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  1. 1. The Stranger Written and Illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg
  2. 2. Genre: Fantasy • Characters and events that could occur in real life combine with those that could not.
  3. 3. Selection Summary: The Baileys take in an injured stranger. The man doesn’t speak or seem to know who he is, but strange cold drafts seem to follow him, and autumn mysteriously comes to a halt. Even so, the stranger becomes part of the family-until he suddenly realizes he must go. But he does return every fall!
  4. 4. Key Vocabulary Autumn Draft Etched Frost Mercury Peculiar Thermometer Timid
  5. 5. Autumn- n. the season after the summer The leaves changed colors and fell to the ground once autumn arrived.
  6. 6. Draft- n. a flow of air We felt a cold draft from the ceiling fan while we were sitting at the dinner table.
  7. 7. Etched- v. made a design by cutting lines We found lines of frost etched on the windows of the house.
  8. 8. Frost- n. a very thin covering of ice The young boy slipped on the frost that covered the ground.
  9. 9. Mercury- n. silvery white metal used in thermometers The mercury in the thermometer began to rise from the heat.
  10. 10. Peculiar- adj. Unusual, strange or odd The boy looked peculiar when he dressed in his father’s sweater.
  11. 11. Thermometer- n. an instrument that measures temperature The thermometer said that her temperature was above 99 degrees.
  12. 12. Timid- adj. Easily frightened; shy The young girl seemed timid when she peeked out from behind the door.