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Present Progressives


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Present Progressives

  1. 1. By: Kim HeibyPRESENTPROGRESSIVESUnit 2 Lesson 2
  2. 2. 
  3. 3. Present progressives are the –ing of a verb.Take off the –ar/er/irJust and -ando if the verbs end in –arAdd –iendo if the verbs end in –er/irAnd a form of estar (it depends on the subjectof the sentence)WHAT ARE PRESENT PROGRESSIVES?
  4. 4. English Word Spanish Translationstudying Estudiando (estudiar)talking Hablando (hablar)eating Comiendo (comer)writing Escribiendo (escribir)EXAMPLES
  5. 5. EstarFORMS OF ESTARestoy estamosestásestá están
  6. 6. Stem ChangersE to IO to UDON’T FORGET: Add a form of estarPRESENT PROGRESSIVE IRREGULARSEnglish Word Spanish TranslationServing Sirviedo (servir) ((E to I))Asking Pidiendo (pedir) ((E to I))Sleeping Durmiendo (dormir) ((O to U))Dying Muriendo (morir) ((O to U))
  7. 7. Sometimes you have to change the spellingof a word so that it agrees with the way it ispronouncedIn most casesthat meanssimply adding“y”PRESENT PROGRESSIVESPELLING CHANGERSEnglish Word Spanish TranslationFalling Cayendo (caer)Believing Creyendo (creer)Escaping Huyendo (huír)Influencing Influyendo (influir)Hearing Oyendo (oír)Bringing Trayendo (traer)Reading Leyendo (leer)• As usual simply add the form of estar that agrees with it
  8. 8. (Challenge Board)PRACTICES
  9. 9.  (PresentProgressive Quiz) (Rags to Riches) (Hangman)OTHER PRACTICES
  10. 10.  CITED