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Blogging for success - Why & How we grew the 6Q Blog to 2.5 million readers a year


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Slides from my talk at Edge of the Web 2019, 17 May 2019 on the Gold Coast QLD. I shared why we used blogging to build growth in our tech startup.

Published in: Marketing
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Blogging for success - Why & How we grew the 6Q Blog to 2.5 million readers a year

  1. 1. Blogging success: Why & how we grew the 6Q blog to 2.5 million readers a year
  2. 2. What is 6Q? Frequent employee surveys Software-as-a-Service Recent software category (pulse surveys) Born from within Bam Creative
  3. 3. 6Q customer path Visit our website Sign up for 25 day trial Find value ‘Aha! moment’ Upgrade to paid plan Remain as a customer
  4. 4. We chose blogging Tested many traction channels Costly or time intensive Blogging can build audience and demand, but is slow to take off
  5. 5. Slow, but worth it
  6. 6. Benefits of effective blogging Very cost effective Great lead generation Great for position and brand Owned media, not subject to whim
  7. 7. Effective blogging is not Press releases Keyword spam articles Posts every few months Randomly blurted words
  8. 8. Not a quick growth tactic Lots of experiments Consistent effort and work Medium to long term benefits
  9. 9. Effective blogging Strategic and planned Frequent momentum Measured and analysed
  10. 10. 3 P’s of Effective blogging
  11. 11. Plan Produce Promote
  12. 12. Planning Understand target audience Create areas of interest Break these down to topics Create editorial style guide Optimise your tech platform Develop publishing workflow
  13. 13. Determine audience Who is perfect reader? Interests and motivations What they care about How can your content help them
  14. 14. Subjects & topics Write for audience What they care about Think like a ‘ever expanding book’ Must add unique value
  15. 15. Style & consistency Tone and personality Common words/spelling Language conventions Visual style
  16. 16. Tech platform Search engine optimised Must be fast and reliable Mobile optimised/responsive Able to edit page titles/meta data Fast loading images
  17. 17. Workflow
  18. 18. Plan Produce Promote
  19. 19. Produce Research topic Develop target keywords Do interviews/quotes Write quality at length Create/license images Avoid complex language Always have editing step
  20. 20. Topic research What else is written? Which was popular? Look for topic gaps Write from different perspectives
  21. 21. Research keywords Search volume What competition Long(er) tail One phrase per article
  22. 22. Keyword rich Article title Subtitles Images Content Page URL Meta data
  23. 23. Find influencers Stalk and engage them See what content they share Approach them for a quote Possibly a longer interview or guest post
  24. 24. Length? Quality over quantity 1,000+ words Break into sections with liberal subheadings, images and visual cues
  25. 25. Images Quality images improve Use as visual cues (hi Jon!)
  26. 26. Editing No to bad grammar Avoid complexity Avoid industry terms Recommend: Hemingway Editor
  27. 27. Plan Produce Promote
  28. 28. Promote Schedule on social media Reach out to influencers Have promotion checklist Repurpose for other uses Re-promote later(!)
  29. 29. Social media Test different titles Write intro copy Use hashtags sparingly Schedule across all platforms
  30. 30. Ping mentions Mention influencers or brands in articles, and then reach out and let them know.
  31. 31. Influencers Reach out by email No email? Try social media Compliment and make personal Follow up (don’t annoy!)
  32. 32. Find influencers Find people sharing competitor content and approach them
  33. 33. Mailing list Blog CTA = subscribe Send regular emails Email addresses for retargeting
  34. 34. Guest post Write elsewhere (inc backlinks) Introduce new audience Builds further authority Improves SEO
  35. 35. Repurpose Turn into slides Make an ebook or video Podcast/audio files Series of sharable graphics
  36. 36. Update posts Add links to latest article from previous relevant articles
  37. 37. Remarketing Use FB pixel on blog and run ads on FB
  38. 38. Plan Produce Promote
  39. 39. Keep in touch