Introduction to eNlight Cloud Computing Platform


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eNlight Cloud Computing Platform by ESDS Fully Managed Datacenter. Check for more information.

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Introduction to eNlight Cloud Computing Platform

  1. 1. eNLightInnovative and Intelligent Cloud Solution
  2. 2. Company ProfileCloud Computing IntelligenteNLightFeaturesCapabilities Pre Scalable paidComparisonDRaS PayControl Panel PerMonitoring Consume
  3. 3. Cloud Computing
  4. 4. Cloud computing is basically acentralized computing technologywhich involves providing dynamicallyscalable and often virtualizedresources as a service over theInternet.Cloud server hosting services aredelivered from a cluster of networkconnected servers.Cloud computing technology haseased out the process of individualinstallation of applications and ismore efficient with one of its primefeatures being centralized storage,memory, processors, and bandwidthallocation.
  5. 5. Reduce IT Reduce Reduce IT Capital Administratio operationalExpense by n overhead expense 50% Reduce Increase And more… Carbon Flexibility Footprint
  6. 6. Intelligent Pre-Paid Pay Auto Per ScalableConsume
  7. 7. World’s first INTELLIGENT and AUTO-SCALABLE cloud platform.Intelligent cloud technology thatoffers outstanding serverperformance.Capable of adjusting the amount ofRAM and CPU of the server accordingto load on it without any downtime.Automatic resource scaling forenhanced performance.
  8. 8. Protection from physical server• Intelligent failure.• High Performance Pre-paid billing system. User control panel to manage• Physical scaling cloud.• Pre-Paid System On demand server provisioning and deletion.• Intuitive Control Panel No restriction on resource usage.• Unlimited resources Single control panel to manage multiple DC servers.
  9. 9. Factors Pay-Per-Use Pay-Per-Consume (eNlight)Charges Companies charge fixed Pay only for what you “really” amount per month or per hour use.Scaling No dynamic scaling Automatic ScalingResources Fixed Resources for the VM No upper or lower limits onlimitation resource allocationContract Companies have minimum No Contract Period with eNlightPeriod contract periodLogs/Usage Less accountability of actual Usage Logs of every Five server resource usage minutes are available in Panel.Idle Users are charged even when Pay only when your server isCharges their server/VM is idle active.
  10. 10. DRaSDisaster Recovery as Service
  11. 11. Uptime is the most importantpart of IT.DR of the resources aremaintained at remote location.Same configuration servers orresources are kept at remotelocation.Cost wise it becomes heavier onpockets of Organizations to paysimilar costs.DR solution can fail if Resourceusage goes beyond servercapacity.
  12. 12. eNlight Cloud environment foryour DR Plan.Low Cost solution for anyorganization as they pay only ifDR server is utilized.Scalable solution which allowsserver to consume resources asper its requirement.Dedicated resources for DR arenot required.Real time data synchronization.
  13. 13. eNlightControl Panel
  14. 14. Central Control Panel to: Manage Different Location Clouds Create VMs Edit Settings Start, Shutdown, Reboot VMs Destroy Unwanted VMs Recycle faulty VMs Forecast VM bills Monitor VM activity
  15. 15. BandwidthVM Name CPU Load/Attached Consumed Disk Space RAM Usage/Attached
  16. 16. Force Edit VM Recycle ForecastsShutdownConsole Force Monitor Delete Access Restart Logs
  17. 17. Cost of VM will be predicted on expected usage ofCPU, RAM, Disk, Time frame, Total BW.
  18. 18. Select the Configuration of VM : VM Name: Name you want to set for your VM OS Template: Preconfigured Operating System for your VM Scale VM: Do you want to scale your VM as per your usage or not? Max RAM: Maximum RAM that can be attached to your VM if required.
  19. 19. Choose from variety of Linux and Windows like CentOS Debian Windows Server 2008 (all editions)Preinstalled Control Panels cPanelReady to go security Firewall Configured Basic Security Settings
  20. 20. VM settings like Max RAM, CPU, Name etc.can be changed anytime from control panel.
  21. 21. Billing System can forecast your monthly bill on the basis of currentVM usage. So, client won’t have to worry about unexpected bills.
  22. 22. Monitoring
  23. 23. User can check the activitylogs in monitoring panel.Usage and Amount Chargedfor the VM on Hourly, Daily,Monthly, Yearly time span
  24. 24. Usage Description In the given Hourly graph you can see the Green Bar. This green bar indicates the amount of CPU allocated to you at that point of time.Hourly You will notice that the amount of allocated CPU is changing dynamically as per the need . Example: At 0:00 the CPU Count was 19 and at 0:05 the count was 22. More CPUS were given to the Daily server by predicting its future requirements. If the server does not uses the allocated resources then the CPUs are dynamically removed from the server until it comes to a stable state. In Daily graph you can see that there is high amount of cpu usage from 10AM to 6PM andMonthly hence the count is high but when there is less load in night the cpu count is less.
  25. 25. Usage BillingHourly DailyMonthly
  26. 26. Usage BillingHourly DailyMonthly
  27. 27. Questions? Contact Us: Sales: Support: Toll 1800 209 3006