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  1. 1. FOREVERBy: Marisol D. VillarosaOnce I’ve feel you, I knew it was foreverI can see it in your eyes, that you will be my foreverOnce you’ve hold me, I saw it was foreverIt showed me to be your now, and I feel it was forever.Refrain:Forever’s just a wordBut honey when you said foreverRemember I believe..Chorus:Ooohh.. Forever, you made me fall for you foreverGod is so good, He gave me my forever, my endless foreverAnd please believe me, my forever is you.Since I have you, I know we will last foreverYou’re my everlasting love, for eternity to be called foreverSince you’re mine now, owned to be with you foreverYou complete me, and I believe you will be mine forever.Bridge:I won’t forget the love we’ve shared togetherThe moment this love begun and I can still rememberYeah, you were right, that I will be loved by you foreverAnd I’m telling you, I love it when you said forever.Coda:And please believe me my forever is you..I’ve waited for you and I wanted to last forever with you..Together ever and forever you.