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AI, Humans, Industries 4.0. + What Did Millennials Get Right?


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In this presentation Milena shares with audience why we should not be afraid of technology; how we can stay on top of accelerated changes despite algorhythms shifting as fast as the lighting bolt; what entrepreneurs can learn from Millennials; and how we can accompliah anything we set our mind to, but not everything.
What will you learn from this presentation:
-How to Study the Marriage of Art and Science?
-What is the State of Our World in 2018?
-Artificial vs. Human Intelligence
-What Did Millennials Get Right?
-When do Hero's Journey Help us in our Journey of Personal Growth?
-How to Master 5 Most Important Areas of Your Life?

This presentation was presented to the audience as part of the New Year's seminar organized by colleagues from Momentum Strategies Coaching in December 2017, in Belgrade, Serbia.

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AI, Humans, Industries 4.0. + What Did Millennials Get Right?

  1. 1. Momentum Strategies & Friends Seminar Step Into 2018 AI, Humans, Industries 4.0 What Did Millennials Get Right? Milena Milicevic INAT Summit Founder
  2. 2.  ''I study the marriage of space and time''  Our World in 2018  Artificial vs. Human Intelligence  What Did Millennials Get Right?  Hero's Journey  Mastering 5 Areas of Your Life  From Now on Improve Daily Agenda for Today:
  3. 3. All of us have unique gifts. What are yours? Tell each other <3
  4. 4. Who is Milena and how Do I Define Myself?
  5. 5. What is INAT Summit?
  6. 6. Topics during INAT Summit 2018
  7. 7. We live in times where also arts and science should marry because... ''I study the marriage of space and time'' Stephen Hawking
  8. 8. ... The challenges we face today cannot be solved without multidisciplinary teams and left and right brain.
  9. 9. ‘‘It never seems to have occurred to them that their engines could be used to deliver ideological and political messages.‘‘ The Effect of Tech on our Lives
  10. 10. Can we do something about that? Sure, that’s why we are here. We can start asking smarter questions.
  11. 11. What resources do we ALL ALWAYS have at our disposal? Time Energy Resources: Human, Operations, Financial
  12. 12. Body Language: The Power of Energy The Power of Leadership Simple: Feel Gooooood!
  13. 13. How do You Feel Right Now? Check it out and ask people next to you.
  14. 14. Let’s Look at.... The World We Live in 2018
  15. 15. Our World in 2018
  16. 16. Our World in 2018
  17. 17. Would You agree with this framework? How is Your enterprise dealing with these changes?
  18. 18. If Facebook was a country...
  19. 19. If Tinder was your neighbourhood...
  20. 20. In data- driven world, we face the paradox of choice.
  21. 21. What if it is not about Humans or Machines Winning? What if it is about figuring out what humans can deliver and machines cannot.
  22. 22. To find the answer to the previous question, I remind you to read the aforementioned article:
  23. 23. What is Happening with Millennials?
  24. 24. Crucial Differences among Generations
  25. 25. What did Millennials Get Really Right in this World?
  26. 26. Simon Sinek Reveals 4 Things Millennials Should Change:Stop believing parents’ words, ‘‘You are special.’’ Decrease the use of social and mobile Practice patience instead of instant gratification Pursue in corporate environment the opportunities to improve social skills
  27. 27. Are Emotions Contagious in the Workplace? Resource:
  28. 28. Let’s look at some formulas:
  29. 29. What is your favourite success principle? Share with your neighbours.
  30. 30. Who are your Favourite Superheroes and why?
  31. 31. How can we Adapt Hero’s Journey into Personal Change and Entrepreneurship?
  32. 32. Let’s Master 5 Areas in Our Lives
  33. 33. • Improve every day in all areas even if it is 1% • Pay attention to moments when you do not take an action or behave in a way that does not help you. • Surround yourself ONLY with people that you can learn something from and who cheer for you. • Encourage yourself and be objective about your behaviour rather than harsh. Most Important DAILY Strategies:
  34. 34. • Ask smarter questions and allocate enough time for yourself, your family, your health and friends. • Be able to call it a day: to finish with work on time. • Set high standards and boundaries. • Remember Butterfly effect and use it. Most Important DAILY Strategies:
  35. 35. Marshall Goldsmith’s Method Worth in Gold
  36. 36. And remember... breathe in, breathe out and enjoy the present moment.
  37. 37. ‘‘100-year life span may become new 60.’’ Peter Diamandis
  38. 38. Thank You for Your time. Keep in touch! See You at