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My tribute


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My tribute

  1. 1. Tribute
  2. 2. The Single Ladies (TSL)Tin, Sol & LeiGod’s Gift or God’s Given“GG”
  3. 3. I miss you…not because you are not here,but because I know that even though youare here I couldn’t see your sweet smile.I am happy… that you had let me intoyour life and made me see the beauty ofthe world in simple things.I weep… not so much because I lost youbut because others wouldn’t have thechance now to know how amazing it is tobe with you.But I am at peace, knowing that somedaywe shall see each other again…And when that day comes, there woulddefinitely be “no more hassles”, no moresufferings, no more “bawal”!I’ve never thanked you enough…You held me like Im the one whosprecious, but its just the other way aroundYou can thank your stars all you want butI’ll always be the lucky one.
  4. 4. And Ive been waiting here for youWaiting for a sign from youI feel very coldThat I cant smile no moreYour voice doesnt sound so clearI dont think its fairYour dreams disappearedI hope youll be alrightWe hope youll be alright ...PARE Dont fade away from meFor you will always beMy sweetest memoryA friend so dear to me ...And I dont mean to sound so sadBut if you only knew, I miss you so badI wont forget your lifeWe wont forget your life ...I know its gonna take timeBut you will never be off my mind, oh noI sit here crying many tearsBut I wish you were still here ...
  5. 5. To a Wonderful Lady in my Life,To a Wonderful Lady in my Life,Life’s full of mystery everywhere weLife’s full of mystery everywhere wego. There are many unpredictable thingsgo. There are many unpredictable thingsthat could happen to us. So in this nightthat could happen to us. So in this nightI reveal the sadness I feel whenever II reveal the sadness I feel whenever Iimagine the emptiness that you leftimagine the emptiness that you leftbehind with us. Your transparencybehind with us. Your transparencyshowed us the real meaning of life. Ishowed us the real meaning of life. Iadmire you for being so brave facingadmire you for being so brave facingchallenges without any hesitation. Aschallenges without any hesitation. Asyou go in peace…I send my love andyou go in peace…I send my love andcare telling you to take good care ofcare telling you to take good care ofyourself as well as you take care of us.yourself as well as you take care of us.We love you very much. We will missWe love you very much. We will loving cousin,Your loving cousin,KingKing
  6. 6. Dear Sol,Ang daya mo kasi umalis ka agad! Wellthank you so much for sharing me yourgood memories.I am so blessed to be part of your lifesince I met u.Thank you so much for giving me asurprise a cake and food last March 7,2012. You surprised me a lot. I willnever forget you my dear friend.Have a happy life with God. I reallylove you solIt’s me,Gerolyn “GEH”
  7. 7. From the start, I tot he only knew me by name….But he is the only person who really knew thedeepest in me… I love you dad… u’re my idol… Iwish I can find someone like you…The childish one… hehehe… I love this woman…she may not be perfect but I can’t live without her…she’s truly the best person in the whole world. I loveyou mommy…
  8. 8. This person has influenced me a lot… he made mestrong in every trials I’ve been through… thanksbro! I love you…My partner in crimes… este sa lahat pala ngkalokohan… sa mga gimmicks and trips… layaskme pareho… at mababaw ang kaligayahan… Imiss hanging out w/ her… I lav yah girl!
  9. 9. He’s the very jolly person among us… I alwayswanted to be with him cause he’s far away fromus… I always want us to be complete… he made mesmile everytime… I love you bro!Ate sul antawag nito sa kin… ateng ate… pang-asar!!! I always want to give him the very best. Veryinnocent, good looking, but don’t small him heknows something… bright yata to… my musicianand text twister nerd! Ang batang mahilig sacartoons/ anime… Si HARIMA siya! Love u bro!
  10. 10. Babaeng pasaway…antakaw kasi… blacksheepng family… but I’ll alwaysthe sweetest person u’llever know… (DiabeticKasi) kuh! Oh! Wag nakumontra! Life isbeautiful! Live long! I lovemyself!
  12. 12. Hey, I’m MARISOL D. VILLAROSA. Everybody calls me “SOL”. I couldsay that my life is not interesting nor boring yet it can be called LIFE. Whata life?! Hmm..When I was a kid, my life is full of struggles… Forbeing stubborn, I’d like to roam everywhere. Here Iwent to the cemetery following my brothers andsister until I’d come to the soldier (I really don’tknow the whole story, coz I don’t evenremember… they just told me) and then rejectingthem and never want to come with them. Such afool, but thanks God I’m back to where I belong.