Finding More Time for PR and Project Mgmt, Lori Miller, Nov 2 2011


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Finding More Time for PR and Project Mgmt, Lori Miller, Nov 2 2011

  1. 1. Finding MORE TIME for PR and Project Management A Wildly Assorted Tip List to Help Busy PeopleLori Miller | WHNT News 19for Birmingham Chapter PRCA November 2, 2011
  2. 2. Seriously?
  3. 3. You’re not going to learn anything new today. (sorry)
  4. 4. The Big Four ProductivityKillers 1. Poor Planning 2. Personal Disorganization 3. Procrastination 4. Failing to Manage Distractions
  5. 5. no planning = chaos
  6. 6. FIGHT POOR PLANNING Time Audit Priority Setting Tools
  7. 7. What have you been doing? Time Audit1. Record all your daily activities for 3 days -- where do you spend your time?2. Record your personal stuff, too3. OPTIONAL: Color code your categories of time4. Things to look for: PUTTING OUT FIRES DEALING WITH INTERRUPTIONS DOING PLANNED TASKS WORKING UNINTERRUPTED UNINTERRUPTED DOWNTIME
  8. 8. Stop Thriving on “Being Really Busy” Setting Priorities1. Choose three important tasks to complete each day and focus relentlessly (take MASSIVE steps toward your goals daily)2. Do the most important thing first -- which is easier if you’ve organized the day before so you already know what that is3. How do you decide? • Priority Matrix • Urgent / Important Matrix
  9. 9. Finish time mgmt presso14 Draft offsite agenda 3 Point Mallard ROI5 Submit catering order0 Intern to-dos while out2 Finalize Facebook policy
  10. 10. URGENT / IMPORTANT MATRIX urgent not urgent important not important
  11. 11. FIGHT DISORGANIZATIONDoes your brain go in 27 directions at once?Then you may be susceptible to being overwhelmedin response to a mess
  12. 12. Organize Your Day & Desk1. Get everything else off your desk2. Keep a to-do list - COMPREHENSIVE3. Keep a to-do list - BY PROJECT4. Keep a to-do list - FOR TODAY
  13. 13. PROJECT ACTION PLAN:Updates statusReferences where info can be found
  14. 14. COMPREHENSIVE TO DO:Keeps track of the big picturewithout duplicating
  15. 15. Organize Your Day & Desk (continued)1. Get everything else off your desk2. Keep a to-do list - COMPREHENSIVE3. Keep a to-do list - BY PROJECT4. Keep a to-do list - FOR TODAY5. Share documents with others - Google Docs / shared server (everyone knows and they can help keep it updated)6. Set up an effective reference filing system for inbox and personal files
  16. 16. Nested folders will help you find information when you’re ready for it
  17. 17. (Yeah, that’s toomany unprocessedemails!)
  18. 18. to do lists note taking info/news gathering file sharing moreThere are lots of productivity tools out there
  19. 19. Organize web articles with keyword tags
  20. 20. Easily choose a meeting date
  21. 21. Get an email digest of Facebook activity -- even if it’s not your page
  22. 22. Easily share documents
  23. 23. More tools just for PR pros - some free, some purchased
  24. 24. An often-asked tip: how to schedule Facebook posts
  25. 25. HERE’S ONE: If it’s a business page - go to your page and click “Edit Page”
  26. 26. Then click on “Mobile”
  27. 27. and “voila” – there it is
  28. 28. Now use Outlook’s deferred delivery option (1) Open a new blank email (2) Type your post into the SUBJECT line (not the body) (3) Click OPTIONS tab (4) Click on DELAY DELIVERY
  29. 29. Choose your date and time, close and send – DONE!
  30. 30. TIPS for Procrastinators1. Set time limits and be accountable for them (if we have lots of free time we do the easier stuff first)2. Book time for lagging projects -- and stick to them3. Clean your desk at the end of every day4. Calendar your tasks - especially the small, repetitive stuff
  32. 32. Three Big Disruptors 1. Email 2. Reactive Personalities 3. Information Overload
  33. 33. DISRUPTOR #1: EMAIL Organize Your Email• Not all message are created equal - “not every virtual hug needs to be reciprocated”• Stop scrolling up and down your inbox and calling it work - organize with nested folders and don’t use the inbox as a to-do list• Go through your inbox and deal with them. The goal isn’t to respond to each of those emails but to ruthlessly process them• Stop “scanning the horizon” to see if something shiny just popped in - check emails on a schedule On a schedule, you say?!?
  34. 34. TIPS for Email1. Turn off notifications - audible and visual2. Give it 3 days!3. Use templates for repetitive emails4. Use folders to route emails (Facebook notifications, newsletters)5. Check emails at set times (if you can stand it, set your email software to only receive messages at certain increments)
  35. 35.
  36. 36. DISRUPTOR #2: REACTIVES Learn to Say No - Or At Least Not Now1. Block time in advance for big projects2. Close your door. Turn off your phone. Don’t check email.3. Announce time limits for meetings
  37. 37. TIPS for Filtering Info1. Pick your two or three social sites and, unless your JOB is to spot the next big things, stick with them.2. Subscribe only to the blogs you read - be honest - and unsubscribe from the ones you don’t, without apology.3. Remember the email filtering!
  38. 38.
  39. 39. DISRUPTOR #3: INFORMATION OVERLOAD Keep It Simple, Stupid• Never call a meeting to make a decision. Work with people one on one, and then call the meeting to let the group share and own the decision thats been made.• Stop volunteering - “What SPECIFICALLY do you need from me?• Say no to nonessential tasks and meetings• Set up a weekly 20-minute meeting with yourself to assess• Delegate - and allow things to happen.• Type instructions for repetitive tasks you can delegate (no excuses!)
  40. 40. Finding More Time! 1. Plan Better! 2. Get Organized! 3. Get Moving! 4. Manage Distractions!
  41. 41. Hope this helps!