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English Discussion - Theme: Fanatism to Social Media (Twitter)


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English Discussion - Theme: Fanatism to Social Media (Twitter)
Made by:
Milantika Dyah P.
Fenti Mira
Natallia Desy
SMA Negeri 3 Kota Tangerang
TA: 2013/2014

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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English Discussion - Theme: Fanatism to Social Media (Twitter)

  1. 1. English Discussion  Fatahillah M. Alwi  Fenti Mira D.  Milantika Dyah P.  Natallia Desy N.  Rakhmad Rizky D.
  2. 2. Fanatism to Social Media (Twitter)
  3. 3. You might not be addicted to drugs, alcohol, or some other chemical dependent, but internet addiction is becoming a real issue in this new age. Do you: 1. Update your status (at social media) about what’s going on yor mind? 2. ‚Tweet‛ about something that is happening to you at the moment? or 3. Post your problem to social media and let everyone know about what’s happening to you?
  4. 4. Have you ever seen this kind of tweet??
  5. 5. Those tweet were expression from people who have problem in their lifes at the moment. Nowadays people like to update about everything that is going on in their lifes including their problem to someone else or even to his own self.
  6. 6. Social media, actually is facility for people to communicate each other. But nowadays people like update something about quote, motivation, education, bussiness, new things and whatever that is happening to them even like when they fight to their friend or parent. Tweeting is one of many ways for people to express their feelings and they have right to tweet whatever they want. But did you know that when people tweet about their problem it can give bad influence to everyone who read it and especially to themselves?
  7. 7. According to Irwan Hidayana, an anthropologist from University of Indonesia, people, especially teenage need a way to express themselves and one on many ways is by using a social media such as twitter. People think that this is the best way for them to get more attention added Rose Mini (a psychologist). But, not everyone know that actually expressing their bad mood to social media is not a right way because every responses that they get don’t always have good affect ‘cause it was not something like they expected. So, It wouldn’t solve the problem, even it can lead to a ‚tweetwar‛ and make their mood even worse than before. Irwan M. Hidayana
  8. 8. Expressing bad mood to social media can also give bad influence to anyone who actually read it. Reading tweet about someone’s problem and their depression frequently can turn someone else’s mood upside down or simply just make them annoyed. Even though it doesn’t happen to everyone, it still give bad influence to some people.
  9. 9. Those were the reason why Rose Mini said that it’s better to avoid the social media when we have a problem and we should try to think about something positive. We better distract ourselves to keep our problem out of our mind like doing our hobbies such as writing or singing or any positive activities instead of pouring our heart to the social media.