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Pop up display system printing guide


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MillionColour Present The Pop Up Display System Printing Guide.

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Pop up display system printing guide

  1. 1. PrintingGuideMini PopUp 3x3Straight 180cm 53.5cm 58.5cm 58.5cm 58.5cm 53.5cm Make Sure Artwork Design’s Size is always correct.
  2. 2. PrintingGuideMini PopUp 3x3Straight Rigit Film Sticker(visual) you should have 5 pcs Print your visual on sticker Rigit Film in the box
  3. 3. PrintingGuideMini PopUp 3x3Straight front panel (main) Sticker(visual) Cut out the Stick on the Rigit Film shape of panel
  4. 4. PrintingGuideMini PopUp 3x3Straight you should have 3 long pvc header (main panel) 2 short pvc header (side panel) front panel back panel (main) (main) Stick the Pvc Header on the Top of Back Panel
  5. 5. PrintingGuideMini PopUp 3x3Straightyou should have1 big Roll ofRubber Magnet stick along the banner back panel edge (main) Stick the Rubber Magnet Along the Edge of Back Panel
  6. 6. PrintingGuideMini PopUp 3x3Straight Side Main Main Main Side panel Panel Panel Panel panel End Result Whenever Hang All The Panel Up To the Structure