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DB Power Electronics: Solar Product Portfolio

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Db Solar V2 09

  2. 2. BRIEF • SOLAR Energy Business foray since 1992. • Pioneers in developing Solar Grid Interactive PCU (1996) in collaboration with CEL (Govt. of India PSU). • OE Supplier to TATA BP Solar, India. • Developed PCU ranging from 1kW to 30kW and in multiples of 30kW. • One of the largest presence in India
  3. 3. Principal of Operation +ve +ve -ve Power -ve Conditioning Unit +ve +ve -ve -ve +ve Feed In -ve
  4. 4. Bi-Directional Solar PCU/GCI Product Range: • 1 to 6 kW with 230V 1Ph Output • 10 to 30 kW with 400V 3Ph Output • Solar Charge Controller 48V/100Amps Specifications : • Array Input – 40 to 88V DC for 1,2 & 3kW – 80 to 176V DC for 4,5 & 6kW – 100 to 220V DC for 10kW – 200 to 440V DC for 20 &30kW • Efficiency – 90% or better up to 6kW - 92 % or better Above 6kW
  5. 5. Block Schematic – Solar PCU KM 2 Grid Input Solar Panel MPPT Bi-directional Charger Inverter Isolation Transformer KM 1 Load Battery Description : • The Solar Panel will charge to Battery and support to the Inverter. • Battery will support to load, incase of Solar Power is weak or not available. • The battery can also be charged through Grid.
  6. 6. Block Schematic – Solar GCI Combiner Grid Connect Inverter Inverter Isolation Transformer Solar K1 K2 Panels To Grid (optional) Description : • The Solar Power available through Array is converted into AC and fed to the Grid. • The combiner is optionally available to connect multiple Solar Arrays.
  7. 7. Features  Sate of the art PWM Technology - High efficiency Inverter design with DSP Control - High speed MPPT optimized for better control over a range. - High system efficiency, optimized by proper selection of Devices, switching frequency and operating DC voltage. - Soft start mechanism to avoid high in rush current on array  Powerful data logging features which includes onboard logging of different parameters such as input, output & battery. (On board logging for 7 days if logged, for every 1 hour)  48, 96,120 and 240 V battery operated systems as well as battery less systems i.e. Grid Connected Interactive (GCI)
  8. 8. Features ……..  Multiprocessor based modular design. Separate processor for Charger, Inverter and Data logger. Complete digital control, to have more flexibility and easy upgradeability.  Customized Charger ratings for same inverter ratings. (e.g. for 10KW Inverter, customized charger ratings of 14KW, 20KW, 22KW can be offered to reduce overall price)  In house and Indigenous; High Reliability and Field Proven Design.  Paralleling option with DG available, to enhance power requirement. (By sensing load requirements, DG is automatically turned on and used to feed load in parallel with PCU)
  9. 9. Installations : - 15 kW grid interactive PCUs supplied to TEDA for feeding power to wind grid (1994) - 45 units of 4 kW installed in Thailand for wind powered grid feed system. 15 Units work in parallel for making each phase making it a 3 phase system. (2005) - More than 100 units supplied to Sri Lanka for educational institutions (2005) - More than 100 units supplied for banking applications (2007) - More than 200 units supplied to Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. (HPCL) for petrol pump utilities. (2008) Total installed Power : More than 1200 PCUs of various range installed over past 5 years under varying ambient conditions.
  10. 10. Full System Support • DB Power – design and development of customized PCU / key responsibilities. Panel • Panel Manufacturer – Supplies & support Manufacturer towards Project. Architect DB Integrator • Integrator – Installation, commissioning & support for total Solar Project. Customer • Architect – Aesthetical integration of Solar Systems for land / buildings (Building BIPVs integrated photovoltaic systems). Hybrid
  11. 11. Developments Under Progress  Systems for higher ingress protection ratings, suitable for indoor as well as outdoor installation. (IP41 and NEMA R3 enclosure standard)  Transformer Less systems with higher efficiency and lower weights  More connectivity options such as RJ45 interface as a default,RS485,Modbus,modem etc.  Standard 30 kVA system developed for large solar farms.  Paralleling multiple systems for a Hybrid Power Plant  250 kVA Solar Power plant for very large installations
  12. 12. Achievements – Key Installations CREDA : 2kW, 200 Nos Ladakh : 36 kW Lonavala :100 kW Sagar Islands : 40 kW Thailand : 400 kW
  13. 13. Suitable for : Application Diversity
  14. 14. Thank You ! milind.arbatti@dbups.co.in www.dbups.com