Some Good Vacations At The Beach


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some good vacations at the beach, a really good final.

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Some Good Vacations At The Beach

  1. 1. This story begins when some really good friends that haven’t seen each other from a long, long time, meet themselves in a strange, but good place at Acapulco beach.
  2. 2. Robert that was 30 years old, took his family to their usually summer vacations, then a strange thing happened.
  3. 3. Robert forgot everything in the hotel which they were staying, he forgot the bathing suit, the sandals, the suitcase, the sunglasses, to make this shorter, he forgot everything and everybody were upset with him, he felt very sad, so he decided to return to the hotel to see if the things were there.
  4. 4. Then, the car’s gasoline got empty, and if it wasn’t worse, all the money was in the hotel.
  5. 5. Robert didn’t know what to do, everything he wanted was to have some really good vacations with his family and have some relaxing time for him and his wife.
  6. 6. But then a light appeared in front of him, he thought he was going to die, but then he recognized a familiar face that was talking to him.
  7. 7. It was his best friend when he was in high school that he hasn’t seen from many years ago, he was very surprised.
  8. 8. Robert got down from his car and went directly to David’s car, he discovered that he also had a family and looked so happy to see Robert’s face.
  9. 9. Then Robert told him about the situation that he had, and David like old friends that they were, invited him to continue the vacations, first they went to the hotel to find their things, and fortunately they found all of their things and the hotel gave them an extra money because the hotel didn’t call to advise that Robert’s things were there, so Robert’s family were very happy.
  10. 10. Then everybody, Robert’s and David’s family, went to an amusement park, enjoyed the beach and the games, and, first of all, enjoying to have such a good friend in his life.
  11. 11. Robert’s and David’s family played all the afternoon in the amusement park, having such a good time.
  12. 12. Then they went to the coast and promised that this friendship wouldn’t end, that would last forever, and with that, the best vacations ever finished, but their friendship was stronger than never, and they were friends all the rest of their lives.