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How To Make Money Online Presentation


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Learn how to make money online by starting your own free business today and quickly drive customers to your website.

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How To Make Money Online Presentation

  1. 1. How to make money online?
  2. 2. The Business is an online boutique store that offers quality fashion jewelry for women. Anyone can sign up to become a boutique owner Male or female, for free and start selling right away. Sign up: "make money online"
  3. 3. Getting Customers Once you have signed up for your new boutique jewelry, accessory store and have set it up, you will then prepare yourself to start receiving traffic to your store. "make money online"
  4. 4. Getting web hosting It is highly important for you to get web hosting and set up a webpage in order to be able to advertise and get traffic from the search engines. Google and Bing advertising is only available to website owners and although you will have a Free boutique storefront that houses your products, the Kitsy website does not give you access to webmaster control over the site. Also, search engines will not index websites that are not owned by a website owner I.e. (Cookie cutter sites, where multiple people use the same website platform, with the same (duplicate) content). You will need a separate landing page with content to drive traffic to your store. This is a step many internet marketers miss and for that reason they fail at promoting their internet businesses. Make money online
  5. 5. The second step you will take is to sign up for web hosting at This web hosting service gives the option to set up a free, easy to build website to promote your boutique shop. Or to pay for premium services that comes with $395 in advertising credits for Google, Bing,Twitter and more. You will receive the $395 in ad credits only if you pay for 1 full year of hosting services costing a total of $85.92 for the year.
  6. 6. The benefits of Signing up for the full 1 year premium services are the $395 in advertising credits that will be used to advertise your website sending customers to your boutique right away.
  7. 7. The other option you have is to use a $50 Bing ad credit to advertise with using the free web hosting plan/website if you are unable to pay for the full year of premium web hosting services. You can apply for a $50 ad credit here; affiliateprogram?s_cid=en-us_smb_a_cj_2591349 This ad credit is subject to approval. make money online
  8. 8. After you have signed up for your free boutique store, signed up for web hosting and set up your landing page and are ready to use your pay per click advertising credits you will need to review the ppc training video below. DO NOT PLACE ANY ADVERTISEMENTS UNTIL YOU HAVE REVIEWED THE TRAINING VIDEO. This can mean all the difference between failure and success with running your advertisements.