Original TWC-401 NIC Tyre Changer


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TWC-401 tire changer combines all the tools for demounting, mounting and inflating tires for medium and small-sized vehicles. Its easy operation can save time and effort for the users. As a safe and reliable piece of equipment, the tire changer is a necessary tool in car repair garages and for tire dealers.

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Original TWC-401 NIC Tyre Changer

  1. 1. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC) General NoticeTrademark Information Other product names used herein are for is a registered trademark of LAUNCH identification purposes only and may be TECH. CO., LTD. (LAUNCH for short) in China and trademarks of their respective owners. other countries. All other LAUNCH trademarks, LAUNCH disclaims any and all rights in service marks, domain names, logos, and company those marks. names referred to in this manual are either trademarks, registered trademarks, service marks, domain names, logos, company names of or are otherwise the property of LAUNCH or its affiliates. In countries where any of the LAUNCH trademarks, service marks, domain names, logos and company names are not registered, LAUNCH claims other rights associated with unregistered trademarks, service marks, domain names, logos, and company names. Other products or company names referred to in this manual may be trademarks of their respective owners. You may not use any trademark, service mark, domain name, logo, or company name of LAUNCH or any third party without permission from the owner of the applicable trademark, service mark, domain name, logo, or company name. You may contact LAUNCH by visiting Launch at http://www.cnlaunch.com, or writing to LAUNCH, Launch industrial Park, North WuHe Avenue, Banxuegang industrial Park, Longgang District, ShenZhen,Guangdong Province, P.R.China. to request written permission to use Materials on this manual for purposes or for all other questions relating to this manual.Copyright Information Copyright © 2000 by LAUNCH TECH. CO., LTD. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of LAUNCH. The information contained herein is designed only for the use of this unit. LAUNCH is not responsible for any use of this information as applied to other units. Neither LAUNCH nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this unit or third parties for damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by purchaser or third parties as a result of: accident, misuse, or abuse of this unit, or unauthorized modifications, repairs, or alterations to this unit, or failure to strictly comply with LAUNCH operating and maintenance instructions. LAUNCH shall not be liable for any damages or problems arising from the use of any options or any consumable products other than those designated as Original LAUNCH Products or LAUNCH Approved Products by LAUNCH. i
  2. 2. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC)Safety PrecautionsNote This manual is a necessary part of the product. Please read carefully. Keep the manual for later use when maintaining the machine. This machine can only be used for the designated purposes. Never use it for any other purpose. The manufacturer is not held responsible for the damage incurred by improper use or use other than the intended purpose.Precautions The equipment can only be operated by qualified personnel with special training. Modification to any components or parts, or use the machine for other purpose without either obtaining the agreement from the producer, or observing the requirement of the instructions may lead to direct or indirect damage to the equipment. TWC-401NIC should be installed on the stable ground. Keep the back panel 0.5M away from the wall for good ventilation. Enough room should be left on both sides of TWC-401NIC for convenient operation. Do not put TWC-401NIC in a place with high temperature or moisture, or near the heating system, water tap, air-humidifier or chimney. Do not put TWC-401NIC near the window with sunlight. Protect the unit with a curtain or shield if necessary. Avoid lots of dust, ammonia, alcohol, thinner or spraying binder. People who are no operating the machines should be kept away when it is used. Use appropriate equipment and tools, protective and safety equipment, including eyeglasses, earplugs and working boots. Pay special attention to the marks on the machine. Do not touch or approach the moving parts by hand during operating. Do not remove the safety device or keep it from working properly. Use #2 lithium lubricants (grease) only within the safety range. Refer the appendix for the safety data. Before moving the tyre changer, contact maintenance personnel. ii
  3. 3. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC) Description of Safety Signs Caution should be taken To prevent accidents from when separating the tyre occurring, make sure to from rim. The bead breaker keep hands and other body shoe will move rapidly and parts away when fastening forcefully when the pedal is the mount/demount head or depressed. Keep body and when the turntable is materials away from the running. work area. . If the clamping cylinder is Be careful when connecting open during clamping, and disconnecting air squeezing on hands can be source Bleed the air in the resulted. Remember to cylinder completely when keep hands away from the maintaining the air pipes to inside of the tyre when prevent accidents from clamping. occurring. High voltage power! Don’t keep hands or other Dangerous! body parts between the clamping jaw and clamping rim. Before inflating check if the This is where the clamping rim and the tyre compressed air gun is match each other, and if connected with the air pipe. they are in good condition. Connect the compressed air Any negligence may result gun with the air connector. in fatal explosion. Similar accident may occur if the inflating air exceeds the The pressure of the allowed pressure. compressed air should not exceed 10bar. MAX 10bar iii
  4. 4. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC) The Position of Safety Signs- Please change the safety signs if it gets blurred or lost. When one or more safety signs get lost, don’t operate the machine. The safety signs must be kept within the sight of the operator. iv
  5. 5. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC) Table of Contents General Information………………………………1 Usage… …………………………….….………1 Features ………………………………..………1 Specifications…………………………..………1 Applicable Range…………………………...….1 Working Conditions……………………..…..…1 Main Structure…………………………………2 Operation………..………………………..……3 Principles ………………………………..…….3 Demounting Tyre …………………….…….…3 Mounting Tyre ………………………….…..…5 Inflating Tyre …………………………….…… 6 Trouble shooting ………………………..……7 Maintenance………………..……………....….8 Storing and Scrapping…………..…………...9 TWC-401NIC Oil Safety Data……….….…10 TWC-401NIC Electrical Diagram….……11 TWC-401NIC Air Passage Diagram……14 v
  6. 6. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC) Applicable RangeGeneral Information Max. wheel diameter: 960mm(38″) Max. rim width: 360mm(14″) Rim clamping diameter(outer): 10″-17″Usage Rim clamping diameter(inner): 13″-20″TWC-401NIC is used for demounting, mounting andinflating tyres of small vehicles. It features simple Working conditionsoperation and high reliability. In addition, it can also be a Working temperature:-40℃-45℃great help in car repair garage and tyre dealers. Transport/store temperature:- 40℃-55℃ Humidity: 30-95%Features Altitude: less than 1000m The equipment can be used for different purposes of demounting, mounting and inflating tyres. The steel mount/demount is cast from excellent alloy material with special shape and durable performance. The supplied plastic mount/demount head with the equipment is made from special engineering plastic that has enough intensity and not damage the tyre and rim. The two clamping cylinder ensures accurate central alignment, so that the tyres can be held tightly. The layout of the pedals gives convenience to the operating personnel. The bead breaker shoe can be adjusted to match tyres with different widths. The tyre is conveniently located.Specifications Dimensions Maximum height: 1765mm (69″) Length: 1020mm (40″) Width: 810mm (32″) Weight Net weight: 212kg Electric specifications Voltage to choose: A C110V(±5%) 60Hz(±1Hz) AC220V(±5%) 50Hz(±1Hz) AC230V(±5%) 60Hz(±1Hz) Power: 1.1kW Phase: Single RPM of turntable: 8/min Air supply Working pressure: 8-10 bar Bead breaker force: 14075N Noise Working noise: <70dB(A) 1
  7. 7. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC)Main Structure Fig.01The main operating parts are shown in Fig. 01.A Return spring B Hexagonal column C Hexagonal column D Mount/demount head locking handleE Clamping jaw F Turntable H Clamping cylinder I Bead breaker control pedal control pedalJ Turntable control K Screw handle L Column N Clamping cylinder assembly pedalO Hanger P Bead breaker handle Q Bead breaker arm S Bead breaker shoeT Tyre lever V Air Pressure Regulator, Gauge and Lubricator Assembly 2
  8. 8. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC) Accessories provided are shown in Fig.02 001-Tyre lever Pay special attention to rotary direction marked on 002-Gun inflator with a pressure gauge some flanges or tyres. 003-Brush When inflating the tyre, make sure the pressure increases in an even way. Check the rim as often as possible. Fit the tyre on the rim of matched size. Never ignore the mounting and demounting requirements of the special wheel. Demounting Tyre Fig.02-a Preparing Deflate the tyre thoroughly. Remove all the foreign substance and weights from the rim (Fig. 03). Fig.02-b Fig.03 Demounting Fig.02-c Note: Lubricate the bead with a brush dipped in soapOperation solution before the shoe touches the bead. Otherwise the tyre bead will be worn (Fig. 04). Note:Do not operate the machine before having completingtraining and qualified for operating the tyre changer.Use appropriate equipment, tools and personalprotective equipment, such as eye-glasses, ear-plugsand working boots, when operating the tyre changer.Make sure that the power, air sources and the oil levelin the oil cup are in accordance with therequirements.Principles Fig.04 To avoid damage when mounting and demounting Place the tyre between the bead breaker shoe and tyre, especially the alloy ones, use the special tyre rubber pad and keep the shoe between the bead lever. and rim, about 1cm to the bead (Fig. 05). Depress For easier demounting and better protection of the pedal I (Fig. 06) to separate the tyre from rim. tyre and rim, lubricate the area between the rim and Repeat the above steps on other part of the tyre to tyre bead, where the bead breaker shoe goes in, get the tyre separated thoroughly from the rim. with industrial lubricant or thick soap solution. Check for damages (distortions, surface damages, excessive runout, erosion or overall wear) before demounting. 3
  9. 9. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC) together, place the wheel on the turntable and depress pedal H to clamp. In case of outward clamping (Fig. 08), enlarge the jaws outward, place the wheel on the turntable and depress pedal H to clamp. Pull back the swing arm and turn the handle of the screw (12) to put the hexagonal column in working position (Fig.09), and keep a distance of 1~2mm from the mount/demount head (Fig.10), and then lock the hexagonal column with locking handle. Note: Fig.05 The angle of the mount/demount head has been adjusted by manufacturer according to standard rim (15"). Re-adjustment may be necessary to prevent scratching the tyre when the rim is extremely large or small. Fig.06 Place the wheel on the turntable. For the asymmetric deep groove rim, keep the narrow rim upward. Depress pedal H (Fig.07) to the end to clamp the rimNote: Different types of clamping can be chosen in Fig.09accordance with different rims. Fig.10 Fig.07 Lift the tyre bead onto the mount/ demount head with tyre lever (Fig. 11). To make it easy, press the tyre opposite to the mount/demount head. After settling it down in the rim groove, depress Pedal J(Fig.12) lightly to turn the turntable clockwise until the rim is separated. To avoid damage to the tube when there is one, it is advisable to place the air inflating valve about 10cm (Fig.13) away from the mount/ demount head. Caution: In case the demounting is hindered, stop the machine immediately. Lift up the pedal J (Fig.12) to turn the Fig.08 turntable counter-clockwise to clear away the hindrance. In case of inward clamping, shrink the jaws 4
  10. 10. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC) Caution: Keep hands and the rest of human body away from the moving parts of the machine. Never wear necklace, bracelet or loose clothes when operating the machine as it may cause danger! Mounting tyre Note: Check the size of tyre and rim to see if they match Fig.11 each other. Clamp the rim tightly in the same way as demounting tyre. Use lubricant such as thick soap solution on the tyre and the rim. Put the bead on the rim with the left side upward, and pull back the mount/ demount head to the work position (Fig.15) Fig.12 Fig.15 Check the coordination of mount/demount head and rim. Readjust if necessary. Adjust relative position between the tyre and the mount/demount head to make the tyre bead cross the mount/demount head. At the end of the mount/demount head, the tyre bead should be Fig.13 placed on the mount/demount head (Fig.16A). At the beginning of the mount/demount head, the tyre bead should be placed under the ball protuberance of the mount/demount head (Fig.16B). Fig.14 If there is tube in the tyre, remove it. Lift the lower tyre bead after removing the tube from the tyre so that the rim at the relative side enters the Fig.16 groove(Fig.14). Depress pedal H (Fig.07) to loose Press down the central part of the tyre. Depress the the jaw and take the rim off to complete the pedal J (Fig.12) to turn the turntable clockwise, demounting 5
  11. 11. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC) making the lower tyre bead fall into the rim groove Inflating can be highly dangerous. Take precautions completely. and pay close attention to the procedures. Check if If a tube needs to be installed in the tyre, check first the compressed air is well connected before inflating. for the possible damages. Round it onto the rim. Make sure to keep the tube in the right position Inflating procedures are shown in Fig.19. The machine is throughout the mounting process. equipped with a gauge to read the pressure in the tyre. To install the upper tyre bead, place the tyre well and Loose the wheel on the turntable. readjust position of the tyre bead (same as mount of Connect the outlet of the gun to the air inflation the lower tyre bead in Fig.17. Press down the tyre valve. opposite to the mount/demount head to the rim Slowly press the switch on the inflating gun for groove (Fig.18)). several times during inflation to make sure that the reading on pressure gauge meets the manufacturer’s specifications. The pressure should not exceed 3.5 bar. If the pressure exceeds the limit, press the button on the gun inflator so that the pressure goes down to what is required. Caution: Danger of explosion! The safety procedures should be closely followed. Review and abide by the following instructions. Otherwise serious injury or death can be resulted. The manufacturer shall not be held responsible for Fig.17 any possible accident when the safety procedures are not followed. Carefully check the dimensions of rim and tyre to see if they match each other. Check and make sure that the tyre is not worn or damaged before inflation. When a high pressure is required, remove the tyre from the tyre changer and resume the inflation in a special protective hood. Be careful when inflating the tyre. Keep hands and the rest of human body away from tyre Fig.18 Depress the pedal J (Fig.12) to turn the turntable while keeping pressing on the tyre. When only 10~15cm is left, slow down to avoid damage of the tyre bead. Stop the motor if there is any indication for damage. Lift the pedal J and turn the turntable counter-clockwise. Try again when the tyre is back to the original shape. Note: . It is not necessary to move the handle of the screw every time if the size of rim matches the Fig.19 tyre. Just move the swing arm. In the process of operation, keep head and hands away from the area between the tyre and the swing arm to avoid injury.Inflating tyre Danger!! 6
  12. 12. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC)Trouble Shooting Symptom Cause Solution Turntable can turn only in Power switch is damaged. Replace the power switch. one direction. Turntable doesn’t turn. Belt is damaged. Replace the belt. Power switch is damaged. Replace the power switch. There is problem with Check power wire of motor. If the motor motor. is damaged, replace it. Belt is loose. Tension the belt. Turntable can not lock the Jaws are worn. Replace the jaws. rim tightly. Cylinder pad of the Clean or replace the pad. turntable is damaged. Bead breaker shoe does not Return spring is damaged. Replace the return spring. work. Pedal can not be restored to Return spring is damaged. Replace the return spring. its original position. There is abnormal noise at The fixing screw is loose. Tighten the fixing screw. the moving part. There is foreign matter Get rid of the foreign matter. inside. The motor does not turn or The moving part is stuck. Get rid of the stuck point. the output torque is not The capacitor is failed. Replace the capacitor. enough. The voltage is too low. Pause and wait for the device to be The circuit is open. restored. Repair. Cylinder is weak in output. There is air leakage. Strengthen the muffler. Mechanical hindrance is Fix the mechanical problem. causing the problem. Replace the compressor. The pressure of the compressed air is not high enough. Air leakage is found. Air hose is damaged. Replace the related part. The outlet of the air valve is damaged. The gasket cement is Add gasket cement. gone. 7
  13. 13. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC)Maintenance Note:Only the specialized technician can do themaintenance. Before any maintenance is performed,disconnect the power and keep the plug within thesight of the maintenance personnel. and shut offcompressed air, push the air valve switch to “Off”position and depress pedal 16 for 3 or 4 times to bleedthe residual compressed air in the machine. To keep the tyre change in good condition and to Fig.21 prolong the work life, it is necessary to do regular maintenance according to the instructions on the user’s manual. Otherwise, the normal operation and reliability of the machine will be affected, or personal injury would be caused. Keep the machine and working area clean and prevent dust or foreign matter from entering the moving parts. Keep the hexagonal column clean and dry (clean with diesel as in Fig. 20). Keep the swing arm clean and lubricate it periodically so that it can move expectably. Weekly clean the turntable, jaws, guideways (Fig. Fig.22 21); clean and lubricate the column. Weekly lubricate the faying surface between moving parts and rubbing surface with lithium lubricant. Check the oil level in the sprayer regularly. If the oil level does not reach the second line, fill SAE20 (Fig. 22). Clear away the condensed material in the water separator around the sprayer regularly. Regularly check and adjust the tension of the belt. Check all connecting parts and bolts regularly and tighten them if necessary.Note: About 15 days after starting to use theequipment, fasten the jaw and positioning bolts A (Fig.23). Fig.23 Fig.20 8
  14. 14. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC)Storing and ScrappingStoring When the equipment needs to be stored for a long time: Disconnect the power and compressed air. Lubricate all the parts: slide block and groove. Empty all the oil/liquid cups. Cover the equipment with plastic shield.Scrapping When the equipment can no longer be used, disconnect the power and compressed air and dispose in accordance with the local regulations. 9
  15. 15. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC)TWC-401NIC Oil Safety DataNo. 2 lithium lubricant Item Quality Index Cone penetration (1/10mm) 278 Drop point ℃ 185 Corrosion (T2 Copper, 100℃, 24h) No change in the copper Wire separator (100℃, 22h)% 4 Evaporation (100℃, 22h)% 2 Oxidation stability (99℃, 100h) 0.2 Anti-erosion Grade I Foreign substance (microscopic method) Above 10 μm Lower than 5000 Above 25 μm Lower than 3000 Above 75 μm Lower than 500 Above 125 μm Lower than 0 Relative viscosity (-15℃,10s-1), /Pa·s) Lower than 800 Drip loss Lower than 8SAE20 Lubricant Item Quality Index Density (15℃) 0.880 Flash point ℃ 213 Freezing point ℃ -21 Viscosity 40℃ 66.2 Viscosity 100℃ 8.2 Viscosity index 95 10
  16. 16. LAUNCH AC110V 60Hz This protective ciruit should be fulfiled by the customer QF1 Remarks protective current : No. Name Model 2 2.5mm 40A QF1 air-break switch rated current 40A EN60947-2 current:19A industrial power Mennekes socket 536# SOCKET EN60309 socket 32A/2P+E/230V/IP44 industrial power plug maximum current :32A 1 3 5 7 9 1111 2 4 6 8 1O 12 No. Name Model Remarks SW1 switch 32A EN60947-3 TWC-401NIC Electrical Diagram industrial power plug Mennekes plug 274# PLUG EN60309 32A/2P+E/230V/IP44 U1 U2 U3 U4 V1 Z1 Remarks:if the motor movement is contrary to the right turning,change the phase wire(Z1 and V1). Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC)
  17. 17. LAUNCH AC230V 60Hz This protective ciruit should be fulfiled by the customer QF1 No. Name Model Remarks protective current: 1.5mm2 20A QF1 air-break switch rated current 20A EN60947-2 current:9.1A industrial power Mennekes socket 536# SOCKET EN60309 socket 32A/2P+E/230V/IP44 industrial power plug maximum current:32A 1 3 5 7 9 1112 2 4 6 8 1O 12 No. Name Model Remarks SW1 switch 16A EN60947-3 industrial power plug Mennekes plug 274# PLUG EN60309 32A/2P+E/230V/IP44 U1 U2 U3 U4 V1 Z1 Remarks:if the motor movement is contrary to the right turning,change the phase wire(Z1 and V1). Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC)
  18. 18. LAUNCH AC220V 50HZ This protective ciruit should be fulfiled by the customer QF1 No. Name Model Remarks protective current : 1.5mm 2 20A QF1 air-break switch rated current 20A EN60947-2 current:9.1A industrial power Mennekes socket 536# SOCKET EN60309 socket 32A/2P+E/230V/IP44 industrial power plug maximum current :32A 1 3 5 7 9 1113 2 4 6 8 1O 12 No. Name Model Remarks SW1 switch 16A EN60947-3 industrial power plug Mennekes plug 274# PLUG EN60309 32A/2P+E/230V/IP44 U1 Z1 Z2 U2 Remarks:if the motor movement is contrary to the right turning,change the phase wire(Z1 and Z2). Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC)
  19. 19. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC) Jaw clamping Bead breaking TWC-401NIC Air Passage Diagram 14
  20. 20. LAUNCH Tyre Changer (TWC-401NIC) to be in warranty, it will be repaired or replaced at noWarranty charge. If the unit is determined to be out of warranty, it will be repaired for a nominal service charge plus return freight. Send the unit pre-paid to: THIS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY LIMITED TO PERSONS WHO PURCHASE LAUNCH PRODUCTS Attn: Overseas Department FOR PURPOSES OF RESALE OR USE IN THE LAUNCH TECH. CO., LTD. ORDINARY COURSE OF THE BUYER’S Launch industrial Park, BUSINESS. North WuHe Avenue, Banxuegang industrial Park, LAUNCH electronic product is warranted against Longgang District, defects in materials and workmanship for one year ShenZhen,Guangdong Province, (12 months) from date of delivery to the user. This P.R.China. warranty does not cover any part that has been abused, altered, used for a purpose other than for which it was intended, or used in a manner inconsistent with instructions regarding use. The exclusive remedy for any automotive meter found to be defective is repair or replacement, and LAUNCH shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages. Final determination of defects shall be made by LAUNCH in accordance with procedures established by LAUNCH. No agent, employee, or representative of LAUNCH has any authority to bind LAUNCH to any affirmation, representation, or warranty concerning LAUNCH automotive meters, except as stated herein.Disclaimer THE ABOVE WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.Order Information Replaceable and optional parts can be ordered directly from your LAUNCH authorized tool supplier. Your order should include the following information: 1. Quantity 2. Part number 3. Item descriptionCustomer Service If you have any questions on the operation of the unit, please contact us: Tel: 86-755-84528860 Fax: 86-755-84528872 E-mail: overseasales@cnlaunch.com. If your unit requires repair service, return it to the manufacturer with a copy of the sales receipt and a note describing the problem. If the unit is determined