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The Success Principles


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The Success Principles

  1. 1. The Success Principles book is written by Best-Selling author Jack Canfield. It is a book about timeless successprinciples used by successful men and women throughouthistory. The author has studied these principles for over 30 years.
  2. 2. Everything you ever wanted to know about how to improve your life, health, finances and relationships ispacked in this big, thick manual. It will teach you how to live the life of your dreams.
  3. 3. In these principles everything is covered from career tofamily, relationship with money, spiritual purpose, health and well being. The principles and techniques always work, all you have to do is put them into work for you.There is so much to learn in this 461 pages book that one chapter at a time may be all your brain can accept.
  4. 4. This Book Provides You 64 Life Changing Principles; Some Of My Favorites Are Following:
  5. 5. 1. Take 100% Responsibility Of Your Life
  6. 6. If you continue doing the same things over and over again, you will get the same results. If you want to change or improve your life, you need to take different steps. You cannot achieve different things doing the same activities.
  7. 7. To change and improve your life you need to take fullresponsibility of your life, if things are not going the way you want then ask yourself "What do I need to do differently next time to get the result I want?"
  8. 8. Dont complain or blame others for your poverty. If youare not rich and happy already, accept the responsibility tolive a happy and rich life without complaining about taxes and politicians.
  9. 9. 2. Be Clear Why You Are Here
  10. 10. Each of us is born with a specific life purpose. To be on purpose means you are doing what you love to do, what you are good at and what is important for you. You needto find out your purpose of life by discovering your talents and strengths.
  11. 11. Identifying, acknowledging and honoring the purpose isperhaps the most important action successful people take.
  12. 12. Try to find out which are some of the activities that youenjoy doing and you are good at? Successful people take time some time off to find their true strengths andpurpose of life and then they act in alignment with their true purpose.
  13. 13. 3. Decide What You Want
  14. 14. Once you have known what is your major purpose in your life, you have to decide what you want to do to achieve your life purpose. You have to decide where you want tobe, what possessions do you want to acquire. Most peopledont get what they want because they never take time to define exactly what they want from their life.
  15. 15. You need to make a list of 30 things you want to have and 30 things you want to do before you die. It is not important to figure out how you will achieve these goals,You just need to write down your 30 major goals you want to do and have.
  16. 16. 4. Unleash The Power Of Goal-Setting
  17. 17. You can easily achieve your life goals if you do this simpleexercise each morning, just write down your major goalseach morning. It is important to re-write your goals, writeyour goals in the present tense as you have already in the possession of the thing you desire.
  18. 18. For example if your goal is to have net worth of $1 millionby the end of 2015, write down I have net worth equal to $1 million by the end of 2015.
  19. 19. 5. Ask! Ask! Ask!
  20. 20. If someone has achieved the same goals that you want toachieve in your life, ask him to give you advice about how he has achieved that goal and what actions you need to take.
  21. 21. Mostly successful people like to share their experience with others. Ask successful people the secrets of their success, if someone refuses to tell you, dont worry justask someone else. Be clear and specific and ask repeatedly if you need to.
  22. 22. 6. Use Feedback To Your Advantage
  23. 23. You may wonder why some of the best players in theworld have coaches, I mean who can teach them how toplay better because the players are the masters of their game. But they do have coaches
  24. 24. because coaches can give them feedback. The playerscant see their own faults. They need someone who can tell them honestly where they are mistaking.
  25. 25. This principle applies in the same manner for you, you can not see what you are doing wrong; ask your spouse, co- workers and friends about the feedbacks. When you get feedback dont feel bad, just try to improve yourself.
  26. 26. 7. Commit To Constant And Never Ending Improvement
  27. 27. You must remind yourself this famous quote "the most unfortunate person is one who is not better today thanyesterday." You need to keep improving yourself each and everyday.
  28. 28. The study shows that on average we watch television for3-4 hours daily, if you can cut just 1 hour of that time anddedicate that time to improve yourself. This one step can dramatically change your life.
  29. 29. You should dedicate 20 minutes on reading a book, 20minutes on meditation and 20 minutes on health exercise daily.
  30. 30. 8. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
  31. 31. The last 45 minutes of your day before sleeping are themost important for programming your brain because it replays during the night the last input.
  32. 32. Instead of falling sleep watching horror movies or terrible news channels, read a motivational biography or a spiritual book or a book of your field. You will sleep well and your mind will become more sharp and active the next morning.
  33. 33. 9. Face What Is Not Working
  34. 34. In your daily life, do only those things that move you toward your desired goals. You may be doing a lot of meaningless things everyday that doesnt give you anysatisfaction and you are continually wasting your precious time on those things.
  35. 35. Take some time off and try to figure out what is working and what is not working. Do more of those things thatbring you joy and happiness and cut off meaningless time wasting activities from your daily life.
  36. 36. 10. Start Now!.... Just Do It!
  37. 37. Dont wait that something special will happen in your lifeand you will achieve what you desire without setting goals and taking actions.
  38. 38. You need to start now to improve your life even if you areafraid of doing it wrong. Make mistakes, ask for feedback and try to improve those activities next time.
  39. 39. Final Thoughts On This Book
  40. 40. The best advice of this book is that you should take 100% responsibility of your life. If you are not getting desiredresults, you need to change your actions. It is up to you to create your life as you want by following the simple success principles written in this great book.
  41. 41. If you want to read just one book this year on selfimprovement and motivation, I recommend you to buythis book and read it entirely for more than one time; it will give the meaning and clarity to your life.
  42. 42.