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Top 10 Signs You Need Better Software


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Almost every business uses some type of software in their daily operations. It might be as simple as using Outlook for email or as complex as using an enterprise system that connects to your accounting software.

When you’re trying to run and grow a business you might not spend much time thinking about software, but powering your business with the right software can literally be a game changer. It can help your staff become more productive, lead to better decision making, lower costs and, ultimately, position your business for success.

Not sure if you need better software? Check out our infographic detailing the top 10 signs you need better software for your business!

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Top 10 Signs You Need Better Software

  1. 1. YOUR ORGANIZATION’S PAPER USE IS SO HIGH THAT AL GORE HAS PUT YOU ON HIS TOP 10 MOST WANTED LIST. Still using paper forms for ANYTHING? Paper is difficult to control, easily lost and disorganized, and just generally inefficient. Using better software to operate your business can drastically decrease your paper use and, more importantly, provide you with up to date business information that’s always accessible. 10 Signs You Need BETTER SOFTWARETHE TOP YOU’VE THOUGHT ABOUT TRAINING ROBOTS TO MANUALLY ENTER THE REPETITIVE DATA YOUR STAFF INPUTS EVERY DAY. Are your employees manually entering the same information more than once? How many times? Using better software can help integrate your data so that your employees can spend their time accomplishing more impactful tasks. 9 8 YOUR BUSINESS IS IN EXCEL HELL. Do any key business processes depend on Excel spreadsheets? The right software package can transform those spreadsheets into dashboards and reports that can be updated in real time and don’t get lost when one user accidentally hits “delete.” CUSTOMERS SPEND SO MUCH TIME ON THE PHONE WITH YOU THAT THEY’RE STARTING TO LIKE YOUR “ON HOLD” MUSIC Do customers have to call or email you to find out the status of their order or request? Sounds like it’s time to start using better software that gives customers the ability to log in and check their order status at any time. You’ll save time and have happier customers – everybody wins! 7 6 “THE CHECK’S IN THE MAIL” IS GETTING OLD. REALLY OLD. Do your clients still have to mail checks to you? If your clients cannot view and pay invoices online, you’re missing out! Online payment software systems make it easy for customers to submit payments; your company gets paid faster and your customers are happier not having to worry about buying a stamp and remembering to drop that check in the mailbox. 5 CHECKING INVENTORY IS LIKE PLAYING “WHO’S ON FIRST?” Do your employees have to do a physical check to find out how much/many of each product is available for sale? Inventory management software saves time and makes it easy to keep track of what’s in stock and what needs to be ordered. 4 YOU HAVE TO BRIBE YOUR EMPLOYEES WITH EXTRA PAID VACATION DAYS AS “MOTIVATION” TO USE YOUR CURRENT SYSTEMS. Do you have to constantly remind your employees to actually use your current system? Tired of inventing ways it will benefit them? That’s a good indication that the system doesn’t fit their needs. 3 YOUR BEST SALESMAN LEFT HIS LAPTOP IN A TAXI AND YOU LOST 2 YEARS’ WORTH OF CLIENT PROPOSALS. Is important business information only stored locally? (This could include individual employees' desks, on their workstations, or in their heads.) If so, up to date information is not only difficult to access when it’s needed but there is a much higher chance of it being lost. The right business management software can store the types of information you need to run your business without risking that piece of paper being thrown out or that file being deleted. 2 YOU HAVE A PAGE-LONG CHECKLIST TO DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT IT’S OK TO DELETE AN EMAIL OR TOSS A PIECE OF PAPER IN THE TRASH. Speaking of paper and locally stored files, can any key business processes be disrupted when an employee deletes an email or trashes a piece of paper? If you’re afraid to get rid of the clutter, fearing you might need it tomorrow, that’s a pretty good sign that your business could benefit from better software. 1 THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! Are your employees asking you for better tools and systems? Don’t wait for them to send smoke signals – it’s time to think about better software to help run your business! CONTACT US Website: Phone: 800-496-8001