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Evaluation 1

media studies, evaluation question 1

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Evaluation 1

  3. 3. The genre of the music featured in our music video in the indie/rock. The aim of our music video was to create a concept and performance based video that would fit into this genre. In order to do this we included camerawork, most suitable for this band with a shaky effect throughout most of it to reflect there laid back, spontaneous attitude in their original video. Our primary target audience was both male and female with age range between 16 and 19. because the lyrics are ‘don’t look back into the sun’, it gives the connotation of not looking back on anything and thinking about this moment in time which appeals to both genders. MUSIC VIDEO NARRATIVE STRUCTURE
  4. 4. The typical audience for the libertines wouldn't’t be surprised that some section of the video is set in a council estate because it is typical of them to incorporate it in some way. Furthermore, we followed this convention within our video, showing conventions of both indie/rock music and the majority of the libertines existing videos. The emptiness around the two actors, gives this calming sense which is interesting as it is at the start of the video which helps emphasize this idea later about things getting chaotic much like the bands behaviors. In a way it shows the difference between an indie music video and an indie rock as indie is a lot calmer. We followed the conventions of a location which the libertines usually feature in their music videos . Council estates are a key element to their style and background. I found that ‘Don’t look back into the sun’ and another song of theirs titled ‘What became of the likely lads’ includes this location in either fast editing shots or for the whole video. This allows the audience to be more involved and make them seem like normal people by using a lower budget so it will appeal more to the masses. It makes the video more realistic. With this in mind we thought the British connotations to it reflects the bands style and Pete Doherty's ideologies of England. MUSIC VIDEO LOCATION
  5. 5. Also using a city to film in was an ideal location for the indie/rock genre because I found with existing videos in this genre use locations like city centers and streets which is reflective of their low budget by not using studios and expensive lighting. We took inspiration from ’You’re my waterloo’ another video by the libertines and how they used the convention of nightlife in the city reflecting there style. With our video being focused around a day out we captured different locations and one section was filmed on the beach. This convention was inspired by there video and although this location is not a typical convention the indie/rock genre use, we found that The Libertines also use unconventional locations including confined unusual spaces. MUSIC VIDEO LOCATION
  6. 6. At the start of researching music videos ‘snap out of it’ was one that we analyzed as we felt the narrative and homage was significant. The pool featured at the start and the end was a convention we followed because it gives this idea of rebelliousness especially linking with our narrative of messing around and not taking things too seriously Along with this we followed the concept of using a pool table as a location for a part of the music video. This is because they are usually in pubs where a lot of indie music videos are filmed. It also reflects the libertines rock and roll lifestyle which is what they are known for MUSIC VIDEO LOCATION
  7. 7. With the shaky handheld camerawork throughout the music video we found this to be a usual convention with the indie genre because of the lower budget and the more rocky music. The two shot of Doherty and Barat seems to be a constant theme within their videos as it shows the close relationship they have, even though these two music videos are years apart they still seem to use this shot. With the location being in the city there were a lot of opportunities to incorporate different artificial lighting walking past shops. We followed this convention because they are closer to the camera and creates a more personal experience for the audience especially with the shaky camera its like you’re with them. MUSIC VIDEO CAMERAWORK
  8. 8. ‘Don’t look back into the sun’ features a lot of close ups, mainly because they are filming it themselves and they zoom in on each other, so we followed this convention when they the actors were getting ready because they joke around in this section so it was appropriate. The close up of the lipstick is significant because of the colour red which reflects their style of incorporating red into music videos as it show their ideologies on England. MUSIC VIDEO CAMERAWORK
  9. 9. Finding that indie artists use mirrors in their videos as an over then shoulder shot is interesting because it shows how they use narratives and storylines in their videos. We recreated a shot like this because it fit in with the section of the video. When looking at existing indie rock videos, we found this interior car shot was a common convention because they went with the fast paced music and started off the video. This adds to the effect of being like ordinary people because you feel as though you are with them. MUSIC VIDEO CAMERAWORK
  10. 10. With the indie rock genre generally using a storyline or narrative, they use fast paced editing conventions such as shot reverse shot to show a connection between the characters. This convention I found in ‘snap out of it’ and the first shot is quite serious which cuts to Alex turner and its shows the reaction of the actress after. We liked this convention, so we put this in the start because it shows off the mood of the actors and shows the relationship between the two. MUSIC VIDEO EDITING
  11. 11. The use of bokeh within indie music videos is a common convention because it gives the effect of out of focus and how they aren't thinking too much about the camerawork relating to their music style. The use of this in our music video helped with the fast paced editing and silhouetted the figures reflecting The Libertines album covers as they regularly use this. When we edited this however we found the out of focus effect didn't flow with the clips before it so we added a fast clip from a GoPro which then worked well with the original clip. MUSIC VIDEO EDITING
  12. 12. Props were a vital part in the video because they helped portray what locations we filmed in. We followed conventions from indie rock music videos which we found interesting. The car was an important element because it had the significance of starting the video, and travelling to the first location in which we used interesting angles. Another one we intentionally used was a pool table, along with drinks and crisps. This was successful and we were inspired by the Arctic Monkeys music video ‘Why’d you only call me when you’re high?’ and it brought us the opportunity of using good angles and composition. MUSIC VIDEO PROPS
  13. 13. In this music video, we challenged the gender roles. The Libertines are an all male piece band, there are no females in the band. It is expected by the audience to have the all male band used in the video. So we challenged this convention and included a relationship between a male actor (who is meant to reflect the front man Pete Doherty) and a girl. We considered the gender equality and its representation in the media and incorporated this with the actors. We didn't’t include coherent messages following Gauntlets theories of too much masculinity or ‘girl power’ mainly featured in pop videos. MUSIC VIDEO GENDER
  14. 14. We were inspired by The Libertines silhouetted album cover to somehow incorporate this into the video. The use of light through this image is from the underwater pool lights. This part of the video was filmed on the GoPro and its effective because it draws the attention to the figures. In addition to the handheld shaky effect throughout the video, the go pro footage is lower quality so when the audience see this its obvious that it is a lower budget video which is a usual convention within the indie/rock genre. MUSIC VIDEO LIGHTING
  15. 15. Our music video for ’Don’t look back into the sun’ includes the concept of a narrative which also features footage at a club. We liked the convention they used by including live footage of one of their concerts because it gives the contrast of the day and night. According to Andrew Goodwin , he states that the three main conventions of a music video is narrative, performance and concept. Therefore we decided to follow only two of these conventions because we felt the live performance wouldn't’t have worked with the range of locations we were using, so instead we used club footage in addition with the story. This worked well because it used similar colours as what The Libertines used. Due to the low budget of this music video we used a local club. MUSIC VIDEO CLUB FOOTAGE
  16. 16. DIGI-PACK + POSTER
  17. 17. DIGI-PACK AND POSTER LOGO AND ALBUM TITLE Because we are releasing this album as a greatest hits album from The Libertines, we decided to follow the cover styles from their previous albums and also their newest one released in 2015. Their logo is easily recognizable with the same font style used for over a decade. By placing it where it can contrast with the image, the audience can quickly associate with their work. With their other media products, especially for indie bands, the logo is the most important feature besides the image. The album title is important as well which we placed directly under the logo.
  18. 18. DIGI-PACK AND POSTER VISUALS In addition to their other albums the image is simple and features the two front men or the band. Seen as though our music video features a male, represented as Doherty we used this actor for the Digi pack and poster so they all link with each other. For the image, it was taken where the train station scenes were filmed. We thought the cohesion would be good and they used a street for their album cover ‘what became of the likely lads’ which we found interesting as it is a normal place and it makes them connect more with the audience. With the black and white filter, we found in our survey that greyscale is the colour scheme which is most popular so we combined the convention of the street and nearly silhouetted styled image with black and white to reach out to the widest audience. From the survey I created, most people weren't focused on album art when it came to their favorite music. However we considered the variance of style they have with their art. We wanted to follow their style of album art including compositions, images and fonts. To follow their conventions we first researched the band logo and we found that they aren't set in a particular place for each album, they are either top, bottom or centre. With this we didn't’t have too much pressure as to where to put it. For the background, there is one main image that fills the whole frame.
  19. 19. DIGI-PACK AND POSTER BACK OF CD, LOGOS OF RECORD COMPANY We placed the rough trade logo at the bottom right instead of the front because it is simplistic. We need to show who is responsible for releasing the album and what record label they are signed to. The barcode is a convention which all media products have and is important for the audience to buy the album and necessary to show on the Digi pack. To make a continuous image like we planned, we used a zoomed in picture of the brick wall. This enabled us to use the white handwriting font like the front cover as it contrasts but it also follows the convention which The Libertines use. Because the picture is zoomed in, it creates this grainy effect which is what I liked when researching album covers in my initial research.
  20. 20. DIGI-PACK AND POSTER INSIDE THE DIGI PACK With relation to the locations we filmed, we featured these in our Digi pack. The train station, the beach and the council estate are all important elements of our music video and therefore used these for the Digi pack. This emphasizes the locations which the Libertines also use so it would be recognizable for the viewer. The visual impression is important and so the greyscale I used throughout the digi pack links with the poster.
  21. 21. DIGI-PACK AND POSTER POSTER The poster is an important aspect of promoting a new album because it can be for CDs, DVDs and also concerts. The poster informs the audience the information about CDs, release dates and how to follow their activity on places such as social media. We followed the sane convention of using the same image from the Digi pack on the poster so it is easily recognizable for the audience to link the two but to also be familiar with the image so they know what to look for in a music shop. Using the libertines font at the top of the poster was so it is the first thing the audience will see and was inspired by one of their CD covers ‘What became of the likely lads’ and the title is placed under it but slightly to the right so it contrasts with the brick wall. The release date is also an important feature so it is a large font also.