My beloved partner


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My beloved partner

  1. 1. MY BELOVED PARTNERBy: Marisol D. VillarosaYoung, beautiful and aggressive, that was Gazely to everybody. She was so nice, smart and approachablebut she was fragile when it comes to her family. She’s quiet when the topic is all about familyrelationship. You will notice her that she doesn’t say too much. I am the only friend who knows thetruth, the hurt that made her life miserable everyday. Her great sorrow. I’m aware with her since we’reyounger, we’re great friends. Her mother died of giving birth to her and that was the very moment herfather hated her so much. Since then, he treated her as nobody in the family. Everyday for her is anoutcast from that place. Her only kuya gave her the strength to live on that house and make her feelshe’s a part of the family. He hugs her tight and all the pain is gone. But one day, while driving the carafter fetching her from school, they met an accident. Luckily, she was safe from the incident, only shehad gained some bruises due to strong impact of bumping but her kuya was inauspicious. He’s dead andnow’s gone. She knew this was the saddest part and the beginning of hardships in her life not because ofher father’s excessive anger but it’s another loss of her loved ones. Day by day is a curse for her, blamingherself for losing the one who showed some love for her. She feels sorry for herself, for she lose anotherchance to be loved by her father. He was always mad and everytime he saw Gazely’s face, he wouldhave wanted to walk away than to treat her unkind. But walking away is still very painful. She never feltany love from her father. Isn’t she her daughter too? He was never been a father to her. He doesn’teven care if she’s around. She feels all alone. But this phenomenon made her tough, she had to bebetter to feel the worth as a daughter despite of everything. So she motivated herself that she will doanything for her father and she will excel from her studies to make him proud of her. The last thing shethinks of to win his heart and made this way to his acceptance. Maybe she will, in time.She walked to the school with a smile, thrashing her sorrows and despair. There is always hopeand I see it to her eyes that this fight is for her father. As days go by, we turn out to be closer thanbefore. I never imagine myself that I could play a part in her life. I’m her hero, that’s what she said. Icouldn’t believe that she will need me, call for me more than her bestfriend. I admire her so deeply butthis feeling is not an infatuation. I’m loving her in silence, coz I know she won’t feel the same way like Ido. Why? Because we’re both girls. And I know, if she will love, she will love a real man, her oppositesex. With her charms and lovely traits, no one will not be attracted to her. She’s everyone’s fantasy.Everyone’s gone crazy with her, especially most men. I’m not a man, but I’m one of those everyone whodreamed to have her.To those who do not know her, she was just a simple girl but hiding her ownself. She’s anotherone like me. Unbelievable. It’s something more than I wanted…more than I expected. From dreams, itbecame a reality. I couldn’t believe she will be mine and from the thought that she will consider myfeelings coz I know it is so unclear to make it real. I know she deserve to have a lover better than me butshe loved me the way I am without a doubt. We were happy together but we hide our feelings to thosewho can’t understand. I call her “bipee” as B.P. for beloved partner. She’s dear to me and I wanted to bethere whenever she needs a friend. I wish I could fill what is missing in her life and the need of a family. I
  2. 2. wanted to do everything to let her feel special and loved. I want the best for her, if I could only give herwhat she needed but I know I’m not enough to fill her emptiness.Few days before our graduation, we were so excited because they announced the topnotchers.Valedictorian. Finally, she made it to the top. She longed for this moment to happen. It is for her father.She doesn’t have the courage to tell her dad so she wrote a letter to invite her father to award hermedal. He didn’t know how grateful he is, for having a wonderful and brilliant daughter. But that night,while waiting for her father, someone’s peeping around their house. A thief. The doors were not lockedbecause she thought her father would come. But it was totally fatal. All things were smashed up, it was atotal mess. After doing his mission, he left Gazely bloodily lying on the floor…brutally raped and killed!Few minutes, her dad came. He cried out loud. He never pondered that this will happen to hisdaughter. He’s the one whose wrecked and selfish. Why is her daughter too? Why not him? He blamedhis actions for not giving the attention and love that his daughter need. She is also his daughter. Nowshe’s gone and it’s too late to show his concerns. He never had been a good father to her.It was a nightmare to me. I just wish it was a bad dream. I couldn’t look to her body. I feel sobad as hell. The painful scene keeps me slowly dyin’. She doesn’t deserve that kind of death. Icondemned the man who did it. I almost wished that risen devil who killed her will die too. He’s now injail but it’s still not worth to pay back Gazely’s life.Everything happens for a reason. I know she’s at peace and happy to where she is right nowtogether with her mom and brother…and at last, she received the love and respect she’s been waitingfor so long. I know she’s more gladly to hear her father says, “I’m so proud of you, daughter. I love youand I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.” Well, she has accomplished her mission and I’m happy that she made it.Looking back to our sweet friendship, a feeling of understanding and a love without a questionwill make her presence still linger in my mind. And it will be treasured in my heart as it will always be.Coz that’s where she stays forever.