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Opening prayer


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Published in: Spiritual
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Opening prayer

  1. 1. His mission is ourmission, andembraced Hisheavenly mandateto proclaim theGood News ofSalvation up to themost isolatedcorners of theearth.
  2. 2. We beg you then to bestowupon us the blessing of yourHoly Spirit to enlighten us andguide us as we tackle thethings we to do asinstruments of runningschools, colleges anduniversities as vehicles ofevangelization in order tostrengthen and revitalize ourcommitment for theestablishment andglorification of your Kingdomhere on earth.
  3. 3. Help us to be aneffectiveadministratorsamong our youngstudents,mentors,formators andemployees.
  4. 4. Possess our hearts ,minds and souls andstrengthen us whenwe are weak, inspireus when we arelonely, unite us whenwe are divided, raiseus up when we falldown.
  5. 5. Hold our handstogether as wejourney towardsyour kingdom andlive with Youthrough JesusChrist yourincarnate Wordand the Holy Spirit.Amen.