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Benz MB Star C3 with IBM T30 Laptop


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laptop has been tested and is in perfect working order. IBM T30 laptop is good at using for the bmw GT1 OPS and Benz star C3 / C4 professional diagnostic tools.

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Benz MB Star C3 with IBM T30 Laptop

  1. 1. Benz MB Star C3 with IBM T30 LaptopWhat is the good tool Benz MB Star C3 with IBM T30 Laptop?IBM T30 laptop fit MB STAR C3 GT1 OPS, it works with benz mb star c3 with ibm t30 laptop.IBM T30 Special Fit for MB STAR C3 GT1 OPS.There are images of product:And there are the MB Star C3 Parameters: Parameters- Superfine 14" TFT LCD- 1024 x 768 Max Resolution 32 bit- Color with Mobility Radeon 7500 Video- CDRW DVD Combo CD-ROM - Re-Writeable - Burn CDs - Audio - CDs - Play DVD Movies- Intel Pentium 4 M 2 Ghz Mobile Processor CPU 512MB RAM- Internal Agere AC97 modem and Intel Pro 100 VE Fast Ethernet and 802.11b Wi-Fi Wireless- 40GB Hard Disk Space- Lots of room for programs and pictures or music files.- Pre Loaded Software Includes - Operating System Windows XP Pro - Anti Virus Software -SunSystems OpenOfficeAC Adapter - Power cord- Sound - Play Music - Multimedia - Games - System sounds- Battery Included- Microsoft Windows XP Operating System is preloaded with COA
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