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Tools and Strategies for Managing Your Research


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Presented as part of the Virginia Tech Faculty Development Institute by Rebecca K. Miller and Heather Moorefield-Lang.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Tools and Strategies for Managing Your Research

  1. 1. Rebecca K. Miller Heather Moorefield-LangFaculty Development Institute Virginia Tech March 2012
  2. 2. Rebecca is the College Librarian for Science,Life Sciences, and EngineeringHeather is the College Librarian for Educationand Applied Social Sciences
  3. 3.  Citation Management Tools Organization & Task Management Tools Cloud Storage Research & Information Management On-the-Fly Data Gathering Tools Presentation ToolsQ & A
  4. 4.  EndNote Zotero Mendeley
  5. 5. Strengths:• Very sophisticated, robust product• Available to all faculty and students at VT through a site license• No space limit for PDFs and other attachments• Supported by VT Libraries, and a strong network of other users• Cite While You Write featureWeaknesses:• Steep(ish) learning curve• No group/shared library function• EndNote Web is a bit clunky• Expense (if researcher leaves VT)
  6. 6. Image from:
  7. 7. Strengths:• Group library function• Free• Open source• Intuitive/ease of use• Cite While You Write Plug-ing• Includes stand-alone & web-based components• Syncing across devices• Active user communityWeaknesses:• 100 MB limit for attachments• Support (since it’s not proprietary)
  8. 8. In your browserOn the web
  9. 9. Strengths:• Free• Desktop & web-based versions• Syncing across devices• Cite While You Write plug-in• Social networking aspect• Has an iPad/iPhone appWeaknesses:• 500 MB limit for attachments• Support
  10. 10. This is the “web”side—Mendeleyalso has a desktopversion that willsync with your“web” version andmake sure that youalways have a localcopy of your library.
  11. 11. From:
  12. 12. Zotero now has a stand-alone version (can be used with Chrome, Safari)The collaborationaspect is HUGE.Consider whether ornot the tool iscapable of creatinggroup or sharedlibraries.
  13. 13.  Evernote PathBrite Instapaper To-Do List Tools
  14. 14.  Easy to add in notes, bookmarks, sites, anything you want to remember Create notebooks to categorize your material Use multiple devices
  15. 15.  Download an Evernote Web clipper that will be a part of your toolbar. Click on it to save any website. Designate notebooks.
  16. 16. PathBrite: A n e-portfolio option.A cloud basedtool, visuallybased, verysmart, and fun tolook at. Openaccess tool thatcan be linked toother pages.
  17. 17. Instapaper gives you a “read later” bookmarkYou clip webpages, and then read them when youhave the time!Instapaper is available on laptops, desktops,iPhone, iPad, and e-readers
  18. 18.  Remember the Milk Toodledo TeuxDeux 42Tasks
  19. 19. • Syncs with Google, Outlook, Twitter, the RMT app• Collaboration/sharing lists and tasks• Data can be backed up/exported
  20. 20. • Integrates with Google, outlook• Data can be backed up/exported• Has collaboration/share option• Has many levels of organization• Has a strong user forum
  21. 21. • Simple, minimalistic• Tasks roll over fromday to day• Does not integratewith Google Calendaror Outlook, but isaccessible via thewww and its app($2.99)
  22. 22. Manage projectsand share withothers.Assign tasks toyourself or toothers and monitorthem.Multipleplatforms fromdesktop tovariousSmartphoneapps.
  23. 23. Simple to dolists.Organize byprojectSimple dragand dropfeaturesEasy Edit
  24. 24.  Dropbox SugarSync AeroFS
  25. 25.  EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. (2011). 7 things you should know about…organizing files in the cloud. Retrieved from Pinola, M. (2011). Dropbox v. the alternatives: which one is right for you? Lifehacker. Retrieved from alternatives-which-online-syncing-service-is-right-for-you Summary: • Consider how much storage space you will need • Consider the security and privacy issues • Consider collaboration • Consider syncing • Consider organization options
  26. 26. 2 GB of space freeStore anythingyou need tosave. Access itfrom anywhere.Share in groups/collaborate
  27. 27. 5 GB for free Sync across devices Folder selections & privacy settings at the folder level Collaboration and sharing at the folder level Includes media streaming
  28. 28.  Stillin early beta Shares data across your devices (unlimited amount of “storage”) Gives you an option of whether you want it backed up in the cloud File sharing at the folder level
  29. 29. 5 GB storage space free Mobile app access Sharing and collaboration at the folder level No password protected sharing at the free level Syncing across devices
  30. 30.  LibX Email search alerts & RSS feeds • Addison • Summon • PubMed • Engineering Village • Ebsco • Google RSS readers Google Scholar
  31. 31. Develop here at Virginia Tech Libraries, LibXis a tool used by libraries around the world inorder to help their users gain access to theirresources as efficiently as possible.It lives in your browser, and quickly connectsyou to VT Libraries information resources.
  32. 32.  Read about RSS feeds: Read about email alerts: ndex.html
  33. 33. Help page:
  34. 34. View the tutorial on RSS in Summon:
  35. 35. PubMed offers BOTH email alerts and RSS feeds for saved searches.You must create a (free) account with MyNCBI to do this.
  36. 36. Schedule your alerts.Determine the format.
  37. 37. To save a search and generate an email alert or an RSS feed inEngineering Village, you need to create a (free) account inEngineering Village.
  38. 38. Set up your alerts in yoursaved searches area.
  39. 39. RSS Feed for a Search
  40. 40. Save Searches and alertsMarksearch
  41. 41.  Sign up for an Ebsco Account Free for VT users Can create alerts Can save searches Very user friendly
  42. 42.  Simply go to:
  43. 43.  Google Reader Outlook Other Readers
  44. 44.  Associated with your Google account Is available as a gadget
  45. 45. Use your email client to have RSSfeeds delivered directly to yourinbox
  46. 46.  Web • Bloglines • My Yahoo! • NewsGator Windows • FeedDemon • Awasu Mac OS X • NetNewsWire Mobile devices • Viigo • Search for more apps!
  47. 47. You can use Google Scholar to help find VT Librariesresources and send citations to your referencemanager.You can set your preferences so that it works for you…
  48. 48.  Poll Everywhere Answer Garden
  49. 49. • Free for up to 40 responders• Saves data until you clear it out• Does not allow response monitoring with the free version
  50. 50. Creates word cloudsfrom answers.Can text or type inanswers.It is completelyfree.Have the option todo multiple choiceas well.
  51. 51.  Prezi Projeqt SpicyNodes
  52. 52. Online presentationtool with a paiddesktop optionZooming, sweepingmovement inpresentation.100 MB free foreducators. Low procost for educators.
  53. 53. Projeqt: Slide basedonline tool. Slidescan go side to sideor can be stackedbehind each other.Very graphic, can beconnected to 16different socialmedia tools.
  54. 54. Cowbird:VisualStorytelling,great forqualitativenarrativesthrough images.Uses text andimages forstories.
  55. 55. Concept Mappresentation toolCompletely freefor individuals
  56. 56. Contact us: Rebecca Miller Heather Moorefield-Lang