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Dropout summit presentation


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Dropout early warning systems designed by staff at Adams 14 in Commerce City, Colorado. Dynamic system (updated daily) that flagged kids from K-12 based on risk for dropping out of school based on attendance, behavior, course failure, whether they transferred into the district, and language impact. Dropouts from school have a significant impact on the local economy and the overall health of a community. By predicting who is at greatest risk of dropping out the system can dedicated resources towards these students to intervene. DEWD

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Dropout summit presentation

  1. 1. DEWD – Dropout Early Warning Database October 16, 2009 Colorado Dropout Summit
  2. 2. 2008 Board of Education Charge: Reduce the Dropout Rate Adams 14 Board of Education Members
  3. 3. Studied four years of graduates and dropouts
  4. 4. Attendance Behavior Course Failure
  5. 5. Transfers Language
  6. 6. DEWD is part of TAAT
  7. 7. Aligns Specific Interventions for Each Risk Tier
  8. 8. Attendance: Individual student attendance plans; Success Academy (middle to high school transition support); Saturday School.
  9. 9. Behavior: The Link (alternative to expulsion); Character education; Saturday School.
  10. 10. Course Failure: Credit Recovery; Online Learning; Work Keys; Alternative High School; Tutoring.
  11. 11. Strategic Initiative: Develop and implement a multi- tiered dropout prevention plan.