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Information Resources Comparison Chart


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Published in: Education
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Information Resources Comparison Chart

  1. 1. CS 3604: Name_________________________________ Comparing Information Resources Visit three different information resources and compare the results of the same search in the different resources. One resource must be a library database (e.g., IEEE Xplore) and one must be a web resource (e.g., Google); the third is your choice: Your search/query: Attributes Resource 1: Resource 2: Resource 3: Authority Where are most of the results coming from? Scholarly journals? Trusted sources? How can you tell? Number of results How many results did you get with your search? Relevancy Do the top results look relevant to what you wanted?
  2. 2. CS 3604: Name_________________________________ Attributes Resource 1: Resource 2: Resource 3: Search Features Did the resource give you facets or options for narrowing your search? Any advanced help features? Access to full text information Could you access the full text of the item through this resource? Other notes Did the resource look up to date? Could you tell what sort of audience it was geared toward? How might this be helpful?