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  1. 1. Appendix Researcher’s profile
  2. 2. Aradanas, Jeremaiah “rema” Esquila Purok 4 San Pedro Alicia Isabela Personal Profile Date of Birth: November 26,1993 Religion: Roman Catholic Gender: Female Civil Status: Single Height: 5’5” Weight: 54kgs Father’s Name: Jaime M. Aradanas Mother’s Name: Vilma E. Aradanas Educational Attainment Primary San Pedro Elementary School 1999-2005 Secondary School of Our Lady of Atocha 2005-2009 Tertiary University of La Salette 2010-2013
  3. 3. Francisco, Mark John “Mark” Santiago #32 City Road Callao East Santiago City Isabela Personal Profile Date of Birth: June 27, 1993 Religion: Christian Gender: Male Civil Status: Single Height: 5’8” Weight: 78kgs Mother’s Name: Eder Linda De Leon Educational Attainment Primary Cagayan Valley Christian Learning School 1999-2005 Secondary Cagayan Valley Christian Learning school 2005-2009 Tertiary University of La Salette 2010-2013
  4. 4. Calucag , Joanna Mae “joana” Sagun Purok 1 Villa Gonzaga Santiago City Isabela Personal Profile Date of Birth: January 1,1993 Religion: Roman Catholic Gender: Female Civil Status: Single Height: 5” Weight: 44kgs Father’s name: Evaristo A. Calucag Mother’s Name: Mailyn S. Calucag Educational Attainment Primary La Salette Elementary School 1998-2004 Secondary University of La Salette High School 2004-2008 Tertiary University of La Salette 2010-2013
  5. 5. AppendixField notes
  6. 6. Researcher 1 In the first place I feel nervous, because I don’t know how to make a qualitative research. But on the process of making the research, there has some part that is easy to do, with the sample qualitative research to guide us. But still, I found it difficult. We experienced the hardship in budgeting our time especially in passing our research on the said deadlines, finding the respondents, and how to approach them. I learned that I must plan my schedule and time well, because there is a time that we set an interview, but has been cancelled because I have a duty together with my group mates and they don’t allow us to go home earlier because we are not excuse and they are worrying for what might happen to us if they will allow us to go home. So we set again another day of interview that will not conflict to our schedule, same as with our respondents. There are times that I am responsible for excusing our respondents for the focus group discussion. We experience many difficulties in making our qualitative research, but we don’t lose hope because we know we can finish this study. And now we are finally done with our research, it is an honor for us, with the help of our professor and group mates. And also with the help of our family they support us in doing this study.
  7. 7. Researcher 3 At first I really don’t have any idea to make a qualitative research, it’s hard for me to understand the steps on how to make research. Every time we gather together to discussed about research we are all depending on any sample of qualitative research to have a guide in doing it. We experienced difficulties such passing our research on time, finding a minimum respondents and how to approach them properly to deal with us in this kind of research. Some are very approachable and kind but some are snobbish and don’t want to talk to us. We also encountered conflict schedules in lectures, schedule of respondents, and interviewer, it’s hard to make a schedule for one on one interview and for a focus group interview. We are locking of time to make qualitative research because of some instances but as a group we learn how to budget our time even if it is too short because we have a cooperation and we know how to divide our work to make. There’s no one complaining in making research we are all working to make it fast. I was able to properly interpret and accurately record the response of the informants by being a good listener.