Approved FUBTF Priorities/Charge


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Approved FUBTF Priorities/Charge

  1. 1. CHARGE OF THE FACILITY USE AND BOUNDARY TASK FORCE C HARGE The Facility Use and Boundary Task Force will assist the superintendent in applying criteria for student assignments that support student success and maximizes the utilization of AISD facilities. S COPE OF R ESPONSIBILITY Each of these task force groups will be given a charge, the AISD mission statement and specific goals set out by the Superintendent. The task force will develop a boundary recommendation to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees that best meets the following criteria that are listed in no particular priority order. • Achieve capacity targets that ensure efficient operation of facilities • Affect the fewest students possible • Attend to the alignment of feeder patterns, as reasonable, and balanced against the other criteria • Prevent multiple reassignment of students among schools by developing stable, long- term assignment plans M EMBERSHIP A task force comprised of: • Ten core members that are representative of the AISD community and, • Durational geographic members from each affected school who will serve during the duration of boundary processes directly affecting a specific area of residence M ETHOD OF S ELECTION • Each Board member appoints one core member and the Superintendent appoints one core member. The superintendent appoints the chairs (two or three) in consultation with the Board officers. o Membership will be aligned to Board member terms o Superintendent appointees’ terms will be an agreed upon period • For each proposed boundary change, two geographic members will be selected from each of the school communities that could have boundary changes. Each Campus Advisory Council (CAC) will select two geographic members. Efforts to represent the diversity of opinions and interests within the school community will be considered by the CAC in making these appointments. APPROVED 10/26/09
  2. 2. CHARGE OF THE FACILITY USE AND BOUNDARY TASK FORCE • While it is advantageous for campus representatives to remain constant throughout the process, if an appointed member is not able to fulfill the commitment to regularly attend meetings and appropriately participate, the campus CAC can appoint a replacement. Interested school community members from feeder or adjacent schools will be encouraged to communicate their thoughts, idea, opinions and interests to one of the representatives on the task force. In addition, these community members can communicate with the CAC members once a proposed plan is developed for presentation to all affected CACs, or speak at scheduled public hearings when a proposed plan is presented for public comment. Emails received by Board members and District staff will be routed to the task force for its consideration. G UIDELINES FOR M EMBERSHIP Removal of a Member • Members of the committee may be removed when any of the following may apply, in the opinion of the chair(s): o A member has three or more cumulative absences; o A member’s conduct becomes sufficiently disruptive of the work of the committee; or o A conflict of interest exists • Absent task force members would be contacted after each meeting to express interest and invite members to join the group at the next meeting. If a member indicates the inability to serve, follow-up to seek a replacement member would be initiated by staff. (Board members will be notified if their representatives have repeated absences.) • The Board of Trustees may then vote to remove any committee member upon the recommendation of the chairs or the nominating Board member. The nominating Board member will determine any replacement members. • The nominating Board member, or his/her successor, whose appointee has left the committee, will consult with the Board officers to nominate a replacement member. The nominating Board member will determine any replacement members. S UPPORT S TAFF Paul Turner, Joe Silva, Beth Wilson F ACILITATOR An independent third-party facilitator shall be available to the group. The facilitator shall be a 'content neutral' party who by not taking sides or expressing a point of view during the meetings, can advocate for fair, open, and inclusive process to accomplish the group's work, and ultimately, to assist the group in determining its boundary recommendation. APPROVED 10/26/09
  3. 3. CHARGE OF THE FACILITY USE AND BOUNDARY TASK FORCE In the event that the charge given to the task force involves only a minor boundary change, that is requested by and agreeable to the schools involved, the task force shall be given the choice to “opt-out” of engaging a third-party facilitator. APPROVED 10/26/09
  4. 4. CHARGE OF THE FACILITY USE AND BOUNDARY TASK FORCE R EPORTING S CHEDULE • By mid-January of each year • Agendas, minutes and an attendance roster from each meeting will be posted on the Facility Use and Boundary Task Force website after approval by the task force at its next meeting T ERM • Four-year term coinciding with appointing Board member’s term of service • Superintendent appointees’ terms will be an agreed upon period APPROVED 10/26/09