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Happy Summer Vacations


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Happy Summer Vacations

  1. 1. •
  2. 2. Once upon a time, a beautiful family, were preparing a trip to the beach to have some really good vacations. •
  3. 3. The family started to argue about the place that they were going to visit. •
  4. 4. They didn’t decide about the place they wanted to, only the parents wanted to go to the beach and have some good and relaxing family vacations. •
  5. 5. The kids wanted a wilder and funny place, and they were 3 brothers and 3 sisters, so they had more votes about this situation. •
  6. 6. But the parents wanted them to go, but they didn’t find the way to make them to realize how important these vacations were for them. •
  7. 7. Then, the parents had a good idea; they told them that if they wanted to go to their wild and funny place, they had to tell them if the weather was going to be good or bad, then the game and the investigations began. •
  8. 8. Then, the children started to investigate, they investigated on web pages, TV programs, radio programs, everything you can imagine, and they found that the weather forecast for that day was going to be good. •
  9. 9. Then they told this to their parents and they decided to go to their wild and funny place tomorrow in the morning. •
  10. 10. Everybody was happy, even the parents, because they were so proud that their children could investigate such a hard thing for them. •
  11. 11. The next morning everything was cold and freezing, and they realized that the weather forecast was wrong, so they were very sad. •
  12. 12. Then the parents had a surprise for them , they told them that there wasn’t only one wild and funny place, they told them that they were going to Disneyland in Orlando, because the bad seasons were in California, it was raining all the time. •
  13. 13. So the kids were very happy to go on their vacations, and even the parents did it, because there was a special place for parents, so they relaxed and enjoyed the best vacations ever. •