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Magazine analysis

Magazine Analysis

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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis
  2. 2. Date And Price: this is a common assembly that would be expected to be in all the magazines. With popular magazines like this one, they usually display the price in a smaller font as the company don’t want it to stand out as it is not appealing to the audience. It is £2.40 which is quite expensive for a magazine so explains why it is very small. Sub Heading: A good use of onomatopoeia which Is catchy in order to gage the audiences attention. Also, the red background brings more focus to the text because of the contrast of colours. The positioning of the band members also make the magazine cover look interesting and exciting as they take up the whole page but they are also looking straight into the camera which helps hold the audiences attention. Mumford And Sons are the main focus of the magazine which shows why they are dressed casually/smart, making it more appealing to a wider audience. Colour Scheme: the colours of black, white and red are contrasting colours as they make each other stand out, Also, it doesn’t make the cover look more confusing so people won’t read it. The brightness of the white and red attract the audience because they are NME’s trademark colours. The gender neutral red colouring infers that there isn’t a specific target audience
  3. 3. Masthead: the magazine uses a Sans serif font which is straight forward and informal. The red font contrasts against the white/grey background which is used to make it stand out. In addition to the title being abbreviated it is really effective as it is quicker and easier to remember. The name of the magazine is written in the same place on each magazine and uses the same font , making it familiar to people looking for it. Main Image: The image connotes the band ‘Mumford and sons’ wearing casual clothing and using direct address by looking into the camera, making the audience feel more involved with the image. They are the main focus to the front cover which attracts the audience to read it. Using a well-Known band as the front cover also entices people to take a look which is why the magazine has a high readership and circulation. The image takes up most of the front cover. Feature Headline: This is the second largest sans serif text used and is designed to grab the target audiences interest but also is a great way to sell the magazine because Mumford And Sons are popular and if people are fans then they will like the idea of them ‘taking over’. Barcode: A common convention used on the front cover in order for the consumer to purchase the magazine, it is essential for the magazine.
  4. 4. The size of text on this magazine cover are different which gives the magazine more variety. Some of the text are in banners and outlined making it look more like a magazine but also so that it isn't confusing to the readers and everything Is separated out as it would be harder to read if it was in chunks. The list of other bands attracts the target audience just in case the readers see their favourite artist, encouraging them to buy it. Layout: Plain colours used such as red, black and white in order to show that they are passionate about the music and bands that they feature in the magazine. The strapline at the top draws attention because ‘WIN’ is in bold and is the first word that they see, interesting the audience. Sub image: this gives the audience a sneak peak of what is included inside the magazine so that the consumer continues to read the magazine in order to find out more information. This also gives the audience more options as to what they can read if they aren't too interested in the main feature, letting them know it isn't all about them. The ‘free posters’ section draws attention of the target audience and encourages them to buy it to let them know they are gaining something from buying it.
  5. 5. Masthead: the magazine uses a Sans serif font which is straight forward and informal but with effect of it wearing away or has been smashed which reflects the genre of music and the people who listen to it as it is an idea of rebellion . The white font contrasts against the red background which is used to make it stand out. In addition to the title having the idea of rebellion this links with the prominent colours of red, black, white and yellow. Puff: ‘All Time Low’, using this at top of the magazine promotes bands that are linked with the magazine and it is highlighted in a different colour to draw the attention of the reader making it stand out more. It also makes the front cover look more full to show the audience that there is a lot of information contained, enticing them to buy it. In addition to this it doesn't give a lot of information at the top which can draw their interest. Colour Scheme: the colours of black, white, red and yellow are contrasting colours as they make each other stand out, they have been used to design the front cover as they are aesthetically pleasing when used together. These colours are usually put together on Kerrang magazines because of their trademark colours as they are easily recognisable to viewers who usually buy it. It appears that the largest fonts are the most important
  6. 6. Feature Headline: This is the largest serif text used and is designed to grab the target audience’s interest. If the viewers are interested as to what reads then it is a great way to sell the magazine. The band ‘30 Seconds To Mars’ have been chosen as they are the genre of music that the magazine includes but also it reveal the target audience of the consumer which is young adults. The colour of the text and the faint arrows are linked with the overall colour scheme of the magazine but also breaks up the text. The first ‘We Salute’ connects with the main image of Jared Leto as he is saluting in his pose. The Bold writing could also associate with the type of music because it is loud and has a big impact. The writing is slightly on a slant to make it differ from the masthead and the sub-headings but also makes it more interesting. Date And Price: This is a common assembly that would be expected to be in all the magazines. When popular magazines like this one, they usually display the price in a smaller font as the company don’t want it to stand out as it is not appealing to the audience. The magazine also displays a barcode at the bottom right corner which is used in order for the consumer to purchase it. Buzz Word: Using words such as ‘Exclusive’ draws in the audience as it makes the audience feel more involved as it they are one of the first people to know what is happening. It is also implying that it is the only magazine to have the information that is printed.
  7. 7. Sub image: for the audience to buy the magazine they include images on the side to let the reader know what is included in the magazine. The ‘5 Posters Inside’ is similar to giving away a freebie, making the reader feel as though they are receiving a gift or getting something out of buying it besides reading it. Using 5 posters makes them unique and different because other companies usually include 1 or 2. The other images however gives the audience more options as to what they can read if they aren't too interested in the main feature, letting them know it isn't all about them. Main Image: The main image displays Jared Leto, the main singer from ‘30 Seconds To Mars’ against a red background. He has made direct address as he is looking at the reader whilst informally posing a salute sign making the reader feel more involved. This is a form of interaction as the audience may feel connected . His hair is stereotypically ‘punk rock’ which is the genre of music which relates to the magazine. By presenting him like this means that the viewers will think he is quite cool so people may wan to be like him, which also relates to the type of music they listen to as it is normally the same genre of music as to what band or artist is presented on the front cover.
  8. 8. Main Image: The main image displays the band ‘Oasis’ as they are making direct address to the camera, making the audience feel more involved. They are looking at the camera quite intensely which could be a persuading technique for the viewers to buy it. There positioning of the band are all similarly powerful because the lead singer, Noel Gallagher, is portrayed bigger and is at the front which represents the essence of the band as this is what happens when they are performing as he is always at the front. This is a form of interaction as the audience may feel connected. Their hair styles are nearly all the same because they look more like a band and listen to the same type of music as each other. Their hair is typical 60’s mod reflecting the type of music that they produce but also gives us an idea of the target audience as being a bit older. Feature Headline: This is the largest serif text used and is designed to grab the target audience’s interest. If the viewers are interested as to what reads then it is a great way to sell the magazine. The band ‘’Oasis’ have been chosen as they are the genre of music that the magazine includes but also it reveal the target audience of the consumer which is usually adults. The bold impact of their band name is in a different font to the masthead as it has the effect of standing out. There is also a spray paint effect that looks as though it has been done through a stencil, but the fact that it is spray paint, which is normally associated with vandalism and graffiti, giving the idea of rebellion. Masthead: The image of the band covers the masthead which connotes the importance of oasis being a bigger sensation than the actual magazine. However it is clear that the magazine is Mojo because it is the same font for every Mojo magazine, making it recognisable to the viewers. The bright white gives a stark contrast to the black background as it reflects the type of music that is featured in the magazine. The title covers the full width of the page with the tagline overlapping it in a different colour and font. The different colour allows the reader to still see it on top of the white writing but also against the black background.
  9. 9. The black and white colour scheme is continued throughout the page because they blend well with the contemporary colours of the main image. Half of the band are wearing glasses so we don’t know if they are looking at the camera giving a sense of mystery behind the band which is reflected in the sub- headings ‘dark side’. Their facial expressions could be a sign of social rebellion because they are well known for being arrogant. Freebie- The free CD covers nearly half of the front cover which entices people to buy it but also a great way for the audience to feel as though they are gaining something out of purchasing the magazine. The bold ‘Mod’ connects with the style of music that Oasis produce. The idea if including a CD breaks up the writing and makes it less confusing and less to read. Layout: The front cover is structured really well because it appears very neat without using too much writing so it doesn’t confuse the viewers or put them off reading it. The picture is the biggest aspect of the front cover as it makes it look aesthetically pleasing increasing the chance of people looking at it for longer or drawn to it. By doing this it immediately lets the reader know what the edition of the magazine is about and what they can read inside. Puff: the free CD sign matches the colour scheme of the actual CD that the are giving away which makes it easier for the reader to see that they are linked and to let them know that it is in fact free. Instead of using more boxes to outline bands and giveaways , the magazine have used a contrasting colour to the background to make it stand out but to also match the colour scheme. ‘Deep Purple’ and ‘Bunny men’ are the same genre of music to the main band Oasis which the viewer can infer from the pictures placed beside them. This lets the reader know that there are other bands included in the magazine.
  10. 10. The title of the magazine is at the top instead of writing contents page compared to other magazines showing their unique style but also by using ‘this week’ it is letting us know what is new in the issue the reader has to keep them updated. The contents of the different pages featured in the articles are split up in different sections to make it easier for he reader to find what they are looking for but to also let them know the amount of articles that are included. The sub-headings are highlighted in cold capitals enabling the reader to find the article they want to read faster which is a good structural factor as they make it look more appealing. It is clear to understand as it is organised well but it reflects on how the magazine are experienced with the industry. The magazine includes a central image which breaks up the text and the advertisements so that it is simpler but to also add colour. Instead of following the style of other magazine companies and using many pictures to fill the page, the one image makes it look more organised and unusual. Unlike magazines which use airbrushed and photo shopped images it is a real picture of the bad Kasabian playing music reflecting the type of magazine which promotes the music industry. The contents page includes a band index which links into the music genre of the magazine. The vibrant red colour which links in with the colour scheme and matches ‘NME’ showing it links with the bands that NME is all about. Also, it shows the audience the number of bands which are featured throughout the magazine with the given page in which they are in. The fact that it is structured at the left hand side of the page, gives it a more sophisticated look and to show that they have order within the magazine. By giving the reader a list of bands, it enables them to find their personal favourites without too much confusion as it makes it easier to find out where they are instead of flipping through the pages.
  11. 11. The adverts in which are placed at the bottom of the contents page promote the subscription of the magazine which may appeal to some readers who feel like the deals are worth it. This also entices the reader into purchasing the next issue. Also, the use of having the advertisement in a bold yellow colour makes it stand out the readers because it doesn’t link with the rest of the colour scheme. The whole advert doesn’t connect with the contents but it isn't like other magazines in addition to when they advertise products that do not link in any way. The pictures inside the advertising box show different issues of the same magazine which helps them widen the target market and hope that the reader will buy it if they like what is on the front cover. The main subheadings of different sections are in bold capitals which makes it clear and easier to find. The font is sans serif because it matches the same style as the NME sign. Having the date placed at the top of the page lets the audience know what edition of the magazine they are buying as it is clear from the text size in comparison to the size on the front cover which is printed with the price in a very small font. Also by having it right underneath the ‘This Week’ heading it lets the reader know if they are updated and in fact reading ‘This Weeks’ magazine in the week of the date it says. The arrows at the side of the page suggest that there is more information on different pages that are not present on the contents page. These graphic features give a more modern vibe which appeals to the target audience because NME use upcoming and popular artists. The big red arrow stands out at the bottom of the page because this is where people turn the page over and will see the contrasting white writing and might follow what is on ‘page 58’.
  12. 12. The first thing we see at the top is the contents page as it stands out against the black background. It is the same font as the Kerrang! Front cover which gives it a more sophisticated look because they match. They use the same colour scheme throughout the magazine which means that it will be more recognisable for the readers. The main image takes up half of the page which is appealing as it breaks up most of the text. It is a very dark picture which reflects the type of music featured in the magazine. His facial expressions however are happy which can be questioning due to the fact he is dressed in all black. The sunglasses reveal his eye contact with the camera which makes us think he is looking at the us tempting the reader to buy it. There is an editors article on the left side of the page which gives the reader an interesting insight as to what they will expect to see featured in the magazine but it gives a sense of trust as to what he is saying and giving the latest info. It is more informal and makes it more personal having an article include by the editor.
  13. 13. Kerrang has a unique style with their contents pages as they differ from other music magazines due to the fact that rather having lots of dense text it is clear and formal and instead of taking up the whole page there's minimum writing making it more visual. The columns used structure the page and the issues to keep it more organised In addition to the other magazines the sub-heading ‘this week’ gives a list of the issues as to what is new and up to date reassuring the reader has bought the correct magazine for the week they want to read, which is also why it I features the date at the top of the page. The colour scheme for this contents page is black and yellow because these are predominant colours that are used several times in Kerrang! magazines. The colour black also connotes the genre of music featured. The bold yellow font is used for the titles and headlines showing that they have thought about the layout and if it is yellow it means that it is a subheading so the readers know what sections to look at. Most of the descriptive writing is black which links in with the picture but it is also easier to read as it is against the white background.
  14. 14. In addition to the title being a bold black, the page has split articles in the magazine into sections which are under black subheadings. It gives the reader an insight as to what information is on that page and the people who they are interviewing. This will draw the reader in as they will read this and usually want to read more so they will buy the magazine so they can read more and find out the rest of the story. The deep yellow writing is a key element to the colour scheme and it also breaks up the writing, mojo is aimed at an older target audience which is why a deep yellow is used and no vibrant colours, this way it is easier to read as they aren't too bright. The numbers are separated from the sub headings because it is clearer to understand what pages they are on. MOJO usually include a cover story magazine on the contents page with a well known musician so the more popular they are, the more sales the magazine will have . They have made the cover stand out by separating it from the other article sections and by putting a yellow boarder around it. It also looks more important as there is more information underneath it meaning that the MOJO magazine find that if there is more information, more people are likely to read it. The date can be seen on the same line as the issue. It is placed at the top of the contents page to make it clear to the reader what edition of the magazine they are reading and if they are up to date. The choice of clothing is significant as it contrasts against the grey background making it stand out more. It is the only other colour which is dominantly featured in addition to the yellow writing for the text. In a way this puts all the attention to him as he is the focus of the contents page.
  15. 15. The high angle shot is almost like empowering us, in a way that we can go to any page without reading it start to finish. It gives the reader more control as to what to read. The man is looking directly at us making the readers feel more involved which attracts them into reading the story. The picture is the main focus on the page which is done to break it up from the text but also to make it look simpler and less confusing. By doing this it also makes it look more attractive and appealing to read. The main title is placed at the top where they have their brand Mojo clear and big to attract the reader into looking at it. It is contrasting against the grey background so the reader can immediately see it. By having the title of the magazine it is clear that what they are looking at is MOJO. Underneath the title are cities in which the magazine is iconic for music making the reader feel more connected. Providing the issue number informs the reader what issue they are actually reading which could be helpful to them if they have missed an issue but it also shows how successful the magazine is as it is on their ‘193rd’ issue. It has been running for a certain amount of time but this gives them an insight as to how popular they are. They have used a small quote at the bottom of the contents page which shows the reader a quote from one of the articles inside the magazine. This technique is used to attract the attention of the reader into reading this article if they find it interesting. Besides this, it is also in a different font the rest of the page to make it stand out. By using the previews it is clear that the magazine wants the reader to look at it because it is different to everything else on the contents page making it more exciting and interesting for them.
  16. 16. The only image on this page is the popular musical artist ‘Florence And The Machine’ which is a long shot of her. From this we are able to see the strong black clothing choice indicating a side to her we haven't seen as it symbolises aggression but it also emphasises the contrast between her red hair and the stripes on the flag. She is in a seductive pose which may attract a wider audience. The image has been laid out so it is the first thing you see when you turn the page. They have used Florence Welch so the reader knows what the article is about. It says how successful she is in America which is why she is sat on the American flag. This double page spread has its statement colours of red and monochrome colours which gives it a more sophisticated look because they are the same as the NME logo colours which are featured on every NME magazine. The Background is off white which stands out against the image of Florence in black clothes suggesting how she stands out from other artists. This idea of being different from other artists can also be seen through the use of blue writing to highlight her name as it differs from the colour scheme used.
  17. 17. The text with the story is structured into 3columns which makes it look more organised but it is also easier for the reader to look at. It isn’t cluttered so when the reader is reading it they don’t get distracted by little images. It also looks more attractive compared to a block of writing. She has been placed over the ‘USA’ part of the title referencing how she dominated America with her music in significance to her popularity. The main title is in a sans serif feminine font on the right hand side to take some attention away from the image to the text. The use of this font is quite contradicting as she is shown as an independent woman and the girly font showing that she has two sides to her and she can be who she wants. The ‘Got the love’ has been used because her hit single was ‘you’ve got the love’ which is used as a play on word with USA as it is about how she made it in America The introduction about the article will interest the audience to read more as it is a bit of information about her and is a starter to the article. Underneath is the article and it is clear when it stars due to the capital ‘D’ in the bold italic which links with the headline above.
  18. 18. In addition to the NME double page spread Kerrang use the same technique of starting the article with a capital letter so that the text looks more appealing. The target audience of Kerrang is young people so less amount of text will entice them to read it more. The main image has been placed over half of the double page spread showing that she is the main feature of the article. Although she is in a band which is stated in the article, it is clear that it is more about her and her personal life due to the lack of band members and it just featuring her. Taylor is dressed in all black and has heavy dark eye makeup showing her personality and not dressing as something she is not. She is looking directly at the camera making the reader feel more involved. Her position gives the sense of rebellion because she gives off the impression like she doesn’t care in addition to the main title ‘Wild Child’. The image also blends in with the background because of her jacket. The colour scheme consists of pink white and black. The pink represents her femininity as she is against a black background and dressed in all black showing a different side to her but also is relative to the type of music that is featured in Kerrang magazine. The main title for this article is ‘Wild Child’, by calling Taylor a wild child it is interesting for the reader to find out why she is given that name and what she does in her lifestyle to make them read the article. The font of the word ‘wild’ is significant because it is in a wild font compared to the word ‘child’.
  19. 19. The text is arranged on the right hand side in 2 columns making it easier to read. It is also in little paragraphs so the reader wont lose focus. The text is white and pink. The pink shows the questions being asked to Taylor who's responses are in white. Using this technique makes it less confusing for the reader to identify the questions and answers. At the top of the page they have put the band name which Taylor is in which could be used for people who are unfamiliar with the band and want to know more about them. It can also be helpful for readers to identify that she in fact belongs to that band. As well as this it can promote the band and make them more popular. The introduction to the article is placed underneath the main title in white and pink bold writing which stands out to the rest of the writing. Her name and her band is in pink which makes it more noticeable for the reader to identify her more easily. The quote on the left stands out because it has been placed with the picture and away from the text. It has been taken from the main article which is like a sneak peak as to what is talked about in the article. It is on a vibrant background in comparison to the black and is in the same font as the top right corner where it says what band she is in. the word ‘mistake’ is highlighted but in a darker colour suggesting the mistakes she has made are bad which makes the reader want to find out about them.
  20. 20. The image is of Alex Turner and Miles Kane from two different bands. This can be seen as they are on two different pages showing that they aren’t together. The positioning of Miles (left) gives the impression of him being quite honest and open in comparison to Alex (right) who isn’t looking at the camera meaning he isn’t as bothered which gives the reader a sense of his personality The name of the magazine is featured at the bottom of the page where the page numbers are found. When researching music magazines I have found that most of them use this convention in order to let the reader know what they are reading The name of the photographer and writer of the page is included in the double page spread which is a great way for people to know directly who has written the article they are reading without having to go to the back to find out. Writing it in bright colours also helps it stand out so it lets the audience know who has written it if they enjoy certain pieces of their work.
  21. 21. The text is in columns to give a structural effect. They look tidier when they are in paragraphs. Having a paragraph on each page next to an image breaks up the block of writing so it keeps the reader on the page. The colour scheme is monochromatic with orange. The black and white effect gives a nice visual impact because most magazines have colour to represent something but they have used orange to make it more interesting. The orange stands out as it highlights important pieces in the text and also the title. The main title is in a bold font which is orange and gradually turns white which blends in with then back and white theme. Both of them being from popular indie bands Arctic Monkeys and The Rascals when together they make a good duo. The font has a square look which links in with the background being bricks. The orange and white is in stark contrast to the black background and quite bold so when the reader is looking through the magazine these features will stand out The use of direct quotes make the reader feel as if they have a connection with the band and it draws the reader in because they are more likely to read the text if they know what it is about.