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Diana services

  1. 1. Diana Children’s Community Service Dawn Longden (Children’s community Nurse) Nicola Tyers (Specialist Play Support worker) 11 www.leicspt.nhs.uk
  2. 2. Introduction  The Diana Children’s Community Service is a multidisciplinary team that provides care and support to families of children/young people with life limiting/life threatening conditions.  The team work with children/young people from 0-19 years who live in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.2 www.leicspt.nhs.uk
  3. 3. Diana Children’s Community Service3 www.leicspt.nhs.uk
  4. 4. How the service supports Children/young people with Arthritis  Children/ young people need to be referred to the service  Following the referral the family are contacted and a first visit is arranged.  An appropriate treatment package is put into place  Referrals to Child and family Support service  Training is provided for the parents/carer to administer medication if appropriate  On-going support is provided for the child/young person and their family  The team liaise with specialist nurses and other professionals4 www.leicspt.nhs.uk
  5. 5. Child and family Support Service (CaFSS)  CaFSS is part of the Diana Children’s Community service and aims to help children/young people and their families to understand their thoughts and feelings about how they are being affected by illness.  Children/young people who are affected by arthritis can be referred to the service for support.5 www.leicspt.nhs.uk
  6. 6. Support Provided  Specialist play  Distraction during treatment  Preparation for treatment and procedures  Hospital play/role play  Setting achievable goals and rewards  Books and worksheets  Help children/young people to understand their condition and treatment  Emotional support6 www.leicspt.nhs.uk
  7. 7. The main aims of the Diana Children’s Community Service  To reduce the need for hospital visits and admissions  To work with the needs of the family to ensure minimal disruption to everyday life  To offer holistic care and support to the child/young person and their family  Work alongside other professionals and agencies to provide continuity of care7 www.leicspt.nhs.uk
  8. 8. Objectives for the Diana Children’s Community Service  Expand the number of Children/young people that we support through maintaining an efficient/productive service with highly trained/experienced professionals  Continue to liaise with other specialised support services and develop robust partnerships to ensure effective communication across agencies and boundaries  Continue to develop knowledge of arthritis in children/young people and to identify the support and treatment required8 www.leicspt.nhs.uk
  9. 9. Contact DetailsWe are based at - Diana Children Community Service Bridge Park Plaza Bridge Park Road Thurmaston Leicester LE4 8PQOr call us on our office number: 0116 2955080Or you can visithttp://website.leicschildhealth.nhs.uk/_ClinicalServices-DianaChildrensServices.aspxHowever we are currently working on a new website, leaflet, and cards.www.leicspt.nhs.uk
  10. 10. Any Questions?www.leicspt.nhs.uk