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Facebook for Real World Business, July 11 - Florence


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Presentation for both lunch and afternoon sessions at the Shoals Chamber of Commerce July 11, 2012.

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Facebook for Real World Business, July 11 - Florence

  1. 1. Reach more people.Get more interactions.Shoals Chamber of Commerce, July 11 2012
  2. 2. Section 1 of 5 UNDERSTANDING EDGERANK
  3. 3. TOP STORY VIEW MOST RECENT VIEW What I see What I missed
  4. 4. Affinity, Weight, Time Decay
  5. 5. AFFINITY - Favors people you know &interact with most Every action builds affinity. Listed relationships count, too
  6. 6. WEIGHT - Favors high interaction, isweighted to different types Comments are about 4x more valuable than likes
  7. 7. TIME DECAY - Favors recent over old A Facebook post typically lives for about 3 hours
  8. 8. Section 2 of 5 TYPES OF FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS
  9. 9. PROFILES PAGES For People For Businesses “Friends” “Fans”
  10. 10. CREATING BUSINESS PAGES (Pick one)
  11. 11. PLACES Debuted in August 2010 Share with friends where you are“App - account created by mobile check-ins” (smartphone required) No single author, unofficial
  12. 12. PLACES Then in August 2011, Facebook ditched "Places" mobile app Users can now add locations "from anywhere," whether its the Web or a phone (past or present)
  13. 13. This Create A “Place” Now
  14. 14. “That extra message you areseeing is to ensure that realbusiness places are set up.”
  16. 16. SAME METRICS -- PLUS CHECK-INS This Place has check-ins This Page does not
  17. 17. POSSIBLE DRAWBACKS TO “UNCLAIMED” PLACE PAGES • Duplicate places listings • Inaccurate business info (and no sourcing) • Reviews & check-ins split between multiple (claimed) profiles • Can draw likes to the wrong account
  20. 20. Section 3 of 5 UNDERSTANDING INSIGHTS
  21. 21. Big picture view of your page
  22. 22. See a spike?Hover over adata point andget the numbers
  23. 23. What do these terms mean?
  24. 24. REACH - Uniquepeople who sawthe post
  25. 25. ENGAGED USERS -clicked on the postwhen they saw it andwent to the page thatgenerated it
  26. 26. TALKING ABOUT THIS -engaged with it (liked,commented, shared )
  27. 27. VIRALITY- % of uniquepeople who interactedout of the total peoplewho saw it
  28. 28. Be Aware:Facebook’s “REACH”calculation just changed…(as of July 2012)
  29. 29. The New Facebook REACH Metric • “REACH” now includes mobile data (apparently, it didn’t before • Fewer posts are being loaded into the News Feed at a time • Desktop News Feed no longer counts “REACH” until a user scrolls and loads the page’s story
  30. 30. What will the impact of the new Reach calculation be?? OF OUR FAN BASE SEES ANY GIVEN POST*Based on average reach of 28 posts starting Feb 9 2012 against 65,289 fans**SOURCE: “Uh Oh, Facebook Pages Only Reach 17% of Fans,”
  31. 31. Design Demands Multimedia Content
  32. 32. WHAT WE SEE 1 - Cover picture 2 - Profile picture 3 - Personal info … with longer fixation on personal information
  33. 33. The absence of the default tab landing means tab usage is down from before – not sure if this is bad
  35. 35. 1. Define the Content Mission Page views to your website ( traffic ) Feedback from and Discussion with Fans ( engagement ) Prioritize
  36. 36. 2. Post Content related to your business, butnot specifically about the business – tap intofan passions
  37. 37. 3. Lead With the Pictures
  38. 38. 4. Post Multiple Photos at Same Time Album = More Clicks = Higher WeightSOURCE: “Multiple Photo Posts Increased Clicks 1290% – Facebook Case Study,” convince
  39. 39. 5. Convert to Photo + Call to Action
  40. 40. 6. Watch 3rd Party Apps Videos shared from third-party sites (YouTube, Vimeo) appear to generate less organic activity than videos hosted on Facebook SOURCE: mistakes/? At one time, Facebook punished users of third-party APIs by killing their EdgeRank. Could it happen again? SOURCE: ecent-facebook-updates-cripple-pages
  41. 41. 7. Tell Fans What You Want Them to Do
  42. 42. 8. Monitor What Works These are industry stats.How many posts? What areHow many words? yours??Any day of the week better?What gets the most negative feedback?
  43. 43. 9. Ask - and Answer - Questions
  44. 44. 10. Check out Your Competition
  45. 45. Section 5 of 5 9 FACEBOOK FEATURES & UPDATES
  46. 46. Posts by othersgrouped togetherhereClick on SEE ALLTo open thenotificationspanel
  47. 47. Or chance your default view to Posts By Others
  48. 48. Notice the greyed out comments?
  49. 49. You Can Star Posts to Make Widescreen PICK THE STORY HOVER AND CLICK THE STAR TO HIGHLIGHT
  51. 51. You Can Pin An Important Post to Top • Go to the really important post • Hover over the pencil to get the drop down • Select PIN TO TOP
  52. 52. You Can Pin An Important Post to Top • The story is now at the top -- and will stay there for 7 days • Marked with small, orange flag • Only one pin at a time • Unpins automatically
  53. 53. Now, You have App Boxes
  54. 54. And You Can Change the Order
  55. 55. An ILLEGAL Facebook contest…
  56. 56. Facebook’s Contest Rules … • Contests on Facebook must be administered within Apps • Must have rules that acknowledges Facebook isn’t sponsoring it • You CAN make them like a Page, check-in to a Place, or connect to your app. • You CANNOT ask them to like a Wall post, or comment or upload a photo – and the act of liking a Page or checking in to a Place cannot automatically register or enter a promotion participant. • You CANNOT use the Like button as a voting mechanism for a promotion. • You CANNOT notify winners through Facebook messages, chat, or posts on profiles (timelines) or Pages.
  57. 57. Rules for Cover Photos • No references to Facebook features such as “Like this Page” • No purchase or pricing info such as “40% off” • No calls to action like “Download at our website” • No contact information such as web address or phone number
  58. 58. example
  59. 59. example
  61. 61. example
  62. 62. example
  63. 63. example
  64. 64. You can now assign five differentadmin roles
  65. 65. You can schedule posts right fromFacebook NOTE: You have to be using the page “as the page” to see this option - and you have to put in the year before you start to see the other time options
  66. 66. Facebook promoted posts areavailable No “new” people will see it – no new audience More of the fans you already have get shown your post
  67. 67. Facebook now lets you edit comments
  68. 68. You Can Export Events To Calendar
  69. 69. You can CHANGE your custom URL Before, page administrators would have to submit a request to change the username – but not anymore!
  70. 70. You can only change it once
  71. 71. Did you notice your contact email isdifferent?
  72. 72.