Milengo brochure 2012


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The Milengo Corporate Brochure for Translation and Localization Services.

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Milengo brochure 2012

  2. 2. 4 HOW CAN WE HELP? Whether you‘re an early-stage startup or a large international corporation, Milengo‘s professional translation and localization services will help you achieve your international goals. Milengo helps you reach new markets, Every Milengo client is assigned a dedicated expand your multilingual product support, project manager who looks after all aspects and communicate effectively in the of your project: planning and assembling languages your customers speak. language teams, managing the translation process, quality assurance, final review and We work with companies across a range delivery. of high-tech industries – from antivirus to network hardware. Our clients rely on us to deliver sophisticated translation and DID YOU KNOW: localization solutions that are flexible, » It’s estimated that up to 7,000 transparent and cost-effective. different languages are spoken Our business development managers work around the world. 90% of these hard to understand your organization and languages are used by less than your goals. We tailor our services specifically to your requirements. 100,000 people. « 2
  3. 3. 4 OUR SERVICES Katalin Orban Production Manager Budapest, Hungary “We work with companies large and small every day to help them solve the linguistic and technical challenges that come with doing business in many languages. Our production teams are highly skilled, our services are comprehensive and our approach to project management is flexible enough to deal with even the largest most technically complex projects.” 3
  4. 4. 4 TECHNICAL TRANSLATION Milengo provides professional translation services that help companies communicate with employees, partners and customers anywhere in the world. “We are extremely pleased with the service We help clients produce software, documentation, training material and websites in over 70 from Milengo. We feel languages. Our in-country translation teams are all native-speaking residents, with extensive we‘ve really found a knowledge of the language, culture and market. This keeps our translations fresh, relevant, reliable partner who and always of the highest quality. delivers high-quality translations on time.” YOUR BENEFITS Monika Götzmann, Head of Marketing 4 All translators are native- 4 Our translation style guides are tailored speaking professional linguists to your company, ensuring stylistic based in their home country. consistency in every project. 4 Technical translators are selected 4 Rigorous quality control ensures for domain expertise, ensuring accurate and reliable translations. they understand your text, your 4 We save you money by reusing previous products and your industry. translations using Translation Memory 4 Our glossary and terminology services technology. enable you to achieve language 4 We give you ample review and approval consistency in every translation opportunities at key stages of your project on an enterprise-wide level. project. DID YOU KNOW: » The average translation agency translates more than 14 million words per year. «OUR SERVICES 4
  5. 5. 4 SOFTWARE LOCALIZATION Milengo engineers are experts at connecting translation technology with software architecture for a seamless localization workflow. “What really impressed us when we first started Milengo engineers have a wealth of experience YOUR BENEFITS working with Milengo across popular hardware platforms, operating to localize our software systems and code bases and in standalone, 4 We can provide internationalization was the quality of their client/server or SaaS application design. support to ensure your source Japanese translations.” code is localization ready. Yuka Kurihara, Our engineering teams can also build testing and 4 We provide comprehensive translation validation environments to ensure your code is QA, tailored for software development. We Pitney Bowes Software delivered free from errors and ready to publish. cater for navigation elements, double byte characters, text overflows, and correct formats The file formats we support, include, for dates, times, weights and measures. but are not limited to: 4 We offer dedicated engineering support and can design custom .NET ASP VBA SQL tools and test environments. C, C#, C++ XML (DITA) JavaScript XLIFF 4 We offer functionality testing after your HTML Python Java PHP software has been localized to check for linguistic and functional errors in context, and make sure your product is ready-for-market. 4 We can work with your development team and in-house resources or provide a fully DID YOU KNOW: outsourced software localization workflow. » By 2012, software sales in the BRIC markets are projected to rise by 44%, to nearly $22 billion per year. «OUR SERVICES 5
  6. 6. 4 WEBSITE LOCALIZATION Milengo has extensive experience localizing websites, knowledge bases and user-generated content. “Milengo’s staff and pro- cesses really gave me the We also offer additional services like YOUR BENEFITS assurance I needed that AdWords translation, allowing your marketing the website localization team to quickly build and test online 4 We can provide a direct connection to of into advertising campaigns in new languages. your content management system to Japanese and Brazilian automate the translation process. Portuguese was going to Our localization engineers ensure 4 We offer additional services like be a success.” all translated files are delivered multimedia localization and AdWords Kevin Bain with the appropriate links and tags translation to complement your website Manager — Digital Media in place, ready-to-publish. localization effort. We can work with files coded in many 4 We have dedicated engineering popular formats, including: resources to ensure all non-linguistic file elements, site infrastructure and navigation are tested during localization. HTML Ruby 4 We can work with your developers and XML ASP/ASP.Net IT team or provide fully outsourced PHP JavaScript website localization. Flash XSLT DID YOU KNOW: » It takes a minimum of 12 languages to reach 80% of the world´s online population. «OUR SERVICES 6
  7. 7. 4 MARKETING TRANSLATION Milengo draws a clear distinction between technical and marketing writing styles. We translate your sales and marketing copy as if it were originally created in the “The Milengo team un- target country. derstands our business and fulfills our global marketing translation Copy adaptation and transcreation of YOUR BENEFITS needs in a prompt, ef- marketing materials is performed by in- country linguists with specialized training in 4 All transcreation is carried out by ficient and cost-effective professional linguists with sales, manner.“ marketing, advertising and related fields. marketing and advertising backgrounds. Ed Rees Transcreation is recommended for text 4 Your campaign message is adapted to that can‘t be translated word-for-word. each language without losing its original The process involves a rewrite, to achieve message. the original objective while making your 4 Straplines, slogans and product names content relevant to a local audience. can be adapted or created from scratch Transcreation is useful for USP‘s, straplines, depending on your requirements. slogans, and any text which cannot be 4 Full linguistic commentary is provided, translated literally without losing its impact. showing you how and why translation choices were made, in an easy to review format. DID YOU KNOW: 4 Cultural advice is available to give you » US high tech manufacturing companies an overview of each market. Learn about political, religious and cultural make more than 27% of their revenue from considerations that may affect your markets outside the United States. « campaign.OUR SERVICES 7
  8. 8. 4 MULTIMEDIA LOCALIZATION From online eLearning programs to TV and radio adverts, Milengo can adapt any multimedia content to look, sound and feel absolutely local. Our global presence ensures that project YOUR BENEFITS tasks can be performed to the highest standards in-country, by our local language 4 In-country teams ensure multimedia teams. content is localized to fit the target language and local market. Our centralized production centers can 4 Extensive global pool of native-speaking handle the most complex multimedia voice and acting talent in up to 70 projects. Our services include: languages. 4 Voiceover and subtitling 4 Dedicated in-house production 4 Script translation resources for script creation, talent 4 Studio recording and production management, voice recording, editing 4 Local management of voice talent and mastering. 4 Graphics localization 4 Comprehensive suite of multimedia 4 Flash engineering authoring tools ensure your localized 4 Mixing and final mastering projects remain true to the original and are delivered ready-to-publish. DID YOU KNOW: 4 We can work directly with your creative » Multimedia press releases have been agency or provide fully outsourced production facilities. shown to attract 77% more online views than regular text releases. «OUR SERVICES 8
  9. 9. 4 MULTILINGUAL DTP Milengo DTP teams in our offshore production centers in Hungary, Argentina and China can quickly adapt print layouts and other designs for multiple languages and locales. We can maintain the layout, design and overall style of YOUR BENEFITS your multilingual publications across different language versions. We cater for everything from high-volume 4 Our DTP teams have experience with all popular technical documentation and complex websites to authoring tools and can easliy adapt layouts for marketing brochures and magazines. double byte characters and left-to-right languages. 4 We can work directly with your designers or We deliver your content in multiple languages; formatted, provide a fully outsouced DTP solution. proofread and ready-for-publication. 4 We work with your existing tools and We work with all major file formats: workflows to ensure translated documents closely fit the format of your source files. Photoshop Illustrator InDesign 4 We can help you optimize your workflow FrameMaker Corel Draw Publisher for multilingual publishing. Word PowerPoint Acrobat 4 We deliver translated files ready-to-publish. Captivate PageMaker QuarkXPress DID YOU KNOW: » The European Commission translates over 1.5 million pages of text per year. «OUR SERVICES 9
  10. 10. 4 TECHNOLOGY Lu Ding Country Manager Shenzhen, China “Having engineering teams across all major time zones gives our customers a major advantage when deadlines are critical. We can take a software or website, translate and adapt it into a number of languages simultaneously and deliver all new versions back to our customer ready to hit the market” 10
  11. 11. 4 TECHNOLOGY INDEPENDENCE FOR MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY Milengo‘s project managers can maintain translation memories, glossaries, term lists and style guides. Maintenance can happen on-the-fly where YOUR BENEFITS: changes are immediately available for the translator, or offline with version control 4 Large teams of translators and reviewers using tools developed in-house by Milengo. can work on one project simultaneously. We also have extensive experience with agile 4 Easy collaboration between Milengo and software development environments with your own teams. short release cycles. 4 Translation consistency across all your projects. We can work with a range of different tools 4 Productivity and accuracy improvements. depending on your requirements; some of the most common are: 4 Cost reduction by leveraging previously translated content. memoQ SDL Trados Across Idiom World- Multilizer Madcap Flare Server TECHNOLOGY 11
  12. 12. 4 POST-EDITED MACHINE TRANSLATION Milengo has been successfully building customized machine translation engines for IT companies since 2009. “For our German online Help translation project, Our engines can handle complex technical YOUR BENEFITS: we were able to make terminology and industry-specific language a 27% cost-saving and styles. Milengo‘s workflow delivers 4 Our extensive experience in deploying 34% time-saving against high-volume output with consistent MT workflows for leading companies the conventional human accuracy in a wide range of languages. ensures your project is in safe hands translation process. 4 Client hosted or fully outsourced Eventually we would Milengo combines customized machine MT workflows available depending like to use MT for all the translation with post-editing by professional on your requirements languages we support.“ linguists, allowing your company to 4 All technical setup and maintenance Kazuo Suzuki, deliver large volumes of complex carried out by experienced Milengo Localization Director multilingual content faster and much project managers cheaper than a human-only approach. 4 Easy integration with your existing localization workflow for minimum business impact DID YOU KNOW: 4 Two levels of post-editing service for extra flexibility » In 1954 IBM automatically translated 4 Up to 30% faster turnaround 60 Russian sentences into English in on large volume projects one of the very first Machine Translation 4 Up to 50% cost saving on experiments. « projects of over 100k words TECHNOLOGY 12
  13. 13. 4 ENTERPRISE TRANSLATION MANAGEMENT MADE SIMPLE Language Desk allows you YOUR BENEFITS to build your project, track 4 Create and manage translation and approve quotes, upload projects without the hassle of and store files and check the multiple emails, phone calls or ftp. progress of all your translation 4 Get a centralized overview of all projects in one place. your translation and localization projects, their status, associated It also includes comprehensive files and communications history. reporting which gives you a complete overview of expenditure, 4 Store your translation memories, average cost per project and more. glossaries, term bases, source We offer Language Desk as a free and translated files in a secure, tool to all our customers as part of searchable online environment. our project management services. 4 Collaborate with colleagues and customize user access rights with roles and permissions. 4 View analytics at a glance or produce comprehensive reports on the financial performance and efficiency of your projects and translation memories. TECHNOLOGY 13
  14. 14. 4 COMPANY Roman Kotzsch CEO Berlin, Germany “At Milengo we focus on providing the kind of localization solutions that mid and large-sized companies value. We have built a unique set of tools and technical solutions, a comprehensive vendor pool and a global service infrastructure tailored for highly technical industries.” 14
  15. 15. 4 COMPANY OVERVIEW Milengo helps international companies in the IT, software and high tech industries to do business in over 70 different languages. We provide language services that help global businesses communicate with their employees, partners and customers anywhere in the world. Milengo is built on a flexible and Despite our global reach, Clients with complex work- cost-effective global infrastructure. we remain a relatively small flow and technical requirements We deliver outstanding service company. Clients value our benefit most from Milengo‘s that consistently exceeds flexible and friendly approach. services. From our worldwide client expectations. offices we deliver local service to enterprises around the globe. OFFICE LOCATIONS 4 US (Americas HQ, Sales) 4 Germany (HQ, EMEA, Sales, Production) 4 Argentina (Americas, Production) 4 China (Asia, Production) 4 Malta (Corporate Finance and Administration) COMPANY 15
  16. 16. 4 QUICK FACTS DATE OF FOUNDATION: LEGAL FORM: 2005 Milengo Inc (USA), Milengo Ltd. (Europe) OWNERSHIP: Milengo is privately owned by 16 leading$ million technical translation and localization companies, with offices located in the most important global ITC markets - spanning Europe, Asia and the Americas. REVENUE (2011): $3.4 million INDUSTRY High-tech industries, especially FOCUS: Information Technology. EMPLOYEES: More than 20 employees at the headquarters and production center HQs, more than 400 employees (including translators, editors, engineers, DTP staff) operate from 19 worldwide locations. WORKING Milengo is available around-the- HOURS: clock from production centers in Asia, Europe & the Americas. MEMBERSHIPS: American Translators Association (ATA), European Language Industry Association (ELIA) and Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) D&B NUMBER: 828 612 585 Revenue COMPANY 16
  17. 17. 4 WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT Subject Matter & Domain Expertise Global Economies of Scale 4 Highly knowledgeable and 4 Multi-language translation projects technically accurate language can be undertaken globally thanks teams with many years’ experience to our production centres in three translating for the IT and time-zones, delivering significant telecommunications time and cost benefits. industries. Global Presence Continuous Investment in R&D 4 International company structure 4 In-house development of custom with 19 offices worldwide, tools and workflows dedicated in-country language 4 Continuous updates to commonly teams and production centers used translation tools on three continents. 4 Investment in collaborative 4 Direct communication between translation tools and workflows your local offices and our in- 4 Development of customizable country teams is available for Machine Translation technology all language related issues. COMPANY 17
  18. 18. 4 QUALITY ASSURANCE To ensure your project meets linguistic, cultural and technical expectations, Milengo employs a multi-level QA process. We use templates, reference manuals, QA checklists and localization process definitions. Our QA process tests for correct YOUR BENEFITS terminology, translation accuracy, 4 Full overview of all stages of your language, style and country standards as projects to avoid unnecessary well as adherence to project instructions. technical or linguistic surprises Milengo uses proprietary evaluation forms 4 Strict adherence to industry standard based on the Localization Industry QA workflows and translation best practi- Standards Association (LISA) model for ces language quality assurance. 4 Continuous QA process ensures issues are dealt with as they arise rather than at the end 4 All QA carried out by senior linguists with at least 8 years‘ experience 4 Our QA helps keep queries, revisions and amends to a minimum, saving you time DID YOU KNOW: and money. » Almost 20% of all companies involved in localized product testing use the LISA QA model. « COMPANY 18
  19. 19. 4 OUR CLIENTS To learn more about our previous work, contact us or visit our website. COMPANY 19
  20. 20. 4 CONTACT MILENGO Choosing Milengo is a commitment to speaking your Bjoern Lux customers‘ language and building your brand in Sales Director global markets. Buenos Aires, Argentina “At Milengo we think like our clients, PHONE @ EMAIL always. We sell relationships rather than projects. 4 USA (Americas, Sales) If you have questions or queries, need a +1 (888) 424-2325 quote, or want to discuss your require- ments in detail, contact our team, we’re 4 GERMANY here to help” (HQ, EMEA, Sales, Production) +49 30 22 48 76 81 in 4 ARGENTINA Milengo Ltd. (USA) 70A Greenwich Avenue, #132 (Americas, Production) New York, NY 10011., USA +1 (888) 424-2325 fax:+1 (888) 424-2326 +54 911 3395 0517 Milengo Ltd. (Europe) 4 CHINA Schwedter Strasse 9a 10119 Berlin, Deutschland (Asia, Production) +49 30 22 48 76 81 fax:+1 (888) 424-2326 +86 755 2683 0100 Milengo Ltd. (Finance & Administration) 4 MALTA Regent House, 61 Bisazza Street, Sliema SLM1641, Malta (Corporate Finance & Administration) +356 21 322 670 20