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  1. 1. I don’t understand why I’m feelin’ so hurt right nowWas he avoiding me?Did I say something wrong? Something wrong I’ve done?I couldn’t understand why I feel this wayI don’t know why I’m missin’ himNow tell me, am I fallin’ for him?I feel so broken..Fuck! Another broken lover.I was ready to take another step with himHe’s the one who taught me this..But I have already a broken heart.Another heartache..i’m such a loser.I wanted to tell you how happy I am when you came.In fact, I do want you..need you.. andI guess I’m really fallin for youI wonder how I’d come to this..Don’t know how did I get here so fast..Does it matter? If the truth you can never be mine.Poor little girl..So pathetic..I guess i was meant to be alone…But fuck! I want to love again..Sabinya, walangmararatinganghindihumahakbang..So i took another step, but he didn’t turn aroundInstead, he went away..Gusto kosanangsubukan..peroayawnanya.Di nyakonilingon..dire-direchonasya.I can’t help it..why is it so hard? I can’t fight it anymore..How long will I take this? Can’t resist to text him..But it’s a shame if I’ll push it..That night,ginulonyaanggabi ko..‘Ginulo’ is such a strong word..Walanangaxa..perobakitmagulo pa rin..In fact, mas lalonggumulo..I don’t understand..Am I meant to be alone? Wag naman..I have so much love to give..(kungalammo lang..)I want to love again..but where is the love?When will you come into my life? Kaninongpusokabatalagamapupunta?Anglungkot mag-isa. Everyone deserves to be happy..And that includes me. why am I deprived of having zum1..Mabaitnamanako..Hay..why am I loveless when I’m a bit perfect.I want to have my REAL and ONLY B.PSomeone I can call my Beloved PartnerSomeone I could claim as mine, as my very ownAnd someone I can whisper I love you Bipee..Someone to love and hold..I thought it was thought it was me.But you just ruined my night.
  2. 2. You hurt my heart. Now i’m a broken inside.Broken-hearted..another heartache..Who’s gonna fix me now..sinongaunanggagamot??I’m just tryin and convincing myself that whoever he is..Hindi pa rinsyaganunkasaya..dahilwala pa kosabuhaynya.But for made me scared to love and trust again..Too much pain in the ass.Pa-fall, pa-asa..pagbumigayna..Iiwanka. Shit di ba?Well, shit happens all the time. Malasmolang, ikawangnakatapak!Just beware next time..and be stronger than you’ll ever be.Sana lang may shieldparasapuso..o kaya sana may time-first o kaya trial lang..Para di kamasyadomasaktanpaghindi pa palasya..Para di kamagkakamalingtaongmamahalin mo..But that’s life..that’s love..To love anyone is a choice..And well, it’s a good thing narin.. I still consider it right..Better than it will take long before it strikes..Thanks for makin me realize that you wasn’t meant for me.Thanks also for makin me smile zumhow..Go find your future, and I will find mine.--habangnakikinigakongKantangCueshe.. CAN’T LET YOU GO.. Oct 29, 2010WHEN I KNOW THINGS ARE NOT MEANT FOR ME.I LEARN TO LET IT GO.IN ORDER TO FIGHT THE FEELING OF WANTING SOMETHING I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE.SO TRAIN URSELF TO LET GO OF THE THINGS YOU FEAR TO LOSE..SO WHEN THEY’RE GONE..YOU WON’T FEEL DUMB AND PATHETIC ALL ALONG…I GUESS THE GREATEST LESSON I’VE LEARNED IN LIFE..IS TO NEVER INVESTDEEP FEELINGS FOR SOMEONE..OFTENTIMES, IT’S HARD TO DETERMINE WHETHER HE HAS A FEELING FORYOU OR HE’S JUST CARRIED AWAY BY THE GOOD THINGS YOU DO..IN OTHER WORDS, YOU CAN NEVER SAY IF HE IS RETURNING THE LOVE ORJUST RETURNING THE FAVOR..YOU SHOULD NEVER ASSUME THAT SOMEBODY LOVES YOU BY ONLY SEEIN’THEIR SWEETNESS..SOMETIMES, WE SHOULD BELIEVE IN THE FACT THAT IT’S THEIR NATURE..