force Console Console(Only blue entities visible) (Only red entities visible) Administrator Console (All entities visible) MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 21/47
  22. 22. Training Phase III: Joint EW Applications Training JOINT EW SCENARIO PLAYER Interactive simulation training Users play against each other in the form of (Blue and Red Forces) Users communicate to each other by messages and voice via established “communication channels” in the scenario C2 and Fire Control Systems operate in line with defined operational actions, and response automatically GIS based Tactical display Same Scenario capabilities as in Phase II  Definition of “Reference Models”  Scenario generation  Scenario play  Play-back and De-Briefing Evaluation of trainees based on the defined performance criteria (on the effective use assets, effects of EA, damages etc.) MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 22/47
  23. 23. JETSIM - Achievements  Emphasize the role of EW in the success of an operation  Introduce EW techniques and tactics quickly and effectively  Show how to utilize available EW assets effectively in operations  Teach the effects of deployment and employment of EW systems in Army, Navy, Air Force and Joint operations  Analyze the effects of alternative action plans, from an EW point of view  Evaluate the effectiveness of EW systems  Improve and evaluate trainees’ knowledge on EW  Develop high skills in decision making both at tactical and strategic levels MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 23/47
  24. 24. Training Phase III: Joint EW Applications Training MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 24/47
  26. 26. Functional/External Interfaces JETSIM is IEEE 1516 HLA compliant Extensible to WAN/Web environment by using HLA 1516 Evolved or TENA (Test and Training Enabling Architecture) Can be integrated to JTLS (Joint Theatre Level Simulation) system Can be connected to other simulators (such as PC based flight simulators) Interface to real systems are performed via custom gateways (C2 integration) Map editor, enables the user to generate custom maps for fictious operational regions. MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 26/47
  28. 28. MilSOFT UNCLASSIFIED 28/47