Online workshop unit 2-march 12th-2012


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Online workshop unit 2-march 12th-2012

  1. 1. BASIC ENGLISH 3 TOUCHSTONE • LEVEL 2 • UNIT 2 BASIC ENGLISH 3-UNIT 2-WORKSHOP I invite you to correct the activities related to UNIT 1. Download from the virtual campus the document: ANSWER KEY TO CORRECT THE ONLINE WORKSHOP 1. After checking your progress, you’re invited to develop the ONLIINE WORKSHOP UNIT 2 available in this document.GrammarChoose the correct answer.1. Can Kim ___ the piano?a. playb. to playc. playing2. My father is good ___.a. cookb. to cookc. at cooking3. Would you like ___ computer games?a. designb. to designc. to designing4. Im not good at ___ languages.a. learnb. to learnc. learning5. My best friend cant ___.a. whistleb. to whistlec. whistling
  2. 2. 6. My mother is excited about ___ to dance.a. learnb. to learnc. learning7. Are you interested in ___ poetry?a. writeb. to writec. writing8. ___ your boss prefer to exercise in the morning?a. Doesb. Canc. Is9. Can you ___ a horse?a. rideb. ridingc. to ride10. ___ you good at swimming?a. Dob. Arec. Can11. I like Alicia Keys. I think ___ a great singer.a. herb. shesc. its12. ___ in my class likes rap music.a. Theyb. Wec. Nobody13. Yo-Yo Ma is a famous classical musician. ___ knows him.a. Everyoneb. Wec. They14. Im going to your concert this weekend. I cant wait to hear ___!a. meb. yourec. you
  3. 3. 15. My favorite band is Coldplay. I listen to ___ a lot.a. themb. everybodyc. him16. My parents listen to Bob Dylan a lot. They think hes great, but I dont really like ___.a. himb. itc. he17. Oh, I love this song. Come listen to ___.a. meb. itc. that18. Do you know Ayumi Hamasaki? Shes from Japan. I really like ___.a. herb. shec. him19. ___ in my family listens to jazz. We dont like it.a. Everybodyb. Wec. No one20. My friends and I are in a band. Come listen to ___ sometime!a. themb. usc. we Vocabulary Choose the correct answer.21. A: What do you enjoy doing in your ___?B: I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles.a. skillb. bandc. free time22. I cant fix cars at all. Im not ___.a. mechanicalb. artisticc. talkative
  4. 4. 23. Can you play a ___ instrument?a. mainb. musicalc. artistic24. Joan ___ at the gym every day.a. drawsb. works outc. crochets25. My grandmother is good with her hands. She enjoys ___ sweaters.a. knittingb. buyingc. wearing26. I cant write very well. I ___ read.a. dont like tob. hate toc. prefer to27. A: What are your ___?B: Im really into crossword puzzles.a. hobbiesb. thingsc. skills28. My brother can play the saxophone very well. He loves to play ___.a. poolb. jazzc. baseball29. Whos your favorite ___ musician?a. oddb. mainc. classical30. Larry loves to draw and paint. Hes very ___.a. artisticb. localc. mechanical
  5. 5. 31. The ___ of that band sounds like Shakira.a. fanb. lead singerc. piano32. Kate prefers listening to ___ music. She hates listening to folk.a. popb. fashionc. talkative Conversation Strategies Complete the conversation. Choose the correct answer.33. A: Do you enjoy collecting stamps?B: Um, no. ___a. I dont really have much time for a hobby.b. I dont enjoy writing letters.c. I really like collecting them.34. A: Are you good at cooking?B: Not really. ___a. I cook every day.b. But my husbands a great cook.c. Its my main hobby.35. A: Are you into photography?B: ___ Im not really into photography.a. No, not really.b. I mean,c. Anyway,36. A: I love gardening. Its my main hobby. Do enjoy gardening?B: No, I dont have a yard. ___a. I dont have a lot of free time.b. I prefer to grow flowers.c. I have some indoor plants, though.37. A: Are you into music?B: Yes, I am. Im ___ into music.
  6. 6. a. likeb. reallyc. anyway38. A: I really enjoy making jewelry. Do you want to try it?B: ___ Im not very good with my hands.a. I mean,b. Well, yeah.c. Uh, not really.ListeningI cant dance very well.Listen to the conversation. Choose the correct answer.39. What kind of music does Carla like?a. country musicb. hip-hopc. rap40. Whats Carlas main hobby?a. dancingb. playing golfc. doing jigsaw puzzles41. What do Carla and Garret both enjoy?a. dancingb. playing golfc. doing jigsaw puzzles
  7. 7. ReadingHobbies of Famous PeopleRead the article. Choose the correct answer.Everybody needs to relax sometimes — even famous people. Famous people have reallybusy lives, but many of them enjoy interesting hobbies. Ben Affleck and Antonio Banderasenjoy learning languages. Ben can speak Arabic and Spanish. Antonio learned English in avery short time for his job, and now hes very good at speaking it. Some famous peopleenjoy collecting things. Nicolas Cage is really into comic books. In 2002, he sold his comicbook collection for about two million dollars! Supermodel Claudia Schiffer has an unusualhobby — she collects insects. And Tom Hanks likes to collect old typewriters.Many stars prefer exercising in their free time. Britney Spears loves to swim. LeonardoDiCaprios grandmother says Leonardo loves in-line skating. Ice-skating champion MichelleKwan enjoys swimming and biking in her free time. Hugh Grant enjoys the sport of cricket,and Madonna can ride horses very well. Some celebrities hobbies arent really verysurprising. For example, singer Enrique Iglesias likes to listen to music and go to themovies. But, other celebrities hobbies are surprising. For example, tennis star MariaSharapova likes reading and eating dessert. Wow! Famous people like to do ordinarythings, too!42. Whats Ben Affleck good at?a. languagesb. collectingc. sportsd. cooking43. What does Claudia Schiffer collect?a. comic booksb. typewritersc. carsd. insects44. What does Enrique Iglesias like to do in his free time?a. collect typewritersb. ride horsesc. go to the moviesd. eat dessert
  8. 8. 45. Who does not enjoy exercising in her free time?a. Michelle Kwanb. Maria Sharapovac. Madonnad. Britney Spears