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Finding A House In The Suburbs


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An exciting blood brothers story...

Published in: Travel, Business
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Finding A House In The Suburbs

  1. 1. This story began when two brothers decided to buy a house in the suburbs; they didn’t know what they were doing until they arrived there.
  2. 2. Their names were Francisco and Miguel, they were very good friends and tried always to have a good friendship as blood brothers they were.
  3. 3. One particular day, Francisco told Miguel if he wanted to buy a family house for both families, because they already had their own, so they made an appointment to buy it as soon as possible.
  4. 4. Miguel was agree with this, but he didn’t have the money, and didn’t want to tell Francisco abut this situation, cause he was very ashamed of what his brother could say.
  5. 5. Then, when they arrived to the house, Miguel didn’t know what to do, so the only thing he could do was to be angry with Francisco, and starting a fight.
  6. 6. Francisco didn’t know why his brother was doing that, he was disappointed about the attitude Miguel took and was very sad, and not only because he couldn’t buy the house but by the way he talked to him.
  7. 7. Miguel was also disappointed about himself, and wanted to reverse all and tried to fix things.
  8. 8. It might seem that everything was over, but not, this problem was smaller than you would ever think.
  9. 9. Miguel’s wife said to him that how was possible all the things he said to his poor brother, it was the first time Miguel’s wife speak to him in that way, she said that it was easier than everything to fix his financial problems.
  10. 10. Miguel talked to Francisco, and with all the shame of the world, told him about the situation. Francisco started to laugh, but in a good way, because he was surprised about what his brother complaints were and the reason of why he was angry.
  11. 11. Francisco helped Miguel with his financial problems, and said that their brotherhood were stronger and bigger than the other material things.
  12. 12. That was a memorial day for them, and it was the last painful and embarrassing moment that they passed in their entire lives, finally, they bought their dreamed house.