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Knowledge management

one of the aspects in Knowledge management I.e. Business process

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Knowledge management

  1. 1. Knowledge Management Milka Sebastian E-30 15020441143
  2. 2. The Business process as per said in the interview by Mrs. Preeti Khanna,(HR Director) of Major BPO contact Center in Middle East…
  3. 3. Business Process Step 1: Fetching the business Sales Team will approach the appropriate client promising them to deliver the required BPO needs of that particular client. Since, the company is a major outsourcing company and a contact center, the services provided to the client will vary to the needs and demands of the client. Step 2: Requirement Analysis and study The requirement fetched by the Company’s sales team is studied and analyzed thoroughly by the HR team, Operations and the IT team of the company. This helps in the smooth transaction and delivery of the project under the guidelines and deadlines set by the Client.
  4. 4. Step 3: Resource management The requirement study will lead to the resource need and management. The exact number of resource needed and allocated to execute the project is determined. HR Team: Ensures the needed resources as manpower are recruited and made onboard within the deadlines. IT Team: Ensures the IT support and facilities are catered for the smooth running of the project. Operations: Ensures the resources and facilities are held up together for the smooth running of the project. Step 4: Project Execution The Operations will execute the project and ensure the deliverables are met to the client needs.
  5. 5. Transforming Policies. THE SITUATION • The first electronically controlled road toll system was being introduced in the Middle East • The company was contracted to establish and manage the contact centre • We quickly identified critical gaps in the project plan: important customer service work streams were missing for both launch and pre- launch phases THE CHALLENGE • Introduce best practice processes to replace entrenched existing practices in order to attain operational excellence • Meet customers' end to end expectations on deliverables and resolve new and existing challenges that may serve as impediments to the day to day use of the road toll system • Set up a complete customer service unit that would provide all back office functions to support the road toll system
  6. 6. THE APPROACH • Company developed new processes by studying, understanding and analysing their impact on operations and the customer experience • They created focussed work teams that could apply the skills demanded by the unique process requirements • They used technology to institute automation, efficiency, optimisation and eliminate redundant processes • Company expanded the customer relationship management tool, which had only been designed to run the toll system by adding a range of customer focussed services: Complaint Management, End to End Customer Lifecycle and Online Self Account Management • They established a real time dashboard reporting approach to proactively highlight potential issues THE RESULT • Company expanded operations from a contact centre to a complete and proficient customer service unit • They achieved significant customer service milestones – Reduced the customer issues / complaints on the back office aspects of operations from approximately 500 to 50 a day – Decreased customer complaint/issue resolution turnaround time from an average of 2 weeks to 2 days – Answered customer queries in real time due to increase in information readily available (previously this could take up to a week)
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