Road -map of Teledermatology for doctor-patient-citizen relationship


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Road -map of Teledermatology for doctor-patient-citizen relationship

  1. 1. Road Map Dermato-ICT Model and PossibleOpportunity to Explore in the Field to Establish Public Health Network (PHN) Md. Reza Bin Zaid PhD, DDV. MBBS Professor, Dermatology and Venereology Chairman, Teledermatology Working Group Bangladesh (TWgBD)
  2. 2. TWgBD organogram of Dermato-ICT model TWgBD consisted of Mutant Professionals Doctor Medical Writer TWgBD Bio- physicist works on Software Engr. TWgBD Healthcare Research Clinical Academy•Hardware Modes are-•Software •Teledermatology for patient •e- health on skin & beauty for patient and publicDeveloped for healthcaredelivery •e-dermatology for doctor •m-health for doctor-patient-citizen relationship
  3. 3. TWgBD Developed Hardware and Software Suitable for teledermatology & m-dermatologyMotorized Camera Light source Elevator The web-software –TIMES® (Telemedicine Information, Management and Education System) Control Paddle The hardware-DICOT® (Digital Imaging & Communication in Telemedicine)
  4. 4. The Hardware DICOT® DICOT® is suitable at remote end-point for teledermatology DICOT® functionality Patient with DICOT® Assistant Allows doctor to examine skin disease remotely Allows a natural view to patient (as such face- to- face) It is real-time / synchronized in both end-points.Since 2006
  5. 5. The Web-Software TIMES® (Telemedicine Information, Management and Education System) •Dynamic for patient management (from help-desk to billing) •Processes data for teledermatology, e-health, e-dermatology & m-health Demographic Data Clinical Data From remote end-point, sent by Patient’s Assistant (PA) or from home by patients From dermatologist’s center, sent by doctor themselves (Pt) ID C/C Name History Age Lesion examination: On Teledermatology Sex (2D image) Address Investigation reports Lesion imaging Cell Phone Number Diagnosis Management & Follow-up e-mailSince 2006
  6. 6. The data are employed onto the value added service (VAS) for doctor-patient-citizen relationship (Teledermatology site for dermatologist) • Consult with dermatologist from remote end-point • EHR (electronic Health Record) • e-prescription • Online appointment & billing (e-dermatology site for doctors) • Case report • article • CME • Dermatology update (e- skin health & Beauty site for patient and citizen) • Skin topics • PHR (personal Health Record) • e-PIL (Patient’s Info Leaflet) • blog & forum on disease • Consult with dermatologist from home • Online appointment, billing & e-mail health alert m-dermatoloy (m-health for doctor-patient-citizen is under production) www.twgbd.comSince (e-commerce for sponsors & ads.) 2006
  7. 7. TD remote nodes run by TWGBD and Grameenphone CIC
  8. 8. TWgBD establishes doctor-patient-citizen relationship Dermatologist employed for teledermatogy, Remote end-point m-dermatology and creating VAS Tele-assistant operating TIMES® DICOT® at grameenphone CIC Dermatologist’s center of virtual examination room TIMES® -generates vast data to create an ultimate value added services (VAS)Patient & citizen operating PC/ ID: Name: Age:Mobile at their own place Address: Cell no.: Weight: E-mail: Date: Eczem a 1. Dermovate ointment পােেয় ১ বার লাগােবন ১ মাস 2. Tab. Piriton ১ + ০ + ১--- ১৫ িিন CBC ১ মাস পর েিখােবন Send S. IgE Check your email & get : level e-Prescription , e-hand out, EMR, next appointment, consultation from your home, forum/blog on eczema, e-health topics and many others you may like.
  9. 9. Why doctors are related to Dermato-ICT? An TWGBD analysis on Contains an update dermatology knowledge that useful in their clinical practiceSince 2006
  10. 10. Why Patients are related to Dermato-ICT ? An TWGBD analysis on • Teledermatology available at neighborhood • Teledermatology availability at home • Meets demand of following value added services: PHR e-prescription e-handout Appointment Billing e-mail alert on health VAS in m-dermatologySince 2006
  11. 11. Why citizen are related to Dermato-ICT? An TWGBD analysis on Citizen have interest to meet the experts in a blog on ‘skin -health & beauty, nutrition & healthy living’.Since 2006
  12. 12. Why Grameenphone mobile operator is related to Dermato-ICT ? An TWGBD analysis on MOP has ability to reach people with healthcare products: - By m-dermatology - By teledermatology at Community Info Center (CIC) - VAS has financial importanceSince 2006
  13. 13. Why Pharmaceutical are health-friendly sponsors are related to Dermato-ICT ? An TWGBD analysis on Health-friendly sponsor has aim to build a healthy community. Ultimately allow patients and doctors to experience their products.Since 2006
  14. 14. References:• RB Zaid, DB Zaid, A Islam, AA Rupak. AM Bipu, N Milon, J Begum. Global Telemedicine and eHealth Updates 2012; 5: 336-40. rub=educational_program&page=program• Zaid RB, Begum J, Ahmad M, Rahman A, B Shuza, Zaid DB and Bhuiyan AR. Diagnostic Accuracy and Management Reliability of Hybrid Teledermatology - a Study on 221 Skin Lesions.• Zaid RB, Begum J, Ahmad M, Rahman A, B Shuza, Zaid DB, Hassan Z and Bhuiyan AR. HealthCare in Teledermatology - A Live Demo• a web based educational program for Doctors and Patients.• a provision for teledermatology information, management and education system• a provision for on-line sexology consultation and education system.• a teledermatology and m-dermatology portal in Bangladesh