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Presentation on seo updates

  1. 1. SEO Updates August 2012 By Milind Patil
  2. 2. Google Page RankUpdateFirst update of the month & third of the year was page rank updatewhich happened on 2nd August, 2012Google Page Rank (Google PR) is one of the methods Google uses todetermine a pages relevance or importance.Google Keep updating the page ranks approximatelyafter every 3months interval though it is not fixed.Page rank depends on various factors but to a greatextent it depends on inbound links, also knows as backlinks & also theunique quality content you publish on your website.
  3. 3. Google Panda Refresh 3.9.1Update Google said they rolled out a minor Panda refresh on August 19th. This refresh only impacted less than 1% of search queries according to Google. Google has said the Panda updates will be smoother and more consistent going forward, unlike the Penguin update, which will be more jolting.
  4. 4. Google DMCA PenaltyDMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a United Statescopyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the WorldIntellectual Property Organization (WIPO).Google announced that they would start penalizing websites withrepeat copyright violationsFor providing better user experience, Google have developed 200signals to ensure algorithms deliver the best possible results. From13th Aug, 2012 Google have started new signal.
  5. 5. According to these new signal the websites having high number ofvalid copyright removal notices, may appear lower in search results.Though Google cannot determine whether a particular webpage doesor does not violate copyright law. So Google won’t be removing anypages from search results unless receive a valid copyright removalnotice from the rights owner.Google has been receiving and processing copyright removal noticesevery day.
  6. 6. SERP Shrinkage from Top 10 to7 A major Google ranking fluctuation that seemed to be tied to SERP Shrinking. There was a burst of chatter that people were seeing only 7 results on some SERPs. So, what’s happening here? Here’s a sample SERP, for “ardor tech ventures”, with numbered results (1-7):
  7. 7. You’ll notice two things right away: (1) “ardor tech ventures” is abrand, and (2) the #1 result has expanded site-links. Not everySERP affected appears to be branded, though – a search for “krill”(the #1 result is a Wikipedia entry for the crustacean) also returns 7results, for example.Not sure how much the brand/generic ambiguity plays a part is at all,but certainly every example I’ve seen is an exact domain match thatbrings up sitelinks.In other words, if your search term is a domain match and thedomain’s result displays sitelinks, then only 7 results are shown.I see the same, but this appears to be tied to sitelinks, not to brands.Consider this:
  8. 8. What Can You Do About It? This isnt an SEO-related change, where an on-page or link- profile tweak might change your SERP back to 10 results. This is an algorithmic volume knob Google can turn and we cant, right or wrong. Advice is to spot-check the SERPs for your main keywords. Dont just rely on rank-tracking tools - they may tell you that youre in the #8-#10 spot, but they wont tell you whether your SERP cut off after #7. If youre sitting on a lot of #8 keywords, you may find yourself suddenly on Page 2. If thats the case, it could be worth the effort to get back up into the Top 7, especially if the cost of getting from #8 to #7 is relatively low. Of course, this is a recent development, and its likely Google is testing the waters (and could make a course-correction). My best advice is to pay attention - as part of your regular reporting process, make sure you look at SERPs in the wild, and see what youre up against.