Introduction to Bibliographic Managers: Why, When, and How to Manage Your Research


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Presented on February 23, 2011

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Introduction to Bibliographic Managers: Why, When, and How to Manage Your Research

  2. 2. O VERVIEW OF THIS S ESSION Identify common problems with managing references Identify solutions to managing references:  MS Word Bibliography features  EndNote  Zotero and Mendeley In-depth look at Zotero Workshopping with Zotero Conclusions & last words
  3. 3. W HY ? ( PROBLEMS WITH CITATIONS ) Why do we cite/attribute information in research papers? What happens when we don’t cite, or when the citations are incorrect? So, why don’t we always cite, and always cite correctly?
  4. 4. H OW ? (G ETTING HELP THROUGH TECHNOLOGY ) Bibliographic managers (sometimes known as reference managers) are here to help!  Organize your research all in one place  Easily create in-text citations  Easily format bibliographies  Avoid plagiarism and other unpleasant consequences of incorrect (or no) citations
  5. 5. MS W ORD B IBLIOGRAPHY Built into Word 2007, 2010 Easy to use Slightly limited in its functionalities A great option for short papers/when you don’t want to learn a whole new program!
  6. 6. A LOOK AT MS W ORD Use the References tab to access the MS Word Bibliography functions
  7. 7. A DDING R EFERNECESClick ManageSources thenNew to add areference toyourcollection ofresearch
  8. 8. I NSERTING C ITATIONSClick Insert Citation, and select yourStyle to start creating in-text citations
  9. 9. L AST WORD ON MS W ORD Beware: downloading EndNote (coming up next) or the Zotero Word plugin will overwrite the MS Word bibliography function. For more help and information, visit the MS Word help site. The link below will take you directly to the part about bibliographic management:  help/create-a-bibliography-HA010067492.aspx
  10. 10. E ND N OTE Often called the Cadillac of bibliographic managers Expensive, but free to you as a VT student (through network software distribution) Link and support available: Available cross-platform (Mac or PC) Software has a steep learning curve Software has the most functionality of all managers (i.e., the best for large papers like a thesis or dissertation)
  11. 11. A N E ND N OTE L IBRARY• 3 ways to import references• Over 4500 reference styles to choose from• Can remotely search databases to pull in references• Can create unlimited number of libraries• Can use the “group” function to organize references
  12. 12. C ITE W HILE Y OU W RITEUse Cite While You Write toautomatically create in-text citationsand bibliographiesWhen you install EndNote, theprogram will install an MS Wordplug-in
  13. 13. F REE & E ASY O PTIONS Zotero:  Open source and open access (free)  Only compatible with Mozilla Firefox  Offers a web-based component  Collaborative Mendeley:  Open access (free)  Also offers a “social network” for researchers  Offers a web-based component  Collaborative
  14. 14. M ENDELEYThis is a screenshot of the “server” side—the online account that syncswith a desktop account. Science/research/academic oriented. Includessocial networking functions.
  15. 15. Z OTEROThis is the “online account” side of Zotero—we’ll look at the“downloaded” side in a moment.
  16. 16. S TARTING WITH Z OTERO When you download Zotero, it will live inside your browser (Firefox) You will also have space on a Zotero server, so that you can access your research no matter what computer you may be working at The program you’ve downloaded on your computer will ensure that you have a local copy of all of your information
  17. 17. I N - CLASS D EMONSTRATION Downloading Zotero Importing references into Zotero (several different ways) Editing references Sharing Zotero libraries/collections Using the Zotero “cite while you write” feature with MS Word (will NOT overwrite the MS Word bibliography features) Generating bibliographies Questions?
  18. 18. IN THE B ROWSERWhendownloaded,Zotero will liveat the bottomof yourbrowser(MozillaFirefox) Three main elements show up here… The grouping(s) of The documents The citation documents themselves information
  19. 19. A DDING R EFERENCESUse these icons to manually add or import citations with the clickof a button. Alternatively, you can use the images that show up inthe browser bar…
  20. 20. U SING THE Z OTERO ICONSLook for these icons in the browser bar when youare searching online, in databases, or in the librarycatalog. Click them to add them to your library.
  21. 21. MS W ORD P LUGIN To use the “cite while you write” feature in Zotero, you must download the MS Word plugin:  gration  When you do, you should see “Add-Ins” appear at the top of your Word document
  22. 22. I N - TEXT CITATIONS & F ORMATTING BIBLIOGRAPHIESThe first icon is to insert acitation, which you’ll choosefrom Zotero.The second to last icon is toformat a bibliography from thecitations you’ve added
  23. 23. E XAMPLE C ITATION & B IBLIOGRAPHYFirst, insert the in-text citation.Then, insert the bibliography.Done!
  24. 24. Z OTERO T UTORIALS /H ELP The Zotero website offers lots of helpful tutorials and guides for getting started with and using Zotero:  Quick start guide:  Zotero support:  Screencasts:  Zotero mobile apps: mobile/
  25. 25. IN CONCLUSION … There are a lot of tools available for managing your research It’s up to you to figure out the tool and workflow that works best for you Librarians are always available to help you with all aspects of research, including bibliographic management!
  26. 26. O NE LAST WORD … Remember, these citation management tools are just pieces of software It’s possible that they could be wrong You will still need to be familiar with the style you are using, to make sure that your citations ar correct Use our citations & style manuals page for more help:
  27. 27. Q UESTIONS ? Contact me! Rebecca Miller College Librarian for Science, Life Sciences, and Engineering Newman 5004