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Presentation rolees


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Presentation rolees

  1. 1. Presentation Roles Millie Emily Regina and Jackson
  2. 2. News presenters • The purpose of a news presenter is to present information in a formal manner. The presenter will have a script, which was written by them and will act as a performer and read the news during a news programme. • In order to be a successful news presenter there are many skills and qualities required. A news presenter needs to be professional to ensure the audience classes them as a trustworthy source. They need to have a personality, ensuring they are confident and enthusiastic. They need to be balanced and unbiased making sure they don't have a opinion on a certain matter. Having an understanding of their audience is also important so they can communicate their message in a certain way, for example BBC News will be very formal and serious whereas 60 second update would be more informal and straight to the point. 
As an audience we expect a news presenter to be knowledgeable making sure they deliver us accurate news and too look professional as this helps create trust between the audience and the news presenter. We also expect the new presenter to be confident, ensuring they have a clear toned voice helping the audience to understand what they are communicating. 
This type of news is generally one of the most formal, depending on what kind. News presenters differ from other types as they have a structure which has to be followed. • • This image is an example of a news presenter. They have a good posture, sitting up right to look professional. They are smartly dressed usually in a suite and tie for a male and females usually wear a smart dress or a suite jacket. They always make eye contact with the audience.
  3. 3. Documentary Presenter • • • • 
The purpose of a documentary presenter differs depending on the type of documentary it is. There aim is usually to educate, inform and entertain an audience in a way which is appealing to an audience and shown in visual manner. Some documentary presenters get involved with the subject matter a good example of this is Louis Theroux. He gets involved with his crew to give an audience a better understand of what's going on but also to see different sides of the subject. 
In order to be a documentary presenter you need to have good communication skills, making sure you can communicate clearly both with the subject and the audience. They need to be open minded and balanced by not being biased to understand too sides of a story. They need to be willing to participate as this may make the documentary better. 
An audience expect a documentary presenter to be outgoing, confident and have a sense of humour. Usually a documentary presenter will be slightly professional but informal. You expect them usually to take part in the documentary and act as a main character. 
Documentary presenters differ from other types as they can do their own thing. They don't have to read of a script or be professional to make a connection with the audience, they can be as informal as they want ensuring they don't offend an audience. Also in some cases documentary presenters are not shown visually in the documentaries for example nature documentaries. This is different from other types as usually they are the face of TV. These images are captured from a documentary. The presenter in both images are wearing basic clothing not professional but appropriate for both the situation and the audience. The equipment is aloud to be shown as you can see in the images the camera and leads are visible.
  4. 4. Continuity announcer The purpose of a continuity announcer is to be a voice over. They announce what you are watching, what is happening next etc. They are the verbal sign post of broadcasting. Skills needed: • -Good general knowledge. • -Intelligence • -Enthusiasm • -Responsibility • -Stamina and quick reactions Expectations: • The audience expect a continuity announcer to be knowledgeable, authoritative, well spoken. They are seen and not heard. This means that they need to get their point across in just a voice over so they need to speak in the correct tone of voice and manner to make themselves clear and signpost the audience. This type of presenter differs from other types because you can't see them. An example of this role is BBC One. They have announcements on what is coming up next. M
  5. 5. Broadcast Journalist • The purpose of a broadcast journalist is to research, investigate and present news and current affairs through TV, radio and the internet. • They have to be knowledgeable, fair, balanced, professional, organised, educated, confident, clear, and have a range of interests. • The audience expect the broadcast journalist to be non-bias, professional, interested in what they are talking about, and knowledgeable. • They differ from other types because they are much more serious. In a way they are like TV presenters but they deal with big stories such as scandals. They do a lot of primary research such as interviews. • •
  6. 6. DJ The purpose of a DJ is to play songs that meet the target audience’s needs. The DJ also will speak to the audience inbetween songs to humor them with interesting facts and jokes. A DJ may have some guests during their show so my conduct some interviews. Skills and qualities required • • • • • • • • Knowledge of the latest music that the target audience are listening too The skill of mixing songs confidence personality clear voice for radio likeable friendly interest in music The audience expect a DJ to play songs that they want to hear, as well as adding information that is relevant to the songs. The audience expects the presenter to be interactive with them so that they can requests songs etc. This could be in the form of phone calls, social networking and competitions. A DJ differs from other types of presenters because you can not see them, you can only see them. So this means that what they say and the songs they play are really important because they will be judged souly on that. This is why it is important that they are likeable. Pete Tong, Zane Lowe, Chris Moyles.
  7. 7. Game Show Host A game show host's main purpose is to ask questions and run the game show. They will usually update the audience with the scores and run the show. skills and qualities required • confidence • good personality • interact with the audience • interact with the contestants • knowledge of the subjects • funny (in some game shows) The audience expect a game show host to be funny and have a good personality. They expect the presenter to keep them interested and entertained otherwise they will change the channel. A game show host differs from other types of presenters as they are not only presenting something to a wide audience, they are also presenting it to the contestants in the game. Unlike most presenters who have a script to read from, a game show host will have to improvise some of what he says based on what the contestants say to them. • Ant & Dec, Jimmy Carr, Chris Tarrant
  8. 8. Chat Show Host Chat shows are a television show in which guests such as celebrities are interviewed informal to discuss different topics of gossips, what's new and happening? including guests stars on the show involving shows of a group of people who talks about their experience in relation to the issue discussed towards that episode. Chat show host such as Alan Carr, Ricky Gervais, Paul O'grady, Johnattan Ross show, The Alan Titchmarsh show. All have elements which involves comedy, and a understanding of target audience on what they are interested and wanting to hear, with a good personality and confidence, alongside of being energetic able to make the crows happy. These are the key of having a good presenter presenting chat shows television.
  9. 9. Magazine presenter The purpose of having a magazine/ lifestyle presenter is to engaged audience and give us awareness about everyday life. Lifestyle and magazine presenter such as Gok Wan and Tifanny royce ITV daybreak face of the olympics broadcast live, interviewing people and guests. Magazine presenters such as The One show with presenters such as Matt Baker, Chris Evans and Alex Jones show a live programme of topical stories and big name studio guests. Their role is entitled to train and present to an audience with information connecting special interest to the topic that is given and being able to interview and give entertainment.