More details about the launch x431 diagun red box


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Parameter Launch X431 Diagun Red Box:

1.CPU: 400 MHz ARM9
2.Memory Card: 1G TF
3.Main Unit: Universal Serial Bus/USB
4.Main Unit Power: DC5V
5.Printer Interface: USB
6.Display Screen: 480X272, 4.3-inch LCD with touch
7.Rechargeable Battery: 1530 mAh
8.Bluetooth: theoretically 100m, actually 15-20m
9.Upgrading Interface: USB
10.Product data
11.X431 diagun Update methods: On-line/Email.
12.Available Languages:
13.English, German, Japanese, French, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

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More details about the launch x431 diagun red box

  1. 1. More details about the Launch X431 Diagun Red BoxI am glad to introduce a new version x431 diagun red box for our customers. X431 Diagun is anewly developed wireless diagnostic computer with full color display screen. It is diagun simpleversion. It is also 100% original from Launch. The only difference is that it reduces some cablesand connector in the red box.x431 diagun red box is a highly integrated product with automotive electronic technologyapplication and information network technology.Because DIAGUN function too powerful to
  2. 2. demand exceeds supply, now we launched a simple version of the DIAGUN, next we see simpleversion of the DIAGUN?So let’s have a look at this new product.Launch X431 Diagun Red Box Description:1.Compact main unit ,Standard equipment for technicians2.The only diagnostic tool which can work on two vehicles at the same time3.Bluetooth technology, wireless communication. 100 m bluetooth communication,Cable4.communication support5.Universal 16PIN connector6.Fully inherited diagnostic functions from X431. Capable of nearly all domestic vehicle makes7.and Asian, European, American vehicle makes.8.Greatly improved program running speed9.More convenient software update10.4.3 inch high luminance, high resolution color touch screen11.1530mAh Rechargeable battary12.1G memory card13.Standard USB printer connector, external printer support14.Full after sales service system, life time 1 to 1 service15.Product Operating System: WIN CE 5.0X431 Diagun Whole set product package List: MAIN X431 DIAGUN 21 1 Connector Audi-4 1 UNIT MAIN BOX 1 MAIN X431 DIAGUN 22 1 Connector Changan-3 1 UNIT Bluetooth box 2 Connect 23 chrysler-6 1 Connector universal-3 1 or 3
  3. 3. Connect 24 mazda-17 1 Connector fiat-3 1 or 4 Connect 25 toyota-17 1 Connector suzuki-3 1 or 5 Connect 26 gm/vaz-12 1 Connector sangyong-14 1 or 6 Connect 27 toyota-22 1 Connector Benz-14 1 or 7 Connect 28 geely-22 1 Connector citreon-2 1 or 8 Connect 29 haima-17F 1 Connector Jiangling-16 1 or 91 Connect 3 1 Connector Qingling-16 10 or 01 Connect 3 Kia-20 1 Connector daihatsu-4 11 or 11 Connect 3 Cigarette lighter Honda-3 1 cable 12 or 2 cable1 Connect 3 subaru-9 1 cable XBD II CABLE 13 or 31 Connect 3 X431 DAIGUN TO sangyong-20 1 cable 14 or 4 BOX Cable1 Connect 3 benz-38 1 TF CARD 1GB TF Card 15 or 51 Connect 3 ATTACHM X431 diagun usb bmw-20 1 16 or 6 ENT update cable1 Connect 3 ATTACHM 4 Cryptogr ford 6+1 1 X431 diagun to box 17 or 7 ENT 1 am1 Connect 3 ATTACHM X431 diagun to 4 TF Card Haima-17+2 1 18 or 8 ENT printer 2 Reader1 Connect mitsubshi/hyundai-12 1 399 or +16If you want more information about the x431 diagun red box,you can click here :
  4. 4. 19.htmlYou can also contact me email