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Construction of a community sports complex to serve young people as well as the elderly

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Project Proposal Milanokumbo

  1. 1. PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR THE BUILDING AND EQUIPMENT OF A SPORTS SOCIAL UTILITY CENTRE SUBMITTED BY THE MILANOKUMBO SPORTS ACADEMY PO BOX 94 KUMBO, BUI DIVISION, NORTH WEST REGION OF CAMEROON Project Beneficiaries: MILANOKUMBO SPORTS ACADEMY, TALENTED YOUTHS, LOCAL COMMUNITY AND THE GOVERNMENT AND PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON AND THE WORLD AT LARGE. Core Area of Need: FUNDING FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND EQUIPMENT OF THE ACADEMY INTRODUCTION: The name Cameroon is synonymous to football. Since the splendid performances at international Level beginning with the 1982 World Cup in Spain where the national team, the Indomitable Lions returned home with three points after three matches that ended all in a draw, football has become a major sporting event in the country. The exploit of Italy 1990 when Cameroon’s indomitable Lions became the only African country to reach the quarter finals of the FIFA World Cup, the game of football has remained the pride of the nations. Beside, sports in general and football in particularly has emerged as a singular unifying factor, even in moments of political and ethnic and socio-religious tensions and feuds. Talented Cameroonian youths have continued to life the name and image of the country, especially in top European championships. Suffice to state hear that only the Lucky once have made it out of a huge population of talented youths. Beyond the game of football, Cameroon has potentials in other sports such as basketball and athletics. There are many youths who want to defy the challenge associated with the world of today where unemployment and hardship has reduced the youths to the level of desperation. Most of them who have lost hope have buried their talents and have indulged in drug abuse, prostitution, gangsterism and banditry and some have even risked their lives through the dangerous exodus to Europe and other parts of the world in the search for green pastures and better livelihoods at all cost. Indeed, idleness breeds crime and numerous malpractices that can only lead to the failure of the individual and their communities Since Kumbo Strikers became the First Division One football team west of the Mungo to win the coveted Cup of Cameroon, a new spirit of hope and desire to rise to stardom has emerged among youths Bui Division special in localities like Kumbo. Cameroonian legendary stars like Milla and Eto’o (to name but a few) have instilled a burning desire and resolve to strive to be the heroes of
  2. 2. tomorrow. In athletics, youths from Kumbo and Bui Division have demonstrated beyond doubt their capacities as young men and women with talents. This hilly and cold highland region has produced some of the best conquerors of marathons in the country, including the challenging Mount Cameroon. In 2006 Bongkiyung Januarius, Mbacha Eric Mangeh, and Wirngo Ntangrin Kasimo all came 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the male category. Wirngo Immaculate Tari was the overall female champion and Wirnkar Nadeche Navtila championed in the junior female category. In 2007 Bongkiyung Januarius, Mbacha Eric Mangeh came 1st and 2nd while Wirnkar Nadeche Navtila still dominated the Junior category. In 2008 Bongkiyung Januarius came 2nd while Wirnkar Nadeche Navtila came 1st in her junior category, making her the queen of mountain junior category. The exploits registered by the Milano Kumbo Sport Academic athletes in the recent Texas Big D, White Rock and Boston marathons in the United State is clear proof of the abilities and capacities imbued in today’s youth, particularly in Bui Division. Even one youth from Ngondere in the Adamawa Province, and one from Donga Mantung Division in the North West Province shall join two from Bui Division to represent Cameroon in the Boston Marathon in the world. The desire and zeal to conquer and be number one has unfortunately not been matched by opportunities and facilities to nature their talent and skills. It is in this context that Milano Kumbo Sports Academy was founded and is in pursuing its zeal to transform the lives of the budding Cameroonian talents that this project proposal is being submitted for funding and sponsorship. GOAL AND RATIONALE The future of every country and Society lies in the youth and investing in the youth is building a solid foundation for future leaders by maximizing their potentials. Millano Kumbo Sport Academy has come to realize that in partnership with the Government as well as other stakeholders; young people can be given a chance of making it in life through spots. The founders and promoters of milano Kumbo Sports Academy equally belies that young people are rough diamond whom if well polished shall shine for the whole of humanity. The goal of the project is to offers an opportunity for maximal development of talent in youth through training and nurturing of young talent in football, in the joiner category, caet and senior category levels. Most of the players are usually identified during the August “ Summer Vacation Sport festival” in Kumbo. Moreover, the object seeks to establish an exchange visit program between the Milano Kumbo Sport Academy and Sport Institution and training centers for caches and players the world over.
  3. 3. The talents in basketball and athletics in Kumbo abound. This project proposal also seeks to build youth capacity in these domain through partnership with training institutions and centers. We therefore believe that is an urgent need to build an academy that shall provide the training ground for young sport men and women that shall also serve as nursery for our national teams. OVERALL OBJECTIVES In a region that does not count any industries and minerals resources that constitute polls of empowerment through gainful employment, the overall objectives of this proposal resonate with Milano Kumbo Sports Academy, Which include:  Creating a community and sustainable academy in order to develop football, basketball, athletics and other sport in this part of Cameroon.  Identifying sports talents in young people and giving them a chance at making a career even away from our academy.  Engaging young people in physical and moral Education with a viewto reducing crime rate, drug abuse as well as the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Training young people in the sustainable management of Bio-diversities and environmental protection. Building friendship ties with stakeholders as well as other sports oriented entities the world over and participating in activities that promote friendship, tolerance and fight against racism and all forms of discrimination. EXPECTED OUTCOME The importance of this project lies also in the anticipated outcome and benefits that the multi-dimensional. Youth Beneficiaries  Cadets or junior footballers and senior footballers are trained and equipped with basic material for re-training and career development.  With sponsorship, outstanding football player’s handball players, Volleyball players, lawn tennis players, and athletes who need immediate and sustained attention vital for possible professional care would receive adequate training from Milano Kumbo Sport Academy. The training shall equally reveal more hidden talents in young people not only from Kumbo and Bui Division but equally from other parts of the country.
  4. 4.  The training activities shall equally present and encourage the spirit of competition and especially self-challenge in all participants, who spirit shall build strong personalities in each one of them.  The coming together of young people from all part of the country shall foster friendship ties and encourage national integration that is indispensable in national unity and nation building.  Since we have proved that our athletes are capable of world class performances, we shall provide athletes with the stepping stone leading them to international races professional careers and ultimately the Olympic Games. The Academy  The Academy would have succeeded in giving a chance of self-esteem and discovery to young people to young people, which is a resume of our objectives. The Academy expects to cause young people to realize that sports can give them a future and above all that sports keep them out of various mal practices.  Taking into consideration the poverty level in the division and country at this time the training activities offered by the academy shall give a cross section of young people a chance of playing and wining. The academy expects by these to build lasting ties with various stake holders with whom the future of young people may be made brighter  The Academy expects to instill a sense of responsibility and partnership in the participants, which shall then have an overall effect on their day to day activities. By the end of the training activities the participants would emerge as people who respect the notion of “Common Good” which is a prerequisite for future nation builders.  The academy by the training of young people would have exhibited the principles of self-reliant development and contributed its own quota to national development. The Community  The envisaged training activities shall bring about of reinforce the spirit of friendship and unity amongst young people who are a very active and consequently very volatile section of the population.  The training activities shall be welcome by the local authorities as an antidote against the growing rate of drug abuse that usually
  5. 5. characterize the summer holidays (aware of the numerous young boys and girls who never went back to school in September because they tasted Indian hemp during the summer holidays as well as the girls who became teenage mothers during the same period).  We finally expect that the nation shall discover some of the rough diamonds, which need polishing in the young participants so that Cameroon should soon be proud of new stars who may defend its colours at world stage including the Olympic games and world cup.  Even if none of the above occurs we would have succeeded in the physical and moral education of our young people and given them enough reason to dream, which dreams they may realize some day with or without us. This is what we call success. PROJECT SUSTAINABILITY This project meant for the training of young people shall be a continuous process of identifying, training and causing sports men and women to participate in national and international events, which are income generating. Milano Kumbo Sports Academy shall therefore provide a sustainable way of transforming sports in Cameroon, a country blessed with potential stars just waiting to shine. Briefly bellow are the strengths and needs identified in this project. STRENGTHS OF MILANO KUMBO SPORT ACADEMY  Visionary leadership and experience in sports management and a growing national and international reputation. Milano Kumbo Sports Academy did not only write its name in gold during the various Mount Cameroon race of Hope; it distinguished itself in the two Texas marathons and the Boston marathon in the USA and other national athletic events in Cameroon. We have the current national male 10000m and 5000m and female 5000m champions MilanoKumbo football team has been North West Champions and represented the province in the national round-robin tournament (inter-pools).We equally run a junior team (under 20) and a cadet team (under 15) at national competitions.  Track record of transparent financial management as accounts are always shared with stakeholders, made public and timely. The essence of Milano
  6. 6. has been focused on talent building rather than money making. This has provided a platform for the sponsorship and promotion of youth talents who cannot even afford basic transportation to sport tournaments and competitions.  The SENIOR DIVISIONAL OFFECER for Bui Division in his ORDER NO E26/PS/118/220MDS of the 07/12/2005 recognized the MILANOKUMBO SPORTS ACADEMY as a legal association by virtue of Law No 99/053 of the 19/12/1990 relating to the freedom of associations as read with Law No 99/014 of the 22/12/1999 relating to Non Governmental Organizations.  The Honorable Minister of Sports and Physical Education in his Decision No 997/MINSEP/SG/DNSOS/SDC of the 03/09/2007 authorized the MILANOKUMBO SPORT ACADEMY to function as a sports association within the meaning of Order No 018/A/MINSEP/SG/CJ of the 24/10/2006 laying down the conditions for the issuance and withdrawal of Authorization to Sports and Physical Education Associations  The SDO of Bui Division after the visa of the Governor of North West Province in his Order no 08/2008 of the 23/01/2008 granted a parcel of unoccupied, unexploited National Land Situate in Tobin Kumbo Town, Bui Division measuring 6ha 66a 23ca for the construction of a football pitch, Athletics race Track, Basketball, handball, Volley ball and Lawn Tennis courts, executive buildings and any other structure incidental to the functioning of the MilanoKumbo Sports Academy  Enthusiastic youths and an ever-cheering population that loves sports, particularly soccer, often described by critics as the “opium of the Cameroonian people”. NEEDS OF THE ACADEMY  Training material: football boots, Jerseys and training kits for various sports, cones, Soccer hose (socks) shin guards, footballs, and first Aid medical facilities; Kits for basketball, balls, running shoes, nets, and all other sports equipment and materials.  Necessity for green tuft 1500 capacity stadium and running track, and other sports facilities is the dream of Milano Kumbo Sports Academy and our future endeavors would focus on the caliber of talents it has been able, and continue to groom. CONTACT ADDRESS: Roland K. Mbenkum
  7. 7. P.O Box 94, Kumbo Bui Division Northwest Region Cameroon West Africa + (237) 79 39 59 40 cell or Mobile Phone URL: