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Front covers

  1. 1. Q Cover Lines – Allow the customer to readQ Magazine logo what is inside theplaced behind the magazine. They aremain image. The also red and whitewhite stands out which matches thefrom the red magazine logobackground and they colours.are the traditional“Q” colours. Barcode – Has the issue number andSelling Line – helps price written on itthe magazine to sell along with the date.because it shows itsgood reputation.Main Cover Line – Blue backgroundVery large red, bold partitions from thefont in block capitals. rest of the cover. AllIt stands out from the in block capitals andrest of the text on “free inside” is inthe magazine and bold as it is meantmatches the colour to attractof the magazine logo. customers.
  2. 2. Kerrang! Cover Line – At theMasthead– Placed in very top of thefront of the main magazine. Shows theimage. Very bold, reader what toblack font, stands out expect inside.because of the size. Main Image – Acts as the background for Main Cover Line – the cover. A headshot Stands out from the eye level to the rest of the magazine, reader. placed in the bottom left corner. More Cover Lines – Alternate colours Sell Line– Placed at between red and the bottom of the white... They inform cover. “free posters” the reader of the rest is in bold block of the magazine. capitals to grab the readers attention.
  3. 3. VibeMasthead– Placedbehind the mainimage. The humaneye is still able to Cover Lines – Informread what it says. the reader of what is placed inside theMain Cover Line – magazine, there areBold pink font which no smaller images,matches the rest of just done mainthe blue and pink image.colour theme.Main Image – Directeye contact with the Sell Line – It makesreader. The blue the magazinecollar matches the company look good ifcolour theme. they add a sell line on the front cover. ItMagazine website shows their goodplaced at the bottom reputation.left hand corner ofthe cover.
  4. 4. In conclusion...From looking at these music magazines, I have decided that I amgoing to include the following in my own;- One main background image with direct eye contact with the reader.- A Colour theme that matches an item of clothing the person in themain image is wearing.- A masthead that is placed behind the main image, but still able forthe human eye to read. The issue number will be placed underneathit.- The company website... Or a link to their facebook.- A barcode which includes the price and date.- A sell line at the top of the magazine that will be catchy and havesome kind of ring to it.