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What Processes Change Landforms


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What Processes Change Landforms

  1. 1. W hat Pro ce sse sChange Landfo rm s?
  2. 2. What are physical features on Earth’s surface?
  3. 3. Which is an example of a landform?• House• Mountain• Lawn• skyscraper
  4. 4. moving sediment from one place to another
  5. 5. Breaking rocks into silt, sand, clay, and sediment
  6. 6. downhill movement of rock and soil because of gravity
  7. 7. dropping sediment in a new location
  8. 8. Which natural forces can cause a sudden change?• Glaciers• Rain• Volcanic eruptions• Steady winds
  9. 9. Arizona’s Grand Canyon was carved by the action of the ______.• Hudson river• Mississippi River• Potomic River• Colorado River
  10. 10. A _____ is a man-made structurethat regulates the flow of water.
  11. 11. A ____ is a thick sheet of ice,formed in areas where moresnow falls during winter than melts during the summer.
  12. 12. _______ ________ are rich agriculturalareas, but are dangerous places forpeople to live because of periodicflooding.
  13. 13. ____ move wet soil quickly.
  14. 14. ______ is a mass movementwhere soil moves slowlydownhill because of gravity. Thechanges of landforms happen soslowly that they’re hard toobserve directly.
  15. 15. A _____ is a large hole in theground that opens suddenly. Itforms after rock under thesurface has dissolved or becomeweak.
  16. 16. What kind of landform can beformed when a glacier beginsmelting back and deposits thesediments it has beencarrying with it?
  17. 17. A _______ is mass movementthat moves dry rock and soildownhill quickly.
  18. 18. What kind of landform can be formed by deposition of sediment from an underwater volcano?
  19. 19. What kind of landform canbe formed by the erodingforce of a river channel?