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2014 TG CompassionIT - The Evolution of Collective IT Support for Non-Profits


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Trivalent Group's CompassionIT 2014 Announcement - The Evolution of Collective IT Support for Non-Profit. A brief history of CompassionIT, includes a video link, and an overview of the future of the CompassionIT Pantry.

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2014 TG CompassionIT - The Evolution of Collective IT Support for Non-Profits

  1. 1. compassionIT The Evolution ™
  2. 2. 10:00AM Arrival & Check-ins Conference Room A 10:15AM Welcome – History of CompassionIT 10:25AM Video Highlights: 2013 Winners Benefits & Outcomes Wondergem PR 10:30AM Introducing the CompassionIT Pantry Larry Andrus 10:45AM Open Discussion and Feedback Dawn Simpson All
  3. 3. Engineers come up with the idea Marketing Committee Approval Program Development Sponsorship Requests Go Live
  4. 4. Increase awareness Training tool for our team Assist organizations in need
  5. 5. THROUGH compassionIT Trivalent and our sponsors will provide one THREE Michigan non-profits A TECHNOLOGY REFRESH
  6. 6.
  7. 7. We’re connecting non-profits to TECHNOLOGY To drive MORE change… compassionIT Introducing compassionIT ™ PANTRY
  8. 8. THE compassionIT™ PANTRY Imagine a place where Michigan non-profits can go to get updated equipment AND technology support …WORRY FREE! security Tech skills Laptops wireless backups Internet Printers servers Data storage AND MORE…
  9. 9. compassionIT™ PANTRY
  10. 10. compassionIT™ PANTRY • The first phase of feasibility interviews demonstrates a strong belief among non-profits that a “Pantry” is a game-changing idea. • We have already identified key partners willing and eager to be involved including Habitat for Humanity who is developing a project with other non-profits for a “Food Club” that could also house the CompassionIT Pantry in its space on South Division Avenue. • The Non-Profit Technical Assistance Fund, representing the following charities: Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Wege, Amway, Steelcase, Dyer-Ives and Sebastian Foundations provides annual grants totaling $200,000 to non-profits for software, labor, technical assistance, onsite training and website development and would welcome the CITP according to its consultant, Nicole Notario-Risk.
  11. 11.