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Evaluation – Question 2


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How does your media product represent social groups?

Published in: Education
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Evaluation – Question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation How does your media product represent social groups?
  2. 2. Aims The aim of our opening was to create steadiness throughout so the audience would feel at ease, however through parallel editing we wanted to include the element of mystery. Moreover, to create a false sense of security for the audience, we decided to make the main character and the surroundings she is placed in to be relatable, through the use of mise en scene. Another aim we had was for the sound to be another emphasis with adding anticipation to the audience. We accomplished the sound building tension as the three different sounds are each different from one another.
  3. 3. Positioning the audience The positioning of the audience changes throughout especially with the parallel editing, however it ranges from as shown above the panning shot of London to give the idea to the audience almost like they are seeing it themselves as they look across. This then creates the sense of familiarity with the surrounding but is contrasted with the shots of the main female character trapped in the car. This then allows the audience to be in the shoes of the character and imagine what she must be going through rather than thinking about themselves in that situation. The amount that the audience can relate is shown again in the shots, as the audience is younger therefore they would have to struggle daily specifically girls with outfit choices and for both genders alarms in the morning.
  4. 4. Representation of characters The representation of our main female character is shown to be positive. This is because we want her to be match the demographics of the target audience who are similar to her age range and may hold the same interests. Therefore by dressing her in average teenager wear that is common and casual, it shows she is just an ordinary girl meaning any teenage girl could then relate. This then makes the audience feel at ease as she leaves the cinema with her friend, an activity a girl her age would also do. However, despite the positive representation which is created to make the audience pity the character, I think that either way she could be portrayed both positively and negatively. My aim was to ensure that either way the audience do have an opinion on the female character, which I think the target audience will do due to the personalities and traits at the age that makes them have an opinion for everything.
  5. 5. Technical skillsThe skills we used most to add representation would be the parallel editing that is constant before the titles appear. I think the use of this is effective as the audience are able to see the before and after of the events happening to the main character. The audience can instantly see more leading up to the moment but then can start creating their own suspicions on the later events. The shots are also very quick and snappy to replicate the way that the events happened and before the character knows, she is in trouble. However with the rapid speed of the shots, the audience could detect it for themselves especially with the over the shoulder shot used. This shows that the main character is starting to feel frightened and the audience begin to lose the feeling of ease.
  6. 6. Technical skills 2 The use of mise en scene has been very important throughout our opening as we use this to relate to the audience. As our audience is aimed at teenagers and young adults are that mainstream, to engage them with our opening they would have to familiarise with the surroundings. For example, the way the main female character is dressed is casual and comfortable however still modern as she wears blue jeans, white converse and a camouflage jacket. Especially as the mainstream audience are looking for unique and different films, they will easily be attracted to her style of clothing and even unintentionally with the colour of her hair. As well as the male character she is leaving the cinema with which by the audience could be suggested to be her boyfriend which could engage the audience further as they may be able to relate more with the main character.