Task 9


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Task 9

  1. 1. Jermaine Miller Task 9 – Audience research using qualititive methods such as focus groupsStereotypical audience profile Gender: 65% male, 35% female Age: 16 – 24 Social class: working class Ethnicity: Afro-carribean Interests: black culture, going out, urban fashion, music, Break dancing, jewellery Dress sense: baggy jeans, baseball caps (mainly worn backwards), large t-shirts, loads of gold jewellery, latest trainers, hoodies Why they listen to hip hop/R&B: they listen to it as it reflects the black prospective of life; it deals with problems and aspects which the audience can relate to. It also influences them either to become a musician or wear the same clothing.How often they listen to hiphop/R&B: Everyday, when they are travelling mainly.What they would like in my magazine: They’d like to see the latest music news; artist interviews, gigs, and album/mixtape release dates. Also general information about the genre. General background Likes to keep updated on Name: Michael Owusu different clothing styles and likes to colour co-ordinate in clothing. Age: 17 – Likes to buy caps and wears Ethnicity: Black African them backwards Lives in birmingham, is currently a student and plays football semi- professionaly. How he uses music He listens to music when bored, in bed or on he’s way to college. He has never been to a concert but would love to go to one and would pay anything to see Drake (an R&B/HipHop artist) live. Feelings on music magazines Michael doesn’t buy them or read them but thinks there interesting to look at because the front covers are mainly always bright and lively, herecommends that people who are interested in that genre would love the magazines.
  2. 2. Jermaine MillerFavourite ArtistHe’s favourite artist is Drake because he loves the lyrics he uses. Also he’s music makes him feelchilled out.Why Michael loves musicHe loves music because there is all different types of music which fit different moods and manysongs that can relate to he’s lifeMusic magazine preferences Reviews on the latest music Best music websites to purchase music online Deals on albums/singles for buying the magazine Colours – black, red, white Image of a seductive woman to attract the male audience like himself.Target Audience Research (based on Michael’s) focus groupMy focus groupFor this task I asked 4 males and 2 females who listen and are influenced by the Hip-Hop/R&B genre,what they would like in a HipHop/R&B magazine. I then over looked the responses I got and decidedwhat best suited my target audience.The people I asked were: Michael Owusu - male Francis Rosales - male Saskia Field - female Naz Ismail - male Rumer Black - female Charlie gavillet – maleSUMMARY OF RESULTSSection 1 - Front CoverWhat image(s) would you like to see on the front cover?One image of an up and coming music artist within the hip hop genre taking up the whole page torepresent the growth in hip hop and letting the target audience know about new artists. Artistsshowing their clothing that represent the genre such as caps & trainers. Also show the backgroundbehind the artist of the streets which relate to hiphop.
  3. 3. Jermaine MillerWhat would you like to see on the front cover? Big & bold Sell lines to attract the target audience and represent the popularity of hiphop/R&B Fashion story Music gossip Gossip on famous starsWhat colours scheme would be appropriate? Dark, bright?The colours of the magazine should be very bright and colourful, as the music is very vibrant itself,and colour are used to reflect tone of the music and the artist. Colours such as red, white, yellowand orange.What type of language and words would you expect?Quite a lot of slang would be expected but not throughout the whole magazine otherwise it wouldlose its purpose. Words such as “swagger” “sick” “madness” “dope” “YO”Section 2 – Contents PageWhat types of images would you like and how many?The main image of it should relate to the main image and story on the front cover, the second imageshould be of a piece of clothing relating to the hiphop clothing or a music prop such as a Mic.What would you like to be in the magazine? Music Gossip Album release dates Gig/concert dates Music websites Artist interviews CompetitionsSection 3 – Double Page SpreadWhat images would you want?The images should reflect the artist’s persona, as the hip hop genre shows artist to have attitudewith their style. If the image is of man they should be portrayed quite powerful, dominant and full ofattitude, but also fun to show their personality to contradict the stereotype. An image should takeup a whole page with the text in the other page with a smaller image shown, this will be to show thedominance the artist in that image has.What would you like the article to be about?An interview with a hiphop/R&B artist including personal issues to make the target audience feelcloser with the artist, the interview could be with a huge hiphop/R&B fan to see what the targetaudience feel about the genre, the changes they have seen and the things they love most.
  4. 4. Jermaine MillerHow would you expect the language to be?The language reflect the artist that is being mentioned, if it is a interview, the language tends to bemore informal as its speech, also by the language it shows the hip hop language due to the use ofterms used. The language should also be direct and allow for readers to follow it easily byunderstanding it.