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Mi 2300 english manual

  1. 1. The Best Digital Door Lock The Best Digital Door Lockin a Digital World in a Digital World USER MANUAL MI-2300 Caution! As this is a keyless digital dead lock, damage may occur to parts of the dead lock system if it is not used according to the manual. Users should be fully aware of the manual and how to operate this product. Caution! As this is a keyless digital dead lock, damage may occur to parts of the dead lock system if it is not used according to the manual. Users should be fully aware of the manual and how to operate this product. This manual may change without notice in case of product improvement. Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Address : 9F 201dong, Chunui Techno Park , #202 Chunui Dong, Wonmi-Gu, Bucheon City, Kyeonggi-Do, South Korea This manual may not be edited or changed without the manufacturer’s prior permission. http://www.milre.com Copyright© Milre Systek Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Product Features Before use Mute Function Safety CautionIt is designed to be totally silent during operation so as not to disturb the neighbors. Do not disassemble or alter the lock. Assembling or disassembling the door lock may damage the product. Damages to the product caused by unauthorized Master Code Function persons may result in damages to your property. Please contact our CustomerIt can be controlled with a user’s code. Service. If the product generates harmful gases or smoke, please remove the batteries Backlight Function immediately from the product. If you do not take this step immediately, the productWhen press or button, the back lighting for the pad is turned on. This allows may suffer severe damage.users to differentiate between the 10 key buttons even at night. Please keep the product away from water or any liquids. If the product is exposed to salty water or liquids, please wipe off the moisture with a soft cloth. If moisture Intrusion Warning Function or foreign materials penetrate the product, remove the batteries immediately andIf trespassers try to force open the front door from outside or to remove the dead lock, the contact the Service Agency or Customer Service Center for advice. Using acrime prevention sensor gives a loud warning sound for your safety and comfortable. product contaminated with foreign materials may cause problems. Please check the batteries every 6 months to see if the batteries are leaking and to Automatic/Manual Locking Function check the cleanliness of battery terminals. If leaks are discovered, please wipe out (Automatic/Manual selection is possible) with a dry cloth and replace the new batteries. In case of exposure to leakage,If the door is closed, you do not need to lock it. The door is always locked when wash with soap and water immediately.closed. The lock prevents you from forgetting to lock the door. Do not clean the product with flammable materials such as alcohol, benzene orWhen visitors are using the door, manual locking may be selected. If the lock is in thinners. Such materials may damage the surface or cause a fire.manual mode, lock the door by pressing “0” button. Batteries should not be exposed directly to heat sources or flames, or submerged in water, because they may leak or explode, resulting in severe damage. Please do Automatic Relock Function not use damaged batteries.The door relocks itself in 7 seconds after the correct code (registered digital key) is Do not allow the battery electrodes to make contact with metals such as keys, asentered when the door is closed. the battery may overheat, causing explosion or severe damage. Please do not close the door with the deadbolt in the locked position. It may One-Touch Operation damage the product or cause a malfunction.A convenient one–touch system design is particularly useful for the very old and young. Please do not mix old with new batteries or use different types. Always use new alkaline batteries. Double-lock system Please make sure the batteries are inserted correctly (+/-) as indicated in theWhen a double-lock system is activated, the door cannot be opened from outside even battery compartment. Otherwise, they may cause a leak or explosion.with a registered key or registered secret code.
  3. 3. Table of Contents Basic Use Product Specifications and CompositionsBasic Use Product Specifications Product Specifications and Compositions 4 Description MI-2300 Front Assy 130(H) 65(W) 23(D)mm / Weight 205g Product Compositions 5 Back Assy 93(H) 154(W) 37(D)mm / Weight 380g Names of Parts and Functions(Front Ass’y) 6 Dimension Strike 139(H) 30(W) 28(D)mm / Weight 100g Product Installation Exploded View 7/8 Front Cabinet Aluminium Alloy Names of Parts and Functions(Back Ass’y) 9 Back Cabinet Aluminium Alloy Brief User’s Page 10 Material 10key Button Acrylic Intrusion Alarm Function 11 Battery Cover ABS Backlight on Keypad Function 11 Strike Aluminium Alloy Auto Locking System 12 89mm From door frame to center of main hole where the product install Backset Auto Relocking System 12 61mm From center of main hole where the product install to the door edge Double-lock Setting/Released 12 Finished Chrome Plating / Metallic Coating Spray Color Red, SilverApplications 40mm ~ 50mm Door Thickness (Unavailable for special door as like glass door) How to Lock/Unlock the Door from Indoors(Electronic System) 13 Door Handing LH / RH / LHR / RHR How to Lock/Unlock the Door from Indoors(Mechanical System) 13 Power Supply 6Volts(Alkaline Battery) : 1.5Volts("AA" LR6") 4ea How to Register the Master Code 14 External Power Supply 9Volts(6LF22) Alkaline How to Suspend/Release the Secret Code 14 Approx. 10 ~ 12month How to Change Master Code 15 Battery Life Span (In case of 30times to use a day) How to Delete Master Code 16 Operation Test Under High Keep 16hr at the 55 and operation consecutive TemperatureOthers Operation Test Under Replacing the Battery 17 Reliability Test Keep 16hr at the -20 and operation consecutive Low Temperature (The battery used in test, 100% How to Use Emergency External Power Supply 17 Keep 16hr at the60 2 , 90% and operation Reliability Test charged one) Dampproof Test Troubleshooting 18 consecutive Cautions 19 Front Assy 30KV ESD Back Assy 15KV The battery life span is based on Milres in-house tests and can differ depending on the usage condition or environment. For improved performance, some specifications and designs of this product are subject to change without notice.
  4. 4. Basic Use Basic UseProduct Compositions Names of Parts and Functions 1. Front Ass’y Part Name FunctionsNumber Description 1. Strike Keep door locked Front Ass’y 2. Strike Guider Remove from the strike after complete installation of the product. Strike 3. Automatic Locking To set the automatic locking mode Strike Guider 4. Manual Locking To set the manual locking mode Strike Spacer 2 ea If you press this button before entered secret code, the lock does not 5. Mute button (Manual Screw (4 19mm) to Fasten Strike (6 ea) locking from outside) make any sound when the product is operated. This button is also used when you lock the door manually from outside. Screw (4 19mm) to Fasten Mounting Plate (5 ea) 6. External power In the event the battery is discharged completely, you can operate the Screw (5 30mm) to Fasten Front Ass’y (2 ea) supply system while contacting the terminals with a 9v battery(6F22), polarity Screw (5 29mm) to Fasten Back Ass’y (4 ea) (Emergency use) does not matter. Back Ass’y 7. Suspension Button It can not be used secret code by master code Battery (“AA”, “LR6”) 4 ea 8. Release Button It can be used secret code by master code Mounting Plate 9. Button It is used to open the door with a secret code or register the secret code Installation Template 10. Button It is used to change and settings of the function User’s Manual 11. Locking Button It is lock the door from outside when the product is in manual mode
  5. 5. Basic Use Basic UseProduct Installation Exploded View NO Description 1 Front Ass’y 2 Front Rubber Pad 3 10Key Wire 4 Mounting Plate 5 Screw 4 19mm(Fasten for Mounting Plate) 6 Screw 5 30mm(Fasten for Front Ass’y) 7 10Key Wire Connector 8 Back Ass’y 9 Screw 5 29mm(Fasten for Back Ass’y) 10 Battery(AA size, Alkaline) 11 Battery Cover 12 Strike Spacer(2mm) 13 Strike Spacer(4mm) 14 Strike 15 Screw 4 19mm(Fasten for Strike)
  6. 6. Basic Use Basic Use Brief User’s Page2. Back Ass’y 1. How to Register/Change the Secret Code ~bik ~birik birik Open the battery cover and [Secret code] Press button to end. press the 10-key button “ ” Note * If changing the new secret code, then the former code is erased automatically. * You can choose the secret code (4 to 12 digits) optionally. 2. How to Open the Door Using Secret Code. ~bik ~biririk Part Name Functions 1. Open Knob Lock or unlock the product by turning the knob. Press button Enter the secret code Press button to end. This switch turns on at the back ass’y, it cannot unlock the product 2. Double-Locking Switch from outside even with the registered secret code. 3. How to Use the Mute Function How to Lock the Door When the door is locked, a deadbolt is extended to hold the strike and (Opening the Door without Operating Sound). from Outdoors. 3. Dead Bolt keep the door locked. 4. Door Sensor (sub latch) A sensor detecting the door is closed or opened. 5. One-Touch Button A button to lock or unlock the product from indoors. 6. 10-key Button A button to register or change the secret code. Press the [Mute] button on the 10key pad (In case of manual mode) Press the button Enter the secret code Just press the “Mute” or Press the star button. “Lock” button Note * When the door is locked by lock button, it can be locked while the door is open. * If wrong codes are entered 5 times in a row, the keypad becomes inactive for a full minute with a warning alarm (7 seconds).
  7. 7. Basic Use Basic Use Intrusion Alarm Function. Auto Locking SystemThe alarm prepares to activate 5 seconds after the door is closed if When the [auto/manual] locking function is set on [auto] mode, thetrespassers try to open the door by force from outdoors or to remove system will automatically lock when the door is closed. Please refer tothe door lock. page 8 to set the [auto/manual] locking function. ~biririk After one, two, three, four, five seconds biyo biyo When closing the door It’s locked automatically Auto Relocking System1. How to deactivate the alarm If the door is not opened within 7 seconds after unlocking the system, the door will relock automatically to protect the user’s property. Use the secret code to deactivate the alarm. After one, two, three... seven seconds ~biririk While the system is in unlocked position Automatically relocked (ex : 1 2 3 4) Double-lock Setting/Release Press star button Press secret code Press star button A double-lock system is set upon positioning the [double-lock] switch at Backlight on Keypad Function the back ass’y.When pressing the key the backlight will come on and users candifferentiate between each of the 10 key buttons even at night. Red Black When it is set on a When a double-lock double-lock system system is released Backlight on if press button. Note * It will relock in 7 seconds if door is not opened after entering secret code even in manual locking mode. * When the system remains in double-lock mode, the door will not open even using the secret code. Note * When the system is in double-lock mode, it indicates the current mode with a flickering red light and * The alarm against unauthorized access lasts 2 minutes. sound. * Upon deactivating the alarm with a secret code, the system will return to normal operation. * When pressing the one-touch button while the system is in double-lock mode, a sound will indicate * A keypad backlight turns off 10 seconds after pressing the button. If you press the button again, it the double-lock mode. will light up for another 10 seconds. * Even while the system is in double-lock mode, the door can be opened by turning the open knob.
  8. 8. Applications ApplicationsHow to Lock/Unlock the Door from Indoors (If using electronic system). How to Register the Master CodeWhen pressing the one-touch button, it is automatically locked or unlocked. 1. Remove one battery from the Upon pressing the button while it is Upon pressing the button when it is battery housing unlocked, the door will lock. locked, the door will unlock. Open battery cover ~bik bik How to Lock/Unlock the Door from Indoors (If using mechanical system).The door can be locked or unlocked by turning the open knob. Press one-touch Insert a battery again button (to completely while pressing 10-key discharge) “ ” button 2. ~bik bik The system is unlocked when The system is locked when Repeat process number 2 once turning the open knob to open. turning the open knob to close. more and you can hear “birik birik” when pressing the button toHow to Set Auto/Manual Locking. end the registration.1. Setting with a secret code. Press master code Press button (4 to 12 digits) (you can hear “bik bik”) How to Suspend/Release the Secret Code 1. Press the button 2. Press master Press the button code (you can hear “birik”) ~bik ~birik Press button [Secret code] Press button Press button or Press for (ex : 1 2 3 4) for [auto] locking [manual] locking. Note (ex : 5 6 7 8) * What is [auto] locking? It is the function of automatically locking the system when the door is closed. * When the system is set on [auto] mode, the system will lock when user pushes door sensor. This is Note normal operation. * The master code can be controlled to use or suspend the secret code, therefore you should treat * When the system is set on [manual] lock mode, it will not lock when the door is closed. User has to the master code with care. Important: don’t forget the master code. lock manually by pressing one-touch button or turning open knob. * It will maintain the secret code even when the master code is registered.
  9. 9. Applications Applications3. Press button to suspend 4. Press button to release How to Delete Master Code secret code (you can hear suspension function (you “biriririk”) can hear “biririk”). 1. Open battery cover remove one battery out from the battery ~biriririk ~biririk housing press one-touch button (to completely discharge) insert a battery again while pressing “ ” 10-key button. (It can not be deleted if the power is not completely discharged) How to Change Master Code1. Press the button for 3 2. Press master Press the button seconds (till you can code (you can hear “birik”) hear “bik bik”) Remove out ~birik [10KEY] button ~bik bik ~bik bik 3 second Completely discharge (ex : 5 6 7 8) 3. Press new master Press the button Insert battery code (4 to 12 digits) (you can hear “birik”) ~birik 2. Press the master code Press the button (you can hear “bik bik”) ~bik bik (ex : 1 5 9 0)4. Repeat process number 3 once more and you can hear “biriririk” when pressing the button to end the registration. (ex : 5 6 7 8) Note * What is the suspension of secret code? 3. Repeat process number 2 once more and you can hear “biririk” when You cannot use or change/delete the secret code while suspension function is on. pressing the button to end deletion. * This function can be maintained even with the battery removed. * This function will make “bik bik bik bik bik” beep sound if you try to press secret code while suspension system is on. * There is no limit to using master code while suspension system is on. * You cannot change to a new master code without the former master code and when registering a Note new master code, you should repeat the process for more accuracy. * The master code cannot be deleted without former master code. * Most critical point is “never forget the master code”. * The suspension function is released when the master code is deleted.
  10. 10. Others Others Troubleshooting Replacing the Battery Problem Troubleshooting PageIf the lamp on the front body The battery should bebegins flashing red or orange Batteries are discharged. Please replace the batteries. 17 placed as indicated.and an alarm sounds, the No response when pressing the button. When a door cannot be opened from outside, connect thebatteries should be replaced external emergency power terminal to a 9V (6F22) square 17 “AA (LR6)” alkaline battery.immediately. battery x 4 When pressing the button, a lamp begins Battery power is not strong enough. Replace the batteries flashing in red and an alarm “bik bik bik bik 17 (remaining lifetime is estimated app. 10 days). bik” comes on. How to Use Emergency External Power Supply Door lock doesn’t work even after batteries were replaced. Batteries are wrongly positioned. Make corrections as indicated. 17 (In case of completely dead or exhausted batteries.) Check the battery type (specifications). Battery lifetime differs from that in manual. Use “AA (LR6)”, alkaline type only. 5 While touching the external emergency power terminal with a 9V (6F22) square battery The door does not automatically lock after Check [auto/manual] locking mode. press the button enter the secret code 13 closing the door. Confirm the auto locking mode is set on. press the button. The door can not be closed, due to A square deadbolt remains projected. Retract the deadbolt back into the body and close the door. 13 something caught in the door closing. When the correct secret code is used, the system unlocks itself. When opening the door by secret code, it But if the user does not open and the door remains closed, it 12 locks automatically without any operation. automatically relocks to protect the user’s property. It is an intended function. Upon entering the wrong code repeatedly, If entering the wrong code 5 times or more, the burglarproof an alarm sounds and the system suspends function will suspend its function to protect the user’s property. 10 its function. Try again after one minute. When pressing the button and just The system is set on double-lock mode. warning alarm “bik” comes on without the Release the double-lock system through the double lock switch 12 system working. which turns to show black color. Even when pressing the right secret code, The suspension function is on. Please release the suspension the system does not work with the alarm 14~15 function and follow the instructions in the manual. “bik bik bik bik bik”. Note The door opens with a secret code set as The product is initially set as . Please change the 10 . secret code for safety. * Only “AA (LR6)” alkaline batteries should be used. * When replacing batteries, replace all (4) at a time. Mixing different types or using old and new When trying to open the door by the The secret code was changed by someone else. batteries may shorten the battery lifetime or cause a malfunction. secret code, an alarm “bik” comes on 10 Please change the secret code using different numbers. without the system working. * In particular, rechargeable batteries may cause malfunctions (problems with unlocking). * Batteries may leak, which may damage the system. Please check the batteries regularly (every 6 When pressing the [10-key] button to A double-lock system is set on. months or so). If any leaks are found, please replace with new batteries immediately. change the secret code, an alarm “bik bik Release the double-lock system through the double lock switch 12 bik bik bik” comes on without system * Wipe out any liquid on the batteries with a dry cloth. As the leaking liquids are harmful, in case of which turns to show black color. working. contact with skin, wash with soap and water. * Use a 9V(6F22) square battery for external emergency power. The system works fine but there is no A system is set on ‘mute’ mode. Please change the mode. 10 * For the external emergency power terminal, polarity does not matter. sound or sound is too low. When opening the door in mute mode, there is no sound. * Apply this method only when the batteries are completely exhausted or dead. * Should the same problem occur repeatedly, despite taking the measures above indicated, please contact shop of purchase.
  11. 11. Others Product Warranty *Please keep this warranty to ensure receiving warranty services. You will be charged for the service if you fail to present the warranty. Cautions The warranty period shall be one year from the date of installation (for agency)1) Please make sure the secret code is not exposed. The secret code initially registered may be easily exposed when setting the Model Serial No Purchase Date system, so it is highly recommended to register a new code after the system is Customer Address installed. Phone Agency Installer Phone2) The product should be kept away from water. Clean softly using dry Please keep this warranty for your after-sales service. You may have to pay for the service if you towels when cleaning. fail to present the warranty. Product will breakdown if water infiltrates the interior because of batteries, Failure to fill out form fields such as purchase date may void warranty. electronic circuits, various switches, etc. The product may not be regarded as genuine, if no serial number is described on the warranty. Call for installation and warranty services.3) Do not disassemble, assemble, repair or remodel product indiscriminately. As the internal structure is complex and contains many precision parts, Management of the Warranty reassembling may be complicated. This should only be done by factory- Milre Systek Co., Ltd conducts quality inspections, reliability tests and 3 examination processes authorized person. during manufacture to provide reliable products. Please call Milre Systek Co. for further services if needed.4) Installation Fees Description Installation by locksmith is recommended. Within warranty Over warranty period 1. Within 12 months after installation Free repair Repair with fee5) Change the secret code regularly. 2. Same defect repeats (2 times) Free repair Repair with fee To ensure security, it is highly recommended to change the secret code as 3. Same defect repeats (3 times) Replacement Repair with fee General necessary. Compensation 4. Can not repair by manufacturer Replacement Replacement(will apply (when we can not repair in parts depreciation rate)6) Do not forget the Master code. possession term, so we do not If master code has been lost, then there is limit on use of the product. You can have depreciation parts). not recover the master code function again. 1. Wrong battery replacement or Repair with fee Repair with fee The master code should be written in a safe place if necessary, but be careful Consumer’s mistake not to expose it to other people. mistake and 2. Replacement of consumables Repair with fee Repair with fee on purpose 3. Problems due to misuse Repair with fee Repair with fee7) Do not expose the system directly to rain 4. Damage due to careless handling Repair with fee Repair with fee As water or moisture inside the system may cause problems, the system It is not covered by consumer damage compensation, explanation of use and clean up product. should be protected from rain. However, we do not warrant against defects due to improper installation or failure to exercise normal maintenance, nor against the consequences of uses for which our products were not designed. 9th floor, 201dong Chunui Techno Park , 202 Chunui-dong, Wonmi-Gu, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi-Do, S.Korea http://www.milre.com Milre Systek Co., Ltd.
  12. 12. MEMO MEMO