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Boss of the_plains


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Boss of the_plains

  1. 1. Selection 3:Boss of the Plains The Hat that Won the West Written by Laurie Carlson Illustrated by Holly Meade
  2. 2. Genre: Biography A true story of the life of a real person.
  3. 3. Selection Summary As a boy, John Stetson worked in his father’s New Jersey hat factory. In 1859, on his way west looking for adventure, he invented a practical hat for his own use. The style suited Western life so well that Stetson became the manufacturer of the most popular hat in the West.
  4. 4. Key Vocabulary • Adventurers • Determined • Frontier • Gear • Opportunity • Pioneers • Settlers • Tanned • Wranglers
  5. 5. Adventurers: travelers in search of unusual or exciting experiences The streets were filled with adventurers heading to explore the West.
  6. 6. Determined: sticking to a purpose John was determined to start a new life in St. Joseph, Missouri, and he would not give up until he succeeded.
  7. 7. Frontier: unexplored land People were headed to the frontier to search for gold.
  8. 8. Gear: equipment used for a specific activity In St. Joseph, Missouri, people bought gear and supplies for their journey to the goldfields.
  9. 9. Opportunity: a good chance John Stetson found the opportunity to head West when a group of travelers invited him along on their journey to Pikes Peak.
  10. 10. Pioneers: people who are the first to settle in a region Pioneers settled on the lands of the West before others came out to join them.
  11. 11. Settlers: people who travel to a little known area and make a home At first, settlers and travelers in the American West wore whatever hats they had worn back home.
  12. 12. Tanned: changed animal hide to leather by soaking it in chemicals The settlers thought they might be able to use rabbit skins to make a tent if they could be properly tanned.
  13. 13. Wranglers: cowboys John Stetson decided to make a hat for the wranglers of the West.