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Flowmeter Handbook by Yokogawa


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Handbook with a table that quickly identifies the best flowmeter technology selection for a number of factors, including type of measurement desired, fluid type to be measured, and various properties of the subject fluid.

Published in: Engineering
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Flowmeter Handbook by Yokogawa

  1. 1. Magnetic Flowmeter Handbook ADMAG LF 01E00A00-01EN 1st Ed: Mar. 2012 Subject to change without notice All Rights Reserved. Copyright©2012, Yokogawa Electric Corporation LF01E00A00-01EN.indb 1 12.10.12 5:22:06 PM
  2. 2. Yokogawa Flow Solution YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION YOKOGAWA CORPORATION OF AMERICA YOKOGAWA EUROPE B.V. YOKOGAWA ENGINEERING ASIA PTE. LTD. YOKOGAWA CHINA CO., LTD. YOKOGAWA MIDDLE EAST B.S.C.(c) Productfamily Volumetricflow Massflow Temperature Density Steam Gases Highviscosityliquids Lowviscosityliquids Conductiveliquids Non-conductiveliquids Withoutauxiliaryenergy Highmeasurementac- curacy Forlargesize Lowpressureloss Solidcontent Widedynamicrange Bi-directionalmeasure- ment Highprocesstempera- tures Highprocesspressures Custodytransfer Magmeter ADMAG Coriolis ROTAMASS 3 Vortex digitalYEWFLO Variablearea/Rotameter RAMC RAGN (glass) Differential pressure DPharp Ultrasonic US 300 Measurement Fluid type Properties best choice possible LF01E00A00-01EN.indb 2 12.10.12 5:22:41 PM